It may seem like Em has the perfect life, Money, all electronics in existence a great family, and whatever she wants, but really, she doesn't. She misses her parents, they're too busy working with models. When she gets kidnapped her parents don't even know...


8. Caught

"FUCK," Niall started, "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" He yelled at me.

"I was at a party. Niall, I'm not a kid anymore." I sighed. Then I giggled. Jeez I'm really drunk.

"Are you drunk?" Liam butted in. I nodded then hiccuped.

"Jesus!" Niall snapped. "You will lay down in bed and go to sleep NOW!" Niall said calmly. I shook my head. "GODDAMMIT I SAID NOW!!" He yelled at me. I tried holding back my tears.

"Can I change?"

He hesitated. "Fine, make it quick." He said firmly. After they left I locked the door. I went back out the window. After about 5 minutes I heard Niall banging on the door. "Shit." He sighed. "Boys you know what to do. C'mon." They all groaned before the door busted down. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Don't see me, please? Just my luck. Zayn spotted me. I climbed down the tree and took off. But I didn't make it far considering I almost tripped, I was drunk, and a warm embrace took hold of my waist and held me there. I struggled to turn around in his iron grip, but did eventually. It was Harry.

"What is wrong with you!?" I asked. "One minute you want nothing to do with me, and the next you are trapping me between you!?" Before he could reply though, Niall stormed out.

"Room. Now." He spoke through clenched teeth. I obeyed.

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