As father as son.

This is a sequel to "She's not afraid." It's about Louis and Claire this time. As you know they got a kid named Dallas. But what happens when Claire wants a divorse, and she moves away from Louis and takes Dallas with her? Read to find out.


6. Brooklyn.

Dallas' P.O.V

Mason lighted up both of the cigarettes, "We both do it on three. Alright pal?" He made a fist with his hand in front of me.

"Alright." I repeated bumping my fist into his.

He counted to three as we both was about to suck in the cigarettes before someone grabbed our shoulders and pulled us up.

"What do you think you're doing?" I heard a dark voice say as I turned around to face a police officer.

"Are you blind or something?" Mason spat as the police man growled.

"Come with me." He said dragging us to his police car as he threw us inside.

"Which one of you lives nearest?" He asked as I raised my hand giving him my address as he started to drive.


The officer opened the cardoor waiting for me to get out.

"I'll see you later bro." I gave Mason a brofist and walked out of the car.

The police officer grabbed my neck dragging me to my front door as he knocked several times.

"I'm not a dog, let go of me." I spat but he didn't listen.

Louis opened the door as he looked confused down on me.

"Is this your son?" The officer asked as Louis nodded.

"I caught him and his friend trying to smoke at the skatepark." The officer said throwing me inside.

I walked past Louis and up to my room while Louis talked to the cop. I layed down on my bed.

Minutes later he knocked on my bedroom door before he entered.

"What are you doing?" Louis asked as I groaned.

"I didn't do it, the cop stopped us right before." I replied looking up at the ceiling.

"You're too young to smoke." Louis spoke as I rolled my eyes.

"Everybody has their first time, and I didn't even do it." I spoke as he sat down on the bedside.

"Who was the person you were with?" He asked as I looked at him.

"My best mate Mason." I replied looking back up at the ceiling.

"If he keep forcing you to this, you can't see him anymore." Louis spoke and stood up as I did as well.

"You're not my dad, don't tell me what to do!" I shouted as he left my bedroom.


The next morning I walked down the stairs and opened the frontdoor as I picked up my pennyboard and backpack.

"Where do you think you're going?" Louis asked from the kitchen.

"School." I replied as he walked over to me.

"Four o'clock... Your mother's funeral. Be home by then." Louis said as I nodded and walked outside.

I placed the board down and started to skate to school.


I took out some books from my locker as Mason came over to me. I brofisted him as we started to walk along the hall.

"How did it go last night?" I asked as he chuckled.

"Grounded, how 'bout you?" He asked as we stopped in front of the classroom.

"Just a little bit yelled at, nothing more." I replied as I turned around and spotted Brooklyn near her locker.

"Just go into class, I'll catch up soon." I told Mason as the schoolbell rang.

I skated over to Brooklyn as she closed her locker, she jumped when I suddenly appeared in front of her.

"Hey Brooklyn." I smiled as she held up her books infront of her chest.

"Hey skaterguy." She smirked biting her lips.

"Dallas.." I reminded her as she giggled.

"Right." She smiled as I looked into her beautiful green eyes.

I rubbed my neck right before my pennyboard decided to move and I tripped and fell over her, I opened my eyes realizing I was on top of her as we layed on the floor, I groaned as I quickly stood up reaching out my hand, she grabbed it as I dragged her up. She started to laugh as I apologized.

"So you wanna, maybe hang..." I said before someone called her name.

"Brook, babe! I'll not wait forever." Ugh, it was her boyfriend Lucas, he's two years older than us and has alot of tattoos.

He treated her so bad, she sighed as she gave me one last smile before turning around walking towards him.

"I'll see you later." I shouted as she turned her head and waved to me.

I smiled as I walked back into my classroom.


Brooklyn and her boyfriend:


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