Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



18. Reassurance

Chapter 18:

Alice's POV:

When I finally got to the school, I parked my car then hopped in the backseat where all of my school supplies where. 

I began to go threw everything and label the things that needed to be labeled which was pretty much everything. I was almost finished when someone knocked on my car window. I looked behind me to see Dustin standing there. 

I smiled and opened the door so I could talk to him. 

The first words that left his mouth where, "what the hell are you doing?"

I laughed, "hello to you too."

He smiled and said, "sorry. Hello Alice."

I giggled, "waz up!?"

He chuckled and bent down so he was level with me. He then said, "please never say that again?"

I laughed, "whatever..."

"So what are you doing?"

I glanced at all of my school stuff and said, "if you must know.. I'm getting my school stuff labeled and organized. I just have to label one more binder then I'm done."

He nodded, "interesting... If YOU must know.. Class starts in 7 minutes so I would advise you to hurry."

"Oh  shit! Alright. Thanks."

He nodded, "anytime. See you soon?"

"Yup. See you soon."

He then got up from his crouched position and started to walk towards the school.

I hurriedly labeled my last binder and picked everything up. I dashed towards the school and had the goal of getting  to my locker as fast as I could without dropping everything. 

When I got into the school, I ignored all the weird looks I was getting because of my outfit. 

I finally reached the escalator. I ran up the already moving steps and finally made it on the solid ground. 

As I casually came to a normal walking pass, someone came up next to me. If I had to be honest this person startled me a little. 

At first I didn't recognize who it was, but then I realized that it was one of Dustin's friends from yesterday. The hair is what gave him away. I could never forget his black wavy hair that almost seemed to perfect to be real. It was mason. 

He greeted me with a sweet hello then asked, "do you need help with your stuff?"

I nodded, "oh gosh, yes please!"

He chuckled lightly and took a big portion of my things off of the top of the pile. 

I sighed in relief. If he hadn't of came along I probably would of dropped it on the way to my locker. 

We where about halfway there when I turned to him and said thanked him.

He smiled, "your welcome. i cant believe you actually remembered my name!"

I laughed, "yes I did! I mean, who could forget someone as perfect as you?"


Did I really just say that?

I glanced over at him and the blush that was currently on his face confirmed it. 


I'm an idiot!

We finally reached my locker and I said loudly, "well!!!! Here we are!"

I stopped and balanced my books on one hand so I could open the locker. 

I finally opened it and neatly put everything in. I then took the things out of Mason's hands and stacked it in as well. 

I turned and gave him a friendly hug, "thanks again!"

He smiled, "no problem Alice."

I grinned, "hey! You remembered my name too!"

He smirked, "ya I did, cause I mean, who could forget someone as perfect as you?"

I laugh at his mockery. He then winked at me before walking away to his class.

I grinned to myself then picked up the things I needed for Mr. Roberts class. 

Once I had everything I needed, I headed over to the end of the hall where his classroom was.

As soon as I entered, the bell rang. Everyone was seated and of corse.. Looking at me..

I looked towards the floor as I made my way to the back of the room where my seat was. Once I sat down and organized all of the things on my desk, Mr. Roberts began his lecture for the day. I glanced to my left and saw John sitting next to me, intensely watching his hands. I glanced to my right and saw Dustin at the table next to me, taking notes on the things Mr. Roberts was saying. 

I ended up sighing and cracking open my notebook. I began to take notes as well but couldn't help but let my mind wander as I started to doodle in the corner of my notebook. 

At the end of his lecture, he gave us the rest of the class hour to talk amongst ourselves. Which was about 20 minutes. 

As I sat there silently, I could feel johns eyes on me. I new he was still pissed about the hole 'Cody marking me' thing but there wasn't much else I could do. 

I then decided that apologizing would be the best way for him to open up again.

I looked over at John and met his gaze. I took in a deep breath then said, "John, I'm really sorry about the hole Cody thing. If there was something I-"

John then stopped me and said, "-Alice it's fine. It's not your fault. I'm the one who should be sorry. I overreacted and in doing so, I might have lost a girl that means a lot to me..."

