Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



38. Pain

Chapter 38:

Alice's POV:

I felt myself being tugged onto Harry's chest. My body began to run on pure instinct. My lips moved with his as my hands ran through his wet curls. I could hear his heart start racing even faster then before. I could feel his mind start to spin. I was trying to see what he was thinking in the moment but his thoughts where all jumbled. 

I started to hear my own heart begin to pound. A burning sensation spread through my bones like a wild fire. 


It's happening. 

When I kissed klaus, this very thing began to happen except with Harry it seemed to start almost instantly. 

I pulled back gasping. Harry was doing the same but I was panting. I squeezed my eyes shut as I tried to control my heart beat. All of a sudden there was a sharp pain in my chest. My eyes shot open from the pain. I made eye contact with Harry as his face filled with concern. All of a sudden his facial features turned into slight confusion. He then gasped out, "your eyes.."

No. No. No. 

I pulled my aching body off of his and rolled over on my back. The pain began to get worse. I turned back on my stomach and pushed myself up. 

I couldn't let Harry see this. I couldn't let the only normal in my life run out on me. 

I clutched my stomach as I began to run into the woods. I could hear Harry calling after me but I'd rather leave him confused then afraid. 

I got about a quarter of a mile away before I passed out from the pain. I just hope that whatever happens next doesn't effect Harry in anyway..

*okay, so I had a much longer post written for you lovely people but then i accidentally deleted my super long post that I had been working on for two hours  soooooo.. Now this isn't as long as I wanted it to be. As you can imagine I'm beyond pissed... But her you go. but OMG did anyone else go black friday shopping? it was cray! Never. Again. but anyway... Comment and let me know what you think!*

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