Don't Lose Me

Ivy has a cliche crush on her best friend... but this isn't just another cliche love story. When trouble is spread in Ivy's home town, her life will take another crazy turn and be far from any type of typical life.


1. Prologue

' Hey Soph, I think that cute guy over there is checking you out.' i whispered to my best friend, giggling my head off from all the drinks we'd consumed.

' Hey you two! You really shouldn't be drinking we're only 16.' Harry called out to us. Sophia rolled her eyes in disgust.

' Harry, you aren't my Father we can do as we please.' 

' It's bad for you Soph.' 

' Aw Harry you're a cutie pie, who cares? It's just a bit of alcohol.'

Harry looked uneasy, but let it slide.

' Soph, I'm going to get us more drinks, don't go wandering off with anyone.' I winked at her suggestively.

' Oh shut up Ivy, he is staring at you, half the world can see up your dress!' 

I shot her the sweetest smile i could manage and left to get drinks.

' Hey Missy, you're looking fit, how would you like to try some of this? It's homemade.' A British accent called me away from my thoughts and brought my attention to the handsome boy standing at the bar.

I narrowed my eyes at him. ' Got alcohol?' 

He smiled. ' Of course, love.' 

' I'll take three then.' I winked at the cute boy and took all three purple colored drinks. ' Hey Soph, Harry! Look what I got, a real treat right here-.' I cut myself off, seeing no Sophia, just Harry searching like a mad man. ' Harry...' i asked slowly. He turned around like I jumped on him.

' Ivy I lost Soph!' He had tears in his eyes as he screamed over the pounding music sounding throughout the house.

Why is Harry so crazy? She'll be here somewhere. What does he mean he lost her? She's 16 she can look after herself.

' Come with me Ivy, I'm not leaving you alone.'

' Where are we going?' I asked panic spreading through me. 

' Just looking for her, it's okay, she'll be fine.' He said to himself more than me.

We crept outside and into the backyard as quietly as possible. I prayed she was just making out with someone and playing a prank on me. Of course, as usual, i was wrong. There, tied against a tree, was my beautiful best friend, blood and dirt covering her features. Her dress was ripped to shreds, the gorgeous dress I had gone with her to buy now lie in pieces across the ground, and her perfectly done make-up was now smudged and barely there. She had mascara staining her face, showing where tears had been previously. Harry ran over to her, me not far behind and checked her. She was crying hysterically and her breaths were shallow and short. Harry turned and saw two boys who looked to be about 19 snickering behind us. The first boy threw a punch at Harry, but Harry sidestepped and punched him instead. It was soon to be a full out fight, but i had to focus on the more important issue here. I checked Sophia's pulse absentmindly, but my main mission was to get her to respond to me. 

' Ivy.' she moaned, before her breaths became shorter than before. ' I'm so sorry, they dragged me here and Harry couldn't hear me.' 

' Shh it's okay I'll take care of you.'

' Can you just sing to me?' she groaned. I looked down her body to see a gaping hole in her side. Horror. That was the first thing that coursed through me. As much as i tried to be brave, i couldn't.  Tears poured down my face uncontrollably. Sophia, my best friend since birth, was about to die, and there was nothing i could do to stop it.  Ever since we were little and she couldn't sleep I’d sing to her when she slept over. Crying, I quietly sang to her, holding her hand as she drifted away, forever. Just as the song was about to be over, Harry came scurrying to hold her hand. 

' I love you both...' she breathed before her beautiful green eyes closed and her moaning stopped. I checked her breathing, her pulse. Nothing. I sunk down and sat next to my now dead best friend and cried. Harry and I cried together for what seemed like hours, before i fell asleep my head resting on Harry's shoulder. 

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