Don't Lose Me

Ivy has a cliche crush on her best friend... but this isn't just another cliche love story. When trouble is spread in Ivy's home town, her life will take another crazy turn and be far from any type of typical life.


3. Chapter 2

‘ Ivy baby stay close to me.’ Harry whispered to me as we weaved through the crowd of people dancing and into the lounge, where it was mostly deserted.

‘ Mum said I have to be home by 10 or she’s sending out the cops to look for a missing person.’ I stated to Harry, exaggerating my mother’s words.

Harry chuckled. ‘ Gorgeous, does your mum really believe I would get you home after nine thirty?’ I growled at him.

‘ You’re such a poo harry.’

‘ Oh I’m so hurt.’ He put his hand to his chest in mock hurt.

‘ So what are we expected to do now?’ I whispered as more people came into the room.

‘Well, I’m not letting you off this couch without me, I don't care whether you have to pee or not, for the next,’ he checked his watch. ‘ 2 hours.’ He smirked and whispered in my ear. ‘ Imagine what we could do in 2 hours.’ I rolled my eyes and swatted him away, shoving my hands in his face. Some would mistake Harry and I as a couple, but we most definitely are not. Harry is my best friend, and as sexy as he is, that would just not be right. For him anyway, I’d be totally okay with it.

‘ So. What are we going to do in this boring-good-for-nothing party?’ Harry asked me quietly.

‘ Ugh I don't know. I want to go home.’

‘ Babe. You’re not going home tonight anyway. You’re sleeping at my house.’

‘ Yeah… home!’ I winked. But it literally was. Harry lived up on the top of the hill, the highest in the town. His dad got an honors award for saving a little girl like 50 years ago so they gave him the best house in the town. Anyway, I practically lived at Harry’s house because whenever I was home, I got super annoyed and just left for Harry’s. Mum didn't even care where I went because she knew I’d only go there.

‘Would you like a drink?’ a boy that looked to be about 17 asked me, holding out a tray full of multi coloured drinks in tall glasses with umbrellas.

‘ Um no thank-you.’ I said politely.

‘ Fine I’ll have one then.’ Harry smirked at the guy.

‘ Oh no sir, I’m sorry these aren’t for you. ‘ He gave harry a nervous smile and pushed past everyone to get away.

‘ HA! I knew it! It was spiked!’ Harry smiled gleefully.

‘ Harry, just because he wouldn’t give it to you, doesn't mean its drowned in drugs.’  He rolled his eyes at me. ‘ And anyway, when did your ego get so big that you thought people wouldn’t give you spiked drinks?’  I laughed. He scowled and shook his head at me.

‘ I know some people that would like to spike your drink.’ Harry muttered, as if he wanted me to hear but he also sort of didn't. 

As I was consumed in my thoughts of what Harry meant, I heard the music get louder and screams from the other room. As the music kept playing in the room we were in, I crawled my way over to Harry’s lap and buried my head in his chest, knowing another girl I knew was not going to be at school on Monday. Maybe it was Mindy from biology or Amanda from history or even Haley from math. It would be noticeable she wasn't there, no matter who it was.

‘ Put her down.’ I heard a deep male voice growl, someone’s I recognized very well. I looked up from Harry’s chest to see Bruce, some idiot from the soccer team holding up a cute little 15 year old, a freshman, and new to the school. He was obviously on his way to the front door. She was Goth, no surprise there, but she was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. She had amazing black wavy hair; bright blue eyes the colour of electricity, and the palest skin, no makeup, just amazing natural looks. I looked to the direction of the voice and saw Daniel, and those matching blue electric eyes.

‘ That's his sister.’ Harry mumbled into my ear, more to himself then to me.

Bruce mocked a thinking face. ‘ Hmm I don't think I should.’ The little girl being held up by her shirt started sobbing and sobbing, screaming for Daniel.

‘ She would make a nice little snack for dinner.’ Bruce winked and pretended to bite her neck.

Daniel’s knuckles went even whiter than they usually were. Bruce, knowing what was now coming for him, dropped the little girl to the floor and bolted, just as Daniel started walking towards him. He helped up his sister and held her tightly before whispering something in her ear and walking up to us.

‘ Look after her.’ He mumbled to Harry before leaving the room as fast as a lighting bolt. I’m guessing he went to 'take care' of Bruce up, that's kind of the way our world works.

‘ Hey beautiful what’s your name?’ I asked Daniel’s sister.

‘ Amelia.’ She said shakily.

‘ Don't worry, Daniel will be fine and then lets see who’s the one that gets to be a snack.’ I smiled as she giggled with me.

