As father as son.

This is a sequel to "She's not afraid." It's about Louis and Claire this time. As you know they got a kid named Dallas. But what happens when Claire wants a divorse, and she moves away from Louis and takes Dallas with her? Read to find out.


2. Dallas.

*13 years later*

Louis' P.O.V

I've just arrived home from work, I threw my bag down on the floor as I walked over to the kitchen making dinner. 38 years old now, still have the same work, same house and same good look. Yeah. I giggled to myself as I placed the fastfood in the oven.

Suddenly my phone started to call, I picked it up, "Hello?"

"Louis William Tomlinson?" I heard a man spoke through the phone.

"Yeah?" I replied as he coughed.

"Hello, this is Greg Jackson. I'm sad to inform you that your ex-wife passed away some days ago. Claire White?" Greg spoke as I got a big twist in my stomach.

"W-what?" I stuttered walking over to the couch as I sat down.

"And, you had a kid, Dallas White Tomlinson?" Greg asked as I agreed.

"She put your name on the form. It's your responsibility to take care of 15 year old Dallas." He said as I started to cry.

"She's d-dead?" I said through husky voice.

"Yes.." He sighed, "So, can you come to California? And we'll pick you up at the airport." 

"Yes..." I whispered and hung up. 

She's dead... I can't believe she's dead. I stood up as I placed the phone back in my pocket.

"Fuck!" I shouted wiping away my tears.


I arrived one of the airports in California and looked around. A man came up to me while looking at a picture, "Louis Tomlinson?" He asked as I nodded.

"Come with me." He spoke and picked up my bag as I followed him outside.

"I'm Greg. Your son is waiting at the police station." He spoke as I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Police station?" I asked as he nodded.

We stepped into his car and he started to drive.

"He just got bailed out." He spoke, "Some of his friends mocked him about his mother's death, so Dallas stabbed him. But he survived." 

"Good to know." I mumbled looking out the window.

"Does he know I'm the father?" I asked as Greg nodded.

"Yes, but he's not very happy about it. He thinks that you left him and his mom, that you never loved them." He replied as I sighed.


"He's inside that room, just go inside when you're ready." A police officer spoke pointing at the door.

"Okay.." I replied just looking at the door.

Minutes went without me moving, "Anytime you're ready, sir." The police man spoke impatient.

"How did Claire die?" I asked Greg.

"Cancer.." He replied as I ran my fingers through my hair.

"To be 38, you still look like you did when you were 22." He spoke holding up my picture.

I gave him a fake smile as I placed my hand on the doorknob.

"Is Dallas sensitive? Does he cry easily?" I let go of the doorknob again turning to the officer and Greg.

"I've not seen a single tear on his face.. Ever." Greg replied as I sighed grabbing the doorknob again.

I slowly twisted and opened the door, I took a deep breath before stepping inside.

"Finally." I heard as I closed the door.

I turned around and looked at a boy with alot of oversized merch clothes, brown hair and sea blue eyes, his snapback was turned backwards as he leaned back on the chair with his feets on the table in front of him.

"Thought you had died out there." He added as he stood up picking up his skateboard.

His voice wasn't dark but it wasn't girly either. I could tell that he has had voice change.

"Hey, not so fast boy. Let's talk." I spoke as he rolled his eyes sitting back down on the chair. I sat down on the other side of the table just looking at him.

"You've grown." I spoke as he cocked an eyebrow at me.

"No shit Sherlock." He chuckled playing with his skateboard.

"I didn't expect you to look like... that." I added as he stood up.

"You mean good looking?" He replied starting to skate around the room.

What the hell? He thinks he's some kind of punk ass kid who can talk to his father like this?


So guys, this is what Dallas looks like in this story:


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