Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


45. Chapter 45

Tessa's POV


"Okay okay."Joci said fumbling with the key.I refuse to use any type of portable restroom.That includes buses,planes,boats,porta-potties,etc.Something about a moving toilet just makes me want to gag.Eugh.

Once Joci FINALLY manages to get the door open I run in and head straight to the bathroom.It's a good thing I know my way around this place.Once I'm done I wash my hands and head to the living room where everyone is standing around looking dazed and confused.

"So what now?"Ashton asks suddenly.

"I don't know.Sleep I guess."Joci answers yawning.

"Sounds good to me."Calum nods.And now here comes the big question.Where are 10 people gonna sleep in a two bedroom house?

"Well we have one room because I do not plan on sharing mine and we got two couches."Joci's mom stated.

"Julie and Tessa can fit in my bed."Joci piped up.

"Well then Harry and Mikey can have the couches and the three of us will sleep on the floor."Ashton said.

"Great it's settled.Now if you'll excuse me I had to get up at 7:00 in the morning.There are 8 teenagers in my house and if any of you disturb my sleep there will only be 7.Have a nice day."She said shutting her door.

"Well I guess if you guys are gonna sleep on the floor I should probably get you some blankets and stuff."

"That would be great."While Joci went off searching for blankets, I went to the kitchen looking for anything that could possibly help the loud growling noise coming from my stomach.I found a few things I could use to make a sandwich and decided that that was all I really had the energy to make at the time.A few minutes later Luke came in wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Can I trust you to make me one of those?"

"I don't know can you."Since the wassabi incident he hadn't let me anywhere near his food.He pondered the question for a minute and then nodded and then added,"I'm watching you."

I finished making his sandwich and then we both ate them quickly.

"I didn't even know I was that hungry."Luke said,surprised.He had practically inhaled it.

"Yeah well after that many hours on a plane you tend to need food."He nodded agreeing and then pulled me back to his chest wrapping his arms around my waist.Swaying us back and forth he began to hum 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran.Not wanting to ruin the moment I stayed quiet, closing my eyes and going along with his actions.Soon he stopped humming and whispered."I missed you so much."

When he said those words, I realized how much I had actually missed him.I also realized how fast the next two weeks would go by.Soon I would be alone again and there was nothing I could do to change it.

Luke was famous.

He wasn't my little secret anymore.


Joci's POV

"I got the blankets!"I yelled form the laundry room.Ashton came and grabbed them before heading back to the living room so he could set everything up.He began laying down the blankets putting a few on top of each other to provide a bit of cushion.I tried to get the fluffiest blankets we have knowing that it wouldn't be the most pleasant thing to sleep with thin blakets on a hardwood floor.

"Can't we just sleep on the floor in your room?"He whined.

"Have you met my dad?You know, that big scary dude that's in the room straight across from mine?"Ashton pouted, but didn't protest knowing I was right.

"Well do you have ANYTHING that could make this more comfortable?"

"Nope sorry."

"Fine."He huffed.He then mumbled to himself."I hope Harry likes to cuddle because I highly doubt I can sleep on this for a week."

"I heard that." I giggled.He looked up flashing me a cheesy smile before pulling me in for a kiss.

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