Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


53. Chapter 53

Tessa's POV

I don't really pay attention during the movie because I'm too busy thinking.Near the middle of the movie Joci speaks up."I'm hungry.Anybody want popcorn?"

Everybody nods and Joci looks at me."Help me make popcorn?"She gives me a look that says:You better say yes or I will cut your head off because we really need to talk.If you're wondering how I got all that out of one look, I have no idea.Fearing for my life I  say yes and go downstairs with her.


"So what?"

"Oh don't play dumb with me I can tell you've been zoned out the whole movie."

"I still don't think I should go on the tour."I blurt.

"What the hell Tessa?!"She whisper/yells.

"I'm just not ready to go back out with him and I don't think I will be able to control myself if I can on the tour.I mean have you seen the boy?He's so damn tempting."

"Okay you are way more stubborn than I gave you credit for."

"Sorry but have you met my mother?"

"I don't understand why you don't just go out with him."

"Because...I'm not ready."

"But that's the thing Tessa.You are.Honestly if you weren't you wouldn't have a problem with being able to control yourself.I don't understand why you keep holding yourself back."

"Because I'm scared alright!"And there it goes.The one thing I could't even admit to myself, out there in the open.

"That doesn't make any sense.You have nothing to be scared of Tessa.Luke isn't going to hurt you.You saw how much it hurt him when all of this happened."

"Exactly! I'm not scared of him hurting me! I'm scared that I'm going to hurt him and if I ever do that I won't be able to forgive myself!"

"What's going on down here?"I hear someone ask.I look over to see the boys at the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh nothing."Joci says,"I was just asking Tessa if she could watch Titan for me since she's not coming with us on tour."


Luke's POV

During the movie I try my best not to look at Tessa.It's just habit.I used to look at her all the time to see how she reacted to things.It sounds creepy and stalkerish now that I think about it, but I always watched her so I would know exactly what made her happy and what I could say to make her laugh.

Recently I have found myself having to change a lot of things because my life was so adapted to Tessa being the center of it, that when she wasn't there anymore all of my old routines just collapsed.Even when she wasn't with me on tour I found myself incorporating her into everything I did.A smile found its way onto my face as I thought about all the small things I did that she probably would never have noticed, but I did them anyway.Like adding a song to the set because I knew she liked it.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Joci's voice."I'm hungry.Anybody want popcorn?"

I saw the boys nod from the corner of my eye and then Joci asked Tessa if she will help her make the popcorn and Tessa mumbles"Sure."

As soon as they disappear the boys go back to watch the movie, but I don't really care to pay attention.

After quite a while Ash pauses the movie."They've been gone for a while.I'm gonna go see what's up."I find myself and the rest of the boys following as he goes downstairs.

"...scared....hurting...him...........I won't be able to forgive...."

I only make out a few words, but it's enough to know it has something to do with our...situation.I feel sick to my stomach as I realize what's she's saying.She's scared I'm going to hurt her so she doesn't want to forgive me.

Before they say anything else Ashton speaks up."What 's going on down here."

"Oh nothing."Joci answers.She was obviously lying she she wouldn't hurt my feelings."I was just asking Tessa if she could watch Titan for me since she isn't coming with us on tour."

My heart drops when I hear that Tessa isn't coming on tour.How am I supposed to win her back if we're going to be so far apart?This is all my fault.She won't go because she thinks I'm going to hurt her.

Then, out of nowhere Tessa says something that surprises everyone.And by the looks of her expression, she even surprised herself.

"But I was going to tell her that I can't watch Titan because I am coming with you guys."


Hey guys

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry it's short and that there should be a new chapter tomorrow!!!


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