Harry is Kayte's cousin. Verone, Kayte's enemy, does not know that. After she does, she tryis to steal Harry away. Will Verone ever get away with him?


29. The End... :D

At last we were home. I went inside. I turned on the TV and popped a chip into my mouth. Finally, was the door bell. Finally.

"Open the door Kayte! OPEN UP!" Keke banged onto the door. And giggled and yelled, "Harry's hgot the keys!" I was seriously too lazy to get up. The door opened, Keke barged in. She dragged me to the kitchen. "Kayte! You are de--" she dragged off. "Boys?" She turned her head and saw... yup. They were who they were! One direction. "I-I-thought-" she stammered. "I told you, Stay Tuned."

"Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. "Coming!" he went into the kitchen. "Hey.. Boys? Whatchu doin here?" he asked.

"We're coming together back as a band." Niall smiled.

"And we can't do it without you." Zayn confirmed.

The rest nodded.

Harry smirked.


~2 months later~

It's inside of me,

I'm just to blind to see,

it's not about you, 

Not about me,

It's about she...

It's the way she walks like that,

I know,

she has the f-f-flow.

She killed me and now I can't breathe.

Can't breathe...

"Alright, thank you boys!" The guy with the mic said. One Direction went backstage. I smiled and listened, "That was thier latest single, Can't breathe." The crowd was roaring. Liam came and kissed me lightly. He whispered in my ear:

"I love you."











Yep, and that's pretty much it! Yea. Be sure to check out the sequal! Although, I'm not getting anymore comments. But hey, it's worth it! I love you... ;D

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