It may seem like Em has the perfect life, Money, all electronics in existence a great family, and whatever she wants, but really, she doesn't. She misses her parents, they're too busy working with models. When she gets kidnapped her parents don't even know...


2. Introduction

Hi, my name is Hayley Em- well, I never learned my last name... I know, weird for an 18 year old, but whatever. Anyway, my parents are never home, so I basically live alone, I have a cat named Molly (XD), and I have normal friends, but not a normal life. I have a secret (you will learn later), well... More like a power. My friends don't know, and my parents tell me to hide it, it's hard, but do-able. I have a brother who my parents gave away when he was about 2, which means I was 1. I'm Irish, but I grew up in England. My parents say my brother had breathtaking blue eyes, and bright blonde hair. I feel like he was handsome. I bet he's doing better than us, and he doesn't even know about me. Anyway, it just breaks my heart, I miss him even though I never knew him. I do have one brother though, Greg, and I love him with all my heart, he is like a second dad. Now he has a wife though, and our time together is decreasing more, and more. It's rough, but I manage. So yeah, that's my life, but will it all change?





                              SORRY, IT'S REALLY SHORT!!! DON'T HATE, APPERECIATE! XD

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