Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


55. Chapter 55

Luke's POV

"So what now?Do we talk this out or...?"

"No.That is one thing that does NOT need to happen.I say we just go with the flow and don't question it.Maybe it will help us get past everything."

"Sounds good to me."

I follow her into her room and we both sit on her bed.


Just shut up Luke."She giggles pulling me in for a kiss.

God I missed this.


Joci's POV

"I wonder if they're okay." Ashton states.

"Please don't barge in on them if they're in the middle of making up then I don't want you to ruin it." I state.

"Why don't we ditch the movie and do a twitcam." Calum states.

"That's the second time I've heard let's do a twitcam I think it's time for a 5SOS twitcam!" I say.

"Fine with me."

I get off Luke's bed and go into Tessa's room. And nonetheless her and Luke are on her bed making out. Perfect opportunity.


" I hate you." Tessa says giggling.

"I so hate you." Luke grumbles.

"Whatever I'm not even gonna ask Lessa is back together yay! Okay well 5SOS twitcam in 15 minutes c'mon Tessa we need to go to the grocery store." I say.

"Do I have to come?"


She glares at me.

"Bye Luke." I yell.

"Wait! Lemme get dressed!" Tessa shouts.

"Get out Luke." I say pointing to the door.

"Can I talk to you for a second Joci?" He asks.


"Tessa clothe you ass."

"I'm clothed."

"Look decent."

I walk into my bedroom shortly followed by Lucas.

"What do you want?" I say picking out a shirt.

"I wanted to say thank you."


"For helping me with Tessa. If it wasn't for your insane ideas I'd still be sulking in my bed room listening to my sad song playlist."

"I'm glad I'm not the only one who has one of those. Would you mind stepping into the hallway for a second?"


"You can come back in now. I had to change."


"Is that all you need or is there something else?"

I pull my hair into a ponytail and he tilts his head to the side. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Two reasons. A. That's Calum's shirt, and B you look normal."

''Thanks. TESSA LETS GO!" I yell.

I walk downstairs and Calum yells "5SOS twitcam in 5 minutes five minutes everybody five minutes!"

"Ash can you feed the dogs why we're gone?"


"Joci?" I hear a voice behind me.

"Yes?" I turn around and see that it's Calum.

"Is that my shirt?"

"It is."

"Oh OKAY!" And he walks off. That poor child. I need to call his mother and ask just how many times he got dropped on his head as a baby.

"LET'S GO!" Tessa yells snapping me out of my thoughts.


I didn't get very much at the grocery store. Just some drinks, snacks, and stuff to make dinner with. I hadn't really had a home cooked meal before I went back to America after I came here. And when mom made one I realized how much I missed it. It was mostly take out and junk food. What can you do you have teenagers with a low budget. Which reminds me I need to get a job.

Tessa and I walk in the house and the boys are answering questions. Luke, the poor child I also need to call Liz about how many times he was dropped on his head, is arguing with Calum about how penguins have sex. I don't know if it's a vulgar topic or just plain weird. I go into the kitchen and put away the groceries. Which consist of 4 billon jars of vegemite. Lord forbid we ran out yesterday Ash wakes up this morning and starts cussing out the jar for not being big enough for a household that holds at least 5 Australians at one time.

"JOCI!" Aston yells.




Luke goes through the same conversation with Tessa and we are both brought into a twitcam for the very first time.

"It feels like the first time, it feels like the very first time. That I ever did a twitcam!" I sing all the boys laugh.


"Okay I'll answer five and then I'll go cook dinner."

"Ten." Ashton says.



"Okay eight."


Are you Ashton's girlfriend?

"Uh yeah. I am."


Is that Calum's shirt?

"Yeah. It is. It's a long story. Luke came in my room this morning to tell me something and said the same thing."

"We like to share clothes." Calum says.

"It's true," I admit. "The other day I walked in and Calum was wearing my bra."

Lols fill the comments.


Favorite Color?



Are you the one who can sing?

"Yeah she is." Ashton answers for me.


Who is the best cuddler?

"That is a matter of opinion. Ashton is very cuddly. But Lucas here is as well. I swear Calum is always cuddling someone or something but it's definitely not Mikey 'cause he's just anti-social."


Who's your favorite?

"Apart from Ash?" I laugh. "Tessa."

"That's right bitches I'm her favorite not you!!!"

"We're honorary members of 5SOS." I explain.

"We might as well be part of the band!" Tessa exclaims.


Eye Color? Height? Favorite 5SOS song? Favorite 1D song? Celebrity Crush? (5SOS doesn't count.)

"Grey-blue. 6'2. Wherever you are. Strong. Niall Horan."


What are you making for dinner?


Yippie! The boys all cheer. Nutsos. I seriously need a job. They're driving me insane.

"Okay well I'm going to make dinner now. Bye guys." I wave and smile at the camera and grab Tessa by her t-shirt.

"Why do you want me in here."

"Because, I don't want to be in here alone. And you can be useful sometimes."


"You are the laziest person I know."

"I am not that bad."

"Please. Okay this conversation is over. Put that hamburger meat in the pot."


I finish putting away the groceries and Tessa looks at me like I have three heads.


"How many jars of vegemite did you get."



"They were on sale by one get one half off and they're stocking stuffers for the boys."








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