Harry is Kayte's cousin. Verone, Kayte's enemy, does not know that. After she does, she tryis to steal Harry away. Will Verone ever get away with him?


17. Liam, come back!

Liam stood there, his mouth was wide open. I could see his hurt in his eyes, seeing his best pal betraying him, he walked away slowly.

"Liam! Come back!" I yelled. "At lkeast give me a towel?"

He turned around and passed the towel to me. I wrapped the towel in a special way and got up. "Liam, wait." I muttured.

"What? I thought you loved me? That is why I skipped that Stupid--" Liam cried. He took a breath and walked away.

I groaned, got dressed and walked out. I needed a break. Maybe I can run away and live with the Wanted. Yeah, they are pretty cool. I went out to the ice cream shop and got an ice cream. But, a boy rushed pass me and the whole ice cream dropped on the ground. Just Great.

I just don't know what to do. I want to die.

A screech and a bam resounded in my ears. What was happening?

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