1D Imagines

This is nothing special. Just a bunch of imagines for people who comment there name, guy and sexual or non sexual. Also you can put in abit of a plot if you want something specific. I'll do all at first so get in there!!!

Miki <3 xoxo


1. How You Wake Him Up

How You Wake Him Up


I woke up with the same strong grip around me as every day. Harry. My beautiful boyfriend. I turned so I was facing him. I kissed his cheek. I could tell he was awake because he smiled at my touch. 'Morning.' I whispered to him. He pretended to be asleep. 'Harryyyyyy...' I whispered in his ear. 'Come on I want breakfast Harry.' I whispered. He flinched and turned to face the wall. 'Harryyyyyy... Come onnnn.' I wines while taking the blanket off of him. 'Stooppppp.' He told me. Yeah, like that was gonna happen. Fine. You wanna play hard to get, we're playing hard to get. I climbed on top of him and made his body face up so I was straddling him. 'Harroollldddd... Baby, get up.' I whispered in his ear. As well as afew detailed things I was going to do to him. His eyes where still closed. I took my shirt off so I was in just my fluro pink lace bra. Mwa ha ha. I kissed his lips and I pulled away. He opened his eyes quickly to see my shirtless body. He pulled the blanket over the top of his head so I couldn't see him. 'Fine. I'll go wake up the rest if the boys.' I walked out of the room still shirtless and headed to Zayns room. I didn't hesitate to walk in and straddle Zayn and kiss his cheek. 'Zayynnnn, come on get up.' He opened his eyes. 'Whhaaatttt?!?!' Was all he said when he looked at me. The next thing I knew, Harry burst threw the room and carried me over his shoulder. 'Harry put me down!' I ordered. He said nothing. When he got to our room I came in to a gourmet breakfast in bed on a tray with a single red rose. He put a shirt on me and kissed my cheek before telling me 'your mine.' 


i woke up from having a bad dream. It was only about 3 in the morning but I felt so alone and scared. I wanted to wake Niall up, but I would feel bad so i just cuddled up to his sleeping body and destroyed the space between us. I still didn't feel safe though. I tried to wake him up by whispering his name to him. 'Niall... Niall.' A little louder each time. nothing. I tried to tap his shoulder shake him slightly. 'Niall. Baby wake up.' No use. I kept thinking about the nightmare. I started to cry silently. I felt Nialls grip around me tighten. He kissed my cheek. 'Whats wrong?' He asked me. I didn't answer for a while. 'I had a really bad dream Niall.' 'Wht was it about?' I paused. 'You never woke up. And Niall Jr didn't have a daddy.' He held me tighter and put his hands on my rounded stomach. 'Ill always wake up for you.' 


It was 11am and i was board shitless. I just sat legs crossed on the bed leaning my head on my hand poking my husband Louis. I said his name between pokes. He would grunt I between. *poke* 'Louis' *grunt* 'Louis' *grunt* this repeated for... A good 15 minutes. 'Louis I can keep this up all day.' 'No you can't' he spoke into his pillow. I stopped poking him. 'Your riiggghhhhttt.' He chuckled. 'I love it when I'm right.' He pointed. 'Well thankyou captain obvious.' I told him. 'Jut let me sleep.' He told me' 'NNNOOOOOOOOO' I moaned. 'Louis get up.' 'No' 'Louis... Get. Up!' 'no.' 'LOUIS TOMLINSON GET YOUR FRIKEN LAZY ASS OUT OF BED!!!' 'Youll wake up Jordan!' He hushed me. 'You know what? I might just do that.' I walke out of our room, down the hall and into our son Jordan room. He's three. I took him back to where Louis was still asleep. 'Jordan. Go jump on daddy.' I told him. He did as I told him and his father just sat there as he was being thrown around and jumped on. Louis finally got sick of it and stopped our son. 'What's she paying you?' He asked. 'Nothing daddy.' He answered. 'Ill triple it if you help me throw mummy in the pool right now.' He mumbled into his pillow. 'You wouldn't.' I told Louis. 'Yay!' Jordan screamed. That exact second Louis jumped up out of bed instantly and picked me up bridal style and Jordan followed. When they got to the pool gate Lou put me down while he unlocked the gate and Jordan held me. I hate how strong he is. 'Louia, don't.' I warned. They dragged me to the edge and I fought with them and held on for my dear life. I was just about to hit the water when Louis grabbed me and saves me. He picked me up bridal style in one swift motion. 'I wouldn't let you fall.' He then kissed me passionately. He ruined the moment by jumping in the pool and frankly, he was still carrying me bridal style. When he took me back up he said, 'next time, let me sleep.' 



