It may seem like Em has the perfect life, Money, all electronics in existence a great family, and whatever she wants, but really, she doesn't. She misses her parents, they're too busy working with models. When she gets kidnapped her parents don't even know...


6. Picking Out the Phone

"Okay," Niall started. "What type of phone?" I was too caught up in what happened this morning to realize he was talking to me. I was pulled from my trance, by a hit on the forehead. "Well ow..." I said, but didn't really care. I shoved my hand on his mouth and looked at the computer screen. At the moment I found a phone that was actually decent, he licked my hand. "EEEEW!" I screamed like a girl. I wiped it on his shirt before continuing. "MOMMY I LIKE THIS ONE!" I yelled like a girl. "That one? Really?" He asked me almost in disgust. "Are you insulting my taste in phone's?" I asked in a posh accent. "Yeah." He said even more posh like. I acted like I was hurt, before hitting him on the forehead. He stuck his tongue out at me. I stuck mine out at his. Then I smiled. "BUY ME THE PHONE!!!!!'' I yelled. "Ugh!' He sighed. He clicked on the phone, and bought it.
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