1D Imagines

This is nothing special. Just a bunch of imagines for people who comment there name, guy and sexual or non sexual. Also you can put in abit of a plot if you want something specific. I'll do all at first so get in there!!!

Miki <3 xoxo


3. Niall For Bree (sexual)

Niall came over as I was cooking dinner, spaghetti bolognaise. He took my hips in his hands and started kissing my neck suddenly. I dropped everything and turned around to face him. I pushed him away. 'Niall. I'm serious. Cut it out.' I warned. 'Bree I want you so bad' he whispered nibbling on my ear. I pushed him away. 'Niall stop! I'm not ready!' I yelled frustrated and unsure. 'Bree, I know it's your first time, but I love you. I want to be close to you. I'm not sure you feel the same way anymore.' He told me nearly tearing up. 'Niall... I-I love you. I do. More than anything. I'm-I'm just... Not ready.' I went and kissed his lips passionately and I slipped my tongue in his mouth. I pulled away. 'Niall, I love you. And some day I will lose my virginity with you and we'll get married and have kids I promise....but that day isn't today.' He smiled. 'I can't wait to have children with you.' I smiled at the thought with him. 'We're gonna make pretty awesome kids.' He kissed me short and sweetly. 'The best.' He said pulling away. 'I love you so much Bree.' He brushed my cherry red hair behind my shoulder and kissed my neck. 'Niall...' 'Mhm.' He responded still leaving love bites on my pale, fragile skin. 'I know you want to have sex with me...' He interupted me and stopped kissing me. 'Bree... I don't want to have sex with you.' What? 'You don't?' I asked half hurt. 'Bree, I want to make love to you. I want to show you that you are the person I want to be with forever. The one person I will spend the rest of forever with. The one who I want to have my children and grow old and die with. I want to let you let me into your life and show you that you can trust me with your life. I don't want to have sex with you. I want to make love to only you.' At that, you stepped closer to him. You felt so secure in his touch. You rested your fore head on his. 'Niall... Im-I'm ready.' I whispered to him. I looked in his eyes as he looked in mine. We both leant in and kissed passionately. His tongue begged for entrance as I without a second thought excepted. Now I knew Niall was the one. My one. He picked me up so my legs where on either side of his. He carried me to the bedroom. Never once breaking the kiss. The passion. The chemistry. It was... Perfect. He placed me on the bed and took my shirt on. He started kissing my breast jut above the top of my fluro green bra. I took his shirt off and felt his hard, stoned Abbas that iv dreamt about so many times now. I left little kisses all over his hard rock body. He attempted to unhook my bra and failed. And failed. And failed. 'Niall... I'll... Just... Let me.' I got out between kisses. The sight of me taking it off slightly turning him on even further. He just kept kissing me as I felt his restricted boner rubbing against my thy. He took off my leggings. I took off his skinnys. 'Bree.' He moaned. 'Niall.' I copied. His now FRIKEN MASSIVE boner kept poking at my panties. 'Do...you...have...protection?' I asked. He shook his head. 'Reach into my draw.' I told him. He hopped off of me for a split second and reached into my top draw and grabbed a condom. 'I want you to put it on me.' I nodded. 'With your mouth.' He finished. I went wide eyes. 'Niall, I...' 'Its easy.' He assured me. 'Ok.' He put on the first few inches with his hands before shoving it in my mouth. He grabbed my head and brought it closer to the end of his cock making me gag abit pushing him over the edge. With difficult I pushed it the whole way on. I did the end bit with my hands making sure it was in well. He positioned himself at my entrance. 'Are you ready?' He asked. I nodded. 'Just do it.' I told him. He went in really slowly and inserted himself. I screamed the loudest iv ever screamed. It hurt so much. He kissed my head. 'Its ok. It'll get better. I promise.' He informed me. He let me adjust for a long time being a patient gentleman. That's my boii. The pain stopped and pleasure ended up taking over. 'Ni-Niall... Ha-harder. Faster!' I screamed out. He emediatly did as told and I started shaking. 'Your so tight.' He told me. 'Oh my Jesus Niall. Don't...stop.' I ended up reaching all I could and cumming. His thrusts became sloppy and he did soon after me. He fell beside me and kissed my head. 'Im honored.' He told me. 'I love you so much Ni.' 'I love you more Bree.' 'Impossible.' I told him. We then fell asleep together.

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