Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


20. Chapter 20

Tessa's POV

Three days.Three days I haven't seen his face.I haven't talked to him.I had no idea how he was doing.I haven't been out of my room since that day.I spent all my time crying and listening to sad songs on my iPod.I made sure to skip all the songs by 5SOS not being able to hear his voice.I rarely ate.I didn't speak much.I didn't get more than three hours of sleep at night.I just sat on my bed dying slowly from the inside out.

Every day my anger towards Ashton grew.At the same time though,I was trying to understand why he did what he did.I know he was hurting,but a highly doubt it was as bad as what I'm feeling.This wasn't like Ashton.He was so selfless.Always putting others first,but what he did was selfish.

Giving up I began to cry again in hopes that I would soon run out of tears.I put on my music and laid down, allowing the pain to take over my chest as the void in my heart grew with every second I spent away from Luke.


Luke's POV

Pained.Heartbroken.Empty.Those were just a few of the things I was feeling.Not seeing her was the most painful feeling I had ever experienced.Knowing she couldn't be mine anymore killed me.Physically I was alive,but mentally I was gone.There was only one person who could bring me back.

Right now I had a song running through my head.I was beginning to realize how accurate most of the lyrics were.

When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky

To the beats of our hearts at the same time

So close,but so far away

Tessa was right across the hall,but at the same time she was billions of miles away.With the way things were there was nothing I could do to reach her.

She sleeps alone

My heart wants to come home

I wish I was

I wish I was

Beside you

There was nothing I wanted more than to be beside her.Holding her.

She lies awake

I'm tryin to find the words to say

I wish I was

I wish I was

Beside you

There's no doubt in my mind that she had barely slept.She already had a hard time sleeping as it was.

All of the lyrics had a whole new meaning to me.I wanted her to listen to that song and know exactly how I felt.I wanted her to hear me speaking through that song,but I doubt she will have to do with anything that reminds her of me.I don't blame her.

I hope she isn't spending her time like I am.Staring off into space,and holding onto memories for dear life.I hope she can mend her broken heart with time.I hope that one day she can look into my eyes without dying inside.Even though I will never be completely healed,I hope one day she is.I just want her to be happy,even if it means I have to stay away.


Tessa's POV

I'm going to do it.I'm going to go to his room.I'm going to see him.

Calum just came up here to check on me and Luke.Either him or Joci check on us every few hours.He shouldn't be back for a while so I have time to see Luke.I slowly opened my door peeking my head out.When  saw that no one was there I ran to Luke's room and slipped in shutting the door quietly.

"I said I'm fine Cal."Luke croaked.He was laying on his bed with his pillow over his face.

"It's me."I said softly.He look up with wide eyes.

"Tessa?"I nodded,frowning at his tear-stained face.Before I knew what was happening I was pulled into his arms.He placed a small kiss on the top of my head before whispering into my hair,"I miss you so so much."

"I miss you too baby."I started to feel his hot tears on my neck."I wanted to see you.I needed to see you."

"Well I probably don't look to attractive right now."He laughed trying to lighten the mood.

I sighed and sat on his bed."What am I supposed to do Luke.I don't want to be without you."

"I don't either,but I can't do anything about it."He sighed,staying silent for a moment and then speaking up again."Give it two weeks.If Ashton still says we can't be together we go behind people's backs or runaway.I'll let you choose.Just give him a chance."

"Okay."I said getting up and making my way to the door.

"Wait!"I turned around and gave him a questioning look."Please don't leave me.Not yet."He whimpered.

I nodded and walked back over to his bed.Laying down in his arms."I love you,Luke."

"I love you,too."

"Will you hurry up and kiss me?"I giggled.He smiled in response and then crashed his lips onto mine.


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