I nodded and smiled at her, giving her a hug. We had only been at this party for an hour, and we had nothing to do for the hour more which was compulsory.

‘ So Amelia, wait can I call you Millie?’ Harry asked her kindly.

She blushed scarlet and nodded with wide eyes. Harry was so cute with kids.

‘ Well then, Millie, did you come with any friends to the party?’  She shook her head in reply.

‘ I don't really have many friends, but I’m friends with Clove.’ She said barely audible.

Harry and her continued the conversation, sounding like they had knew each other a lot longer than they were letting on. After a while and a lot of offers to coloured drinks, Daniel came back looking much more relaxed and his usually flirty self.

‘ Hey Ivy,’ he drawled, looking me up and down. ‘ Aren’t you in my chemistry class?’

‘ Yeah… we’re lab partners.’ I replied flatly. Harry raised his eyebrows and choked back a laugh.

‘ Oh I thought so. Sorry I just have so many classes.’ He smiled at me, almost blinding me with his super white teeth. I have to admit, Daniel was amazing looking but no one could beat Harry.

‘ Oh. So why did you bring your sister to this death trap?’ I asked nonchalantly.

‘ Ivy!’ Both Harry and Daniel scolded.

‘ You mustn’t say such things so casually and out in the open! Anyone could hear you!’ Daniel freaked on me. I didn't know why he cared that much, none of the popular people at school even know my name. I know a few girls here and there but I couldn't exactly tell them all my dark secrets and stuff I can only tell my best friend. I barely spoke to anyone other than Harry since Sophia, it was just so hard for me, but Harry takes care of me and would always sit with me at lunch. But still, I didn't think any of his friends knew me, or even my name.

‘ So Ivy, maybe we can start to hang around more often now ‘cause you know…’

‘ Am I supposed to know something?’ I half-laughed, really confused. Harry, who was taking a drink of coke, spat it out all over the table and laughed.

‘ No,’ Harry said with a pointed look at Daniel. ‘She doesn't know.’

‘ Oh,’ Daniel half smirked, half pouted at me. ‘ Okay well when you know call me.’ He winked, got my phone from my bag and typed a number in. I stood in shock. Not only was that the first guys number I’d ever received, excluding Harry, but my first phone number from anyone!

‘ Just pointing it out, but I think my brother has a crush on you.’ Amelia winked at me. I was stunned. For once, a cute boy noticed me!

Amelia and I chatted for a while, and she told me how her, Harry’s sister and Cam’s sister were best friends.

‘ Ivy we’re leaving.’ Harry said to me loudly as the music got even louder. I stood up and held Harry’s hand as Harry and Daniel practically guarded Amelia like she was the queen and they were the bodyguards.

‘ OI HARRY!’ I heard a voice yell from behind us. It was Cam, Harry’s other best friend.

‘ Hey Ivy.’ He nodded to me.

I raised my eyebrows in response. He’s never spoken to me before, how does he even know my name? What’s with all these guys talking to me?

‘ Can Clove and I come with you? Our ride got… ah… canceled.’  Cam looked pointedly at Daniel, but concerned as he held tightly onto a girl’s hand. She looked to be about 14 or 15. Why were all these little kids being forced to come now too? I couldn't believe it. Harry accepted without questions and led us out of the party and into the waiting car. I checked Harry’s watch, seeing it to be only 10:30.

The party wasn’t too excruciating this year at least. Clove and Amelia mainly clung to each other while I sat in the back seat with them and Daniel. I caught Daniel staring at me a few times but I just rolled my eyes, he was really pissing me off. Just because I was dressed like one of his personal sluts doesn't mean I was one. I really was sleeping over at Harry’s tonight I guess, as we weren’t headed to my house by the looks of where Harry was driving us. We got to Harry’s house and his mum came rushing out.

‘ Harry? Why are you home so early!’ Amy exclaimed.

‘ Well things got pretty bad in there, we are just going to stay here tonight.’ Harry commented. Amy looked from me to Amelia to Clove and nodded slowly.

‘ Well right this way guys.’ Harry said glumly. I walked the familiar path through Harry’s massive house and into his bedroom.

I felt so awkward, sitting with three guys my age, and two girls way younger than me. I definitely was the outsider, as they all knew each other well.

‘ Ivy can you go ask Mum if she can ring your mum and cam and Daniel’s as well to tell them they’re staying here tonight?’ Harry asked.

‘ Yeah okay ‘ I said quietly.

‘ Thanks baby’ he called blowing me a kiss while I shot him a flirtatious smile, continuing our little game.

As I walked out I heard Cam’s voice for the first time since he said hello.

‘ Whoa bro since when have you been going out with her?’


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