i. Am. BOOAAARRRDDDDDD!!!!!! Iv been sitting here for what, 5 minutes now just staring at Zayn wide eyed. I'm sick of being alone with nothing to do!!! It Sucks really. That's when I got the best idea EVER!!! I jumped off of the bed falling on the floor and getting up instantly and running to the office supplies in the study. Lets see... Stapler, no... Blue tack, no... Paper, no. THERE IT IS!!! duct tape... Mwa ha ha... Evil me. I ran back into our bedroom. 'Zaaayyynnnnyyyy... Wake uupppp.' He flinched. I know he's awake. Nice. I got out the duct tape and put my hand against the side of his face. His perfect cheek bones. I then duct taped my hand... To his face. Am I the only person who has ever wanted to do this... Probably. Your point? Yeah. That's what I thought. He still didn't move. Ok. I then taped his face to my stomach so it was extremely uncomfortable for him. Still nothing. I then put a but load of tape on his stomach hair. Then ripped it off extremely fast. It got him up alright. 'AAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHAHSHDDJDUDH!!!!!' He screamed sitting up. He death glared me. 'Zayn... Your awake...' I sounded surprised. 'What. Are. You. Doing?' He paused between each word. 'Nootthhing...' I dragged the word on. 'And why am I covered in duct tape?' I looked around him and mine body and the tape. ' :-O OOHHHHHH!!!!' I gasped. 'How did this happen?!?!' I asked. He chuckled slightly. 'I GOT BOARD ZAYYNNYYYY!!!' He laughed. 'Why didn't you just wake me up?' 'One, I tried to. Two, I did. You awake. Three, iv always wanted to play with duct tape.' He chuckled again. 'Was it fun?' He asked. I smiled cheek to cheek. 'YES!!' I screamed. 'Id kiss you, but my head, is attached to your stomach... Sooo...' We took the tape off and Zayn... Went back to bed. Now where's that masking tape?


I woke up to a naked Liam. The memories to last night flooding back to me. And... I have none. In actual fact, me and Liam aren't even dating. Iv known his for years. So... Why is he naked next to me?!?! I put on some clothes and opened the blinds to find... Las Vegas?!?!?! I scratched my head and grabbed a glance at my finger. A ring. Ok. Wait... A RING?!?! WTF?!?!?!? I looked at Liam's finger to find a gold band. Shiiiittt... I poked Liam's cheek. 'Liam. Wake up.' I didn't whisper. This was kinda important. 'Liam, seriously, wake up!' I yelled. Nothing. I'm guessing I'm not the only one with a hang over. I threw a shoe at Liam. 'Liam! Get up!' I screamed close to his ear. I got the cruelest idea. I went and got some ice. I took three pieces out. I stopped in the bedroom and looked at him. Can I really do this? I mean, we are married... But, I don't remember it, he won't remember it either. Alright. I'm gonna man up and do it. I grabbed his junk and stroked it a little. I then quickly put all of the ice right against it. Hahaha. Evil me. He jumped out if bed straight away. He didn't realize he was naked. 'Wtf was that for?!?!' He asked. Then he looked down. And... Screamed like a little girl. He grabbed the sheet and covered himself. I winced at the pain in my head from the hangover and so did he. 'We where drunk last night Liam. Look at your finger.' He did and smiled. 'Im glad drunk Liam finally had the guts to do that.' 

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