Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


35. Chapter 35

Tessa's POV

So it's been 3 days without the boys and I'm getting along alot better than I thought I would.It's pretty weird not waking up to the sound of them yelling about us being out of Vegemite or something weird like that,but Dani practically lives in Michael's room and Joci is here with me.I don't know what I'd do without them.

Luke has been calling at least once everyday just like he promised.It's what I look forward to all day.At the current moment they're in the UK so the timezones are a little different,but we make it work.He told me that more and more people show up to every show that they have and that they are slowly getting bigger.I'm happy for them,but at the same time I'm scared.Maybe someone will catch his eye in one of the concerts and he'll decide that she's better.

I have to keep telling myself that he won't,but my self-esteem is getting lower all the time.He must be able to tell because every time we talk he gives me compliments and says that I'm beautiful and does his best to reassure me and it works a little,but I'm still scared.I couldn't compete with half of the girls out there.

Anyways,to a more...positive subject.Thor is the cutest thing ever.He just acts cute.And I love him to death.I have eaten like 8 jars of nutella in the past 3 days and I'm starting to worry about my health.Like I will sit in  my room with a spoon and a jar of nutella,watching Sawyer Hartman, Danisnotonfire, and Tyler Oakley videos.I have visited the store 3 TIMES just to get more nutella.My obsession is starting to freak me out a little bit.

In other news Dani has been acting quite strange lately.I wonder what's wrong with her...


Dani's POV

It's been hell without Michael.I've been spending all my time in his room trying to feel close to him,but it's just not working.I can't feel anything.I feel so alone.The worst part?The tour is for AT LEAST six months and it's only been 3 days.

The girls are a huge help and I can't thank them enough for letting me stay here.They also talked to my boss and told him that I was too sick to work.They're my angels.I have talked to Michael daily,but hearing his voice is hard.It just reminds me that he's not here and he won't be for a while.I'm guessing he can tell because he tries to keep things short, either that or he just doesn't want to talk to me.

I hope that things will get better soon because I don't think I can handle this.


Joci's POV

"Ashton I miss you."

"I know."He sighed through the phone."I miss you too."

""So are you gonna bring me a present when you come back?"I joked.

"Of course."

"I was just kidding I don't need a present.Being your girlfriend is good enough for me."

"But what kind of boyfriend would I be not to shower you in things you don't really need?"

"You're too cute."

"I know."

Living here without Ashton is for the birds. It's so much quieter with out the boys here.

"I'm thinking about getting a dog?"

"Really? How come?"

"Well it's lonely around here and Tess won't talk to me for more than three minutes without getting more nutella and shoving it in her face."

"Could we share it?"

"Of course."

"What kind would you be getting?"

"I don't know I have to talk to your sister and see if she'll bring Thor so we can get one he likes."

"Could we name him Titan?"

"What makes you think I'm getting a boy."

"Joci, I know you come on now."

I laugh. I absolutely could not handle puppies right now. "You're right. TESS! I NEED YOU!"


She walks and little Thor is right by her. He is absolutely the cutest thing ever.

"Thor come here boy."

Ashton laughs through the phone. "HEY BIG BRO!"

"Hey baby sis. Now that you got yourself a boyfriend does this mean I don't get phone calls from you anymore?"

"No, but I know I can talk to you after Joci gets finished with your constant yapping about how amazing your tour is blah blah blah I get enough of that from Luke so I figure by the time you tell Joc--"

"Tess shut up I have something to ask you."

"Sorry. What's up?"

"Joci wants to get a dog and we're gonna share it and we're gonna name it Titan!'' Ashton shouts.

"Thanks babe."

"Wait, you wanna get a dog?"

"I do."

"AW THIS IS GREAT!" Tessa yells.

"Well we're gonna need to take Thor so he can chose the one he likes best."

"No problem."

"Thor you wanna go get a friend?" I ask rubbing the top of his head. He climbs up my chest and lick my face.

"Alright Ash I gotta go. I e-mail you when I find something out."

"WAIT!" Tessa yells. "Before you go, you have a package from the University of Sydney."

"WHAT?" Me and Ash scream at the same time.

"Here you go. Can I stay in here or...?"

"Yeah. DANI GET IN HERE!" I yell.

"LADS GET IN HERE!" Ashton yells.

"Dear Mrs. Smith,

We are here to inform you that we received your essay. It was very well written and has several officials look it over. We are also here to inform you that it we be out honor if you would COME JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST SEMESTER OF THE UPCOMING SCHOOL YEAR!" I read aloud.

"You applied to a college without telling me?" Tessa asked.

"Well I wanted to make sure it was all going to work out."

"YOU MADE IT!" All the guys say at once.

"I made it!''


"I love you Ash and I'll Skype you when I get home."

"Love you to babe. GUYS SHE MADE IT!"


"I still can't believe you're wearing sweatpants." Tessa says.

"Tessa, even you are wearing sweatpants."

"So you're well you."

"And it's not like I'm going to a fashion show."

"It looks like the boys not being here is rubbing off on her harder than we thought." Dani says.

"Excuse me, but we're going to pick out a dog."

I grab my bag and the girls grab theirs. Tess grabs Thor. We head out the door and head to the car. But as soon as we open  the door we see paps.

"Who are you?"

"Do you girls know the 5 Seconds of Summer boys?"

"Why are you in their house?"

"Are you their girlfriends?"

"Hey tall girl! Your names Joci right?"

It's Tessa who finally answers them. "I am Ashton's sister and these are my friends that is all I have to say have a good day."

We get in the car and head to the pet store. Titan here I come. I can't wait to meet you. When we get to the Pet Store we open the door and are bombarded with animal sounds. Any animal you want you name it's here.

"Hello my name is Julie! Is there anything I can help you with today?"

I speak up first because I have a plan.

"Two things actually." I say.

"Okay lay it on me."

"Number one I need a dog. I don't care what kind just something to keep me company. It needs to be a boy, it needs to get along with this one, and it needs to look like a Titan."

"Okay now whats number two?"

"Have you heard about the group 5 Seconds of Summer?"

"Oh my gosh I love that band!"

"Nice. Who's your favorite?"


"Welcome aboard."


"Well you see Julie I wouldn't tell just anyone this but you seem like a trustworthy person."

"You're not going to kill someone are you?"

"Oh gosh no! But I am going to tell you that I'm Ashton's girlfriend, that's his sister and Luke's girlfriend, and this is Dani, Micheal's significant other."

"Wait! It's you. That girl off YouTube and the other girl off YouTube and your on Micheal's twitter."

"That's us!" We chorus.

"Oh my gosh it's really you!" She squeals hugging us.

"Okay okay let go." I say


"No problem. Anyway the boys are coming into town next week and I was wondering if you would like if you would like to come."

"Where are you going with this?'' Tess whispers.

"Well Cal Cal needs a girlfriend and hang on--"

I look at Julie

"You're single right?"


"And Julie is probably looking for a boyfriend so why not.''

"Okay well like I said the boys are coming in next week. Here's our address why don't you come over later so we can get to know each other yeah?"

"Okay! Well, why don't we go get a dog now?"

"Sounds great."


We pick this puppy, a black lab, and name it Titan.


We say goodbye to Julie and get back in the car and head home. When we get home you would never guess what was there.



OOOOOOOOO cliff hanger. I love where this is going. :)



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