Harry is Kayte's cousin. Verone, Kayte's enemy, does not know that. After she does, she tryis to steal Harry away. Will Verone ever get away with him?


14. Explaining It to Niall 2

I swallowed back. "N-no." I shook my head.

He raised an eyebrow.

"No! I swear!" 

"Louis told me...." he teased.

"Okay, okay. I did but don't tell Harry!"

"Okay." he said grinning.

"I'm serious!" I said as I slapped his hand and the bag of chips overturned and fell to the floor.


"Hey! That was the last bag of chips!"

"I don't care." I giggled as I picked up the chips and shoved them into my mouth. 

"Noo!" he screamed and picked up the chips and started stuffing his face too.

"Stoop!" I screamed. "Let's made a sandwich eating contest." I challenged him.

"Oh it's on."

We went downstairs and grabbed 2 loaves of bread. We spread butter on both of them, placed lettuce, toatoes and my favourite, HAM! 

"Zayn! Liam! Louis!" I screamed. "COME!!"

"What??" Zayn said. He just woke up from his nap. His sexy coice is so sexy. Wait. What does that mean? Oh well.

"It's a sandwich eating contest. Each of us have 15 sandwiches. Who finishes it first wins...."

"Wins what?" Liam asked.

"Has to swim in the pool naked!" I giggled.




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