As father as son.

This is a sequel to "She's not afraid." It's about Louis and Claire this time. As you know they got a kid named Dallas. But what happens when Claire wants a divorse, and she moves away from Louis and takes Dallas with her? Read to find out.


15. Thanks dad.

Dallas' P.O.V

"I can explain." She said as I shook my head and handed her the box.

"Enjoy your birthday." I said stepping back on my pennyboard and left.


I walked into my house slamming the door shut, I threw my board in the corner and kicked off my shoes. Zayn and Anna walked over to me, "Are you on your period or something? Calm down." Zayn spoke as Anna slapped his backhead.

I just ignored them and ran up to my room locking it afterwards. I layed down on my bed just looking up at the ceiling as I brought my guitar over me starting to play.

So this is what a heartbreak feels like... It knocked on my door but I just ignored it, "Dallas, please talk with us." Anna said but I didn't listen.

Right now I just wanted to be alone, why can't mom be here? I always talked to her about this kinds of stuff. Why did she have to die? Why leaving me alone like that?

"I need you mommy." I whispered biting my lips.

I realized that I was about to cry before I shook my head placing the guitar down as I walked over to the stereo, I turned up the volume and pressed 'play'.

Rock music came on as I layed back down on my bed playing air drums and air guitar. Making my sad thoughts go away.

Louis' P.O.V

I got home after a day with Lauren, we went to a museum, even though it was boring it was very exciting.

I heard really loud music from Dallas' room, Zayn and Anna walked over to me, "Dallas is upset about something, can you please talk to him?" Anna asked as I nodded.

I walked upstairs knocking on his door, "Dallas." I shouted with no response, the music got turned up even louder.

I sighed as I walked over to the key cabinet. I picked up a key and walked over to his room again unlocking the door. I stepped inside and turned off the music as he looked over at me. His eyes was red but no tears, no sign of tears at all. He looked more angry than sad.

"What happened buddy?" I asked, he groaned and sat up as I sat down next to him.

"Brooklyn has birthday today." He sighed as I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What's the problem in that?" I asked as he looked at me, "Let me speak finish." He spat.

"I met her the other day, and I told her that I love her after her boyfriend Lucas broke up. We kissed, Lucas caught us, and I knocked him down. I grabbed Brook's wrist taking her home to Mason. But she had to leave. Today I used fucking 12 thousand dollars on a stupid necklace from Tiffany and co. I skated to her place, she opened the door and guess who was behind her when I handed her the necklace. Lucas." He told me and layed back down on the bed.

"I thought she felt something for me too.." He added with a husky voice.

"Hey, Dallas, look at me." I commanded as his eyes landed on me.

"You have to fight for her, do what you think is right." I told him as he sighed.

"You going out with Lauren, does it feel right to you?" He asked as I nodded confused.

"Do you know what it feels to me?" He bit his lips looking up at the ceiling.

"No what?" I asked as he sat up again looking at me.

"It hurts.." He whispered as his voice was cracking up, "Because.." He took a deep breath, trying so hard not to cry, "I feel like you can easily replace mom." 

I looked down and licked my lips, "I can't... But, for me it's been 13 years where I was backing off from womans.. She is the first lady in 13 years since your mother left me, that I'm going out with." I told him.

"So, just because mom is dead, you think it's easier to go out with others?" He asked as I shook my head.

"Listen, I miss your mom, really bad, I cry every night by the thought that I'll never see her again. But I have to move on, I'm sick of crying." I told him as he sighed.

"I understand.." He whispered as I stood up.

"Now, fight for the girl you love, promise?" I stroke his cheeks as he nodded, "I promise."

Before I waked out of his bedroom I heard him mumble something. I turned around as he walked over to me and hugged me.

"Thanks.. dad." He whispered as i hugged him back.

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