He then glanced back down at his hands with a sad expression carved into his perfect face. I rested a hand on his upper thigh and whispered, "you haven't lost her yet.."

He looked up at me with hopeful eyes. I gave him a reassuring smile and slowly grabbed his hand. 

He didn't pull away, he in fact intertwined our fingers together.

Dustin's POV:

My table partner Austin, kept going on and on about this girl he met last weekend. I sat there letting him talk my ear off when all I really wanted to do was get up and talk to Alice. 

Perfect sweet incident Alice..

I glanced over at her and John and they where holding hands and laughing about something. If I was over there right now I'd be the one she would be laughing with.. And that John guy wouldn't be hogging her. He doesn't deserve her. 

She deserves someone who will keep her safe and I can keep her safe.. All that blood sucker can do Is hurt her even more... That pr*ck..

Maybe if she new what I could do, maybe shed like me more. If only I could tell her. If only I could be truly honest..

Alice's POV:

Soon the class bell finally went off. 

As I got up to grab my things, I let johns hand go. Things went well between us. 

We talked about a few things and caught up. I felt bad for everything that had happened.  He didn't deserve this kind of neglect. 

When we exited the classroom, we split our separate ways. 

As I made my way down the hall, I kept getting looks from random girls. They where all staring at me with wide eyes. They each took in my outfit and gave me small smiles. 

It was quit the opposite reaction I had in mind.. These girls seemed to be giving me props for wearing something beyond the ordinary. Each smile I received, I returned. 

I was starting to like this school more and more. 

I finally got to my locker and grabbed my books for my next class which was AP calculus. I was above my grade level when it came to math so I was in a senior class for it. 

As soon as I had all that I needed, I headed over to the escalators. I made my way up and when I was finally up on the senior level, I began to get nervous like every time I was up here. 

I didn't know why I was always so nervous around the seniors but I just was. As I began to slowly walk to the other end of the hall where my class was, I spotted Harry joking around with a big group of his friends. Yet another guy that Dustin had introduced me to yesterday...

As I started to near him, I was crossing my fingers and hoping that he wouldn't see me... But he did. 

His bright green eyes met mine and instantly filled with excitement. He jumped up, causing his curls to bounce loosely all over the place. He waved for me to come over with a big smile on his face. Some of his friends started to look over towards me because of his actions. 

I couldn't help but smile at the cheesy grin that was currently pulled up on his face. 

I walked over and as soon as I got close to him and his group of extremely popular looking friends, he shouted, "you look hot today!"

I started to blush as more and more of his friends looked over at me. 

Harry then pulled me into a side hug and said, "I'm kinda gettin that sexy skater girl vibe from you..." He then leaned into my ear and whispered, "it's hot."

I blushed even more as he said this. His tall lean structure toward over me as he looked at his friends and said, "everyone, this is Alice! My amazingly sexy new friend."

I swear my face was probably the color of a tomato. The group of friends said hello to me then started their conversation back up.

Harry then turned to me and said, "so listen babe. Me and a few other people are going out tomorrow night to the boardwalk. We're having our annual bonfire. It should be fun. You should come!"

"Well I- um-"

He then pleaded, "come on Ali-Wali! It'll be fun!"

He then got really close to me and tucked a piece of my loose hair behind my ear. 

I could feel his minty breath fan against my face. That's just how close he was. He made my stomach knot in a fist and my cheeks go pink just like they where only moments ago. 

He then got even closer and whispered into my ear, "please...?"

Shit.  Shit.  Shit. I was gonna fall under pure-pressure!!!! My knees felt as if they where about to give out. 

"I-I-I g-guess I could go.." My warm breath hit his neck with every word I stuttered out. 

He pulled back with a smile, "perfect! Thanks babe!" He then kissed my forehead and skipped off to class.. Or should I say OUR class. AP calculus was with Harry.. The overly Seductive teen, that caused me to go week at the knees...

*sorry if it sucks. It about 2 in the morning.*

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