Don't Lose Me

Ivy has a cliche crush on her best friend... but this isn't just another cliche love story. When trouble is spread in Ivy's home town, her life will take another crazy turn and be far from any type of typical life.


2. Chapter 1

I was just about to leave home when Mum called me back.

‘ Ivy be home by 10.’

I nodded. ‘ Sure mum, as if Harry would make me late getting home.’ Well if you could call this place home. Mum was remarried to this guy Luke, and already had a baby boy, my half brother, Ethan. My older sister went to collage in London. Dad left when I was 7. He was the only one in this family who I could talk to. No one knows where he went. Just left. Some would argue that ‘ left’ means he packed his stuff, gone off to marry a smoking hot woman that was learning to walk when he was 30. But no. When I say left I mean one day he was there and the next he wasn’t. One day he took Cherrie and me down to the lake for a picnic. He swore he had heard a duck and went around the tree to feed it some bread while we went stumbling behind him. The three of us chased the ‘duck’ for ages until finally Dad gave up and told us he would find it another day.  On our way home (we walked) he met an old friend and was busy saying hello and catching up with one another. Cherrie and I had gone into the sand pit to play while he talked and when we turned to look for him; he was gone.  He didn't come back after that. We just couldn’t find him. Cherrie, who luckily had her brick of a cell phone with her, called Mum really fast and she was down there in minutes. He hasn't been found nor heard of since.

‘ Come on hurry up!’ My adorable best friend jumped out from the bushes making me scream.

‘ HARRY!’ I screamed at him, using my bag to hit his shoulder really hard. It was already dark, and this definitely isn’t the safe part of town.

‘ Baby you know you could never hurt me.’ He winked at me. I rolled my eyes. Harry was the biggest flirt ever and even though I was his best friend he still used his charm to get out of most things. Harry was the complete definition of Goth-gorgeous. He had black hair that flopped in his eyes when he walked, really pale skin and blood red lips most girls would kill for. If his looks weren’t enough to make Mr. popular, he was on the basketball, hockey AND football team. And yet I was his best friend. The Goth-girl who reads and writes stories.

‘ Ivy come on, if you make us miss our ride and I have to drive us again I will make sure you actually pay my fee this time, not just bat your eyelashes at me so your bill disappears.’ He glared at me playfully. We were on our way to this social event that has been going on for hundreds of years, the town mayor claiming today’s young people need to get out and become social, not spend all day on computers. Except now, it wasn't social; it was more ‘one girl dies a year’ type of thing. You could almost call it a tradition now. I was dressed in the shortest, most revealing thing I own. Fishnet stockings, a black skirt that I was sure half the world could see up, a black top that came off my shoulder and was ripped and stopped just above my pierced belly-button and really high black heels. My mother had picked my outfit and weirdly enough it was just how Harry told me to dress. My long, wavy, black locks were let loose for once, running down my back in a pretty fashion. I had blood red lipstick on so my lips matched Harry’s, and black eyeliner, smoking my eyes.


‘ Jeez girl your gorgeous.’ Harry eyed me up and down. I rolled my eyes. Whenever Harry said stuff like that to me I ignored it. As I would take what he said and examine every word and the tone he said it in, trying to find evidence that he likes me, he would never think of it again, going and making out with some cheerleader by the end of the night. 

‘ Ivy. Tonight I want you to stay next to me. All night. I can sense something bad is going to happen.’

I glared at him. ‘ Sense my ass.’ Harry was friends with the wrong crowd. He knew bad people that did bad things. Not that Harry was bad, because he wasn't

‘ Who told you?’ I asked him menacingly.

‘ No one Ivy I just feel it.’ He tried to look innocent.

‘ As if. Was it Jordan? Or maybe Daniel? Or Cam? Whoever told you or however you found out, it doesn’t matter. What are they doing?’

 He looked me in the eyes and sighed. ‘ Fine. Some of the guys are going to try and get one of the hot girls to go to the forest with them.’ I gasped.  Everyone knew the forest was not a place to go. The forest, always dark, always gloomy, always full of people that are have said to have gone insane. Especially with Harry’s friends. Not that Jordan, Daniel or Cam were bad. Just the other boys. I can’t let them do that to any of the girl’s even if I’m not friends with any girls. Not since Sophia. Sophia was my best friend, and Harry, Sophia and I were attached to the hip all the time. 

‘ Fine harry ill stay with you. Just don't lose me.’ I smirked at him cheekily

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