Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



6. Marked

Chapter 6:

Alice's POV:

The next time I woke up I was laying against someone's chest, on my bed, in my room. I slowly began to sit up but before I could move the person I was laying against held my shoulder down and whispered, "don't move Alice," it was Cody.

I took a sigh of relief knowing it wasn't John. I could clearly remember what had happened.

As I laid against Cody's chest, I felt like my body was all jittery. My senses had been heightened. I felt like I'd just sniffed cocaine or something and was on over drive.

Cody read my thoughts and said, "it's my blood. When you drank it, it healed you but also heightened all your senses and emotions. So anything you say or do will be twice the emotion as it would of been without vampire blood in your system. But, right now I have to keep you safe because if anyone where to kill you while you still had vampire blood in your system, you'd wake up as a full fledged vampire and knowing who you are I could tell you right now, you'd be one hell of a vampire. Silvers are a threat to any vampire when they get turned. Lets just say, every vampire would worship you... Including me."

I nodded against his chest then asked, "how long have I been out?"

He responded, "a few hours. Right now you'd probably have two hours of school left if you where there."

So that meant mom would be home with Micky in about three.

I nodded again. Then I questioned, "I didn't know vampires had blood?"

He chuckled, "ya we do. Those are just stereotypes. That's like assuming that every girl with the name Alice came out of a rabbit hole."

I giggled and let out a sigh, "So... What happened to John?"

"He's at his apartment with his girlie friend Caroline, hating himself for what he did to you."

I frowned, "I feel bad."

Cody laughed loudly and said, "you amaze me Alice! You really do. After all that has happened to you, you manage to see the good in every situation. Instead of blaming others, you blame yourself for their mistakes. I think that's what I like most about you.. Your forgiveness."

I smiled a soft smile, Flattered by his complement. I looked up at him and his looks blew me away once again. He really was perfect. He formed a soft smile on his lips, Revealing his cute dimple.

I then asked, "how can you control yourself around me and he can't?"

Panic filled his soft features as some form of realization flashed threw his eyes. He moved out from underneath me to run across the room and press his back up against the wall. He took in deep breaths as he slowly shrank down the wall till he was sitting on the floor. He was now staring at his shaking hands as he began to mumbled under his breath, "I can't be... How can it be... This never happens... How?"

I got up off the bed slowly and asked, "Cody? What's going on? What's wrong?"

He slowly looked back up at me, "you know how in the parking lot I told you I would have killed you on the spot if I hadn't liked you?"

I nodded, "ya, what about it?"

"Well... Since I denied my instincts and went with my heart... I think I might actually like you like you.."

I slowly began to realize what he was saying. It finally clicked as I said, "so that's why you're not effected as much by my sent. Your heart his telling you to protect me.. Not kill me."

He looked back at his hands and said, "I guess that's not a bad thing... But liking a human that's already been marked is a bad thing..."

I looked at him confused, "marked?"

He nodded, "yes. Every vampire marks on someone meaning that, that will be their soul mate. The one person they'll love for as long as they exist. No two vampires have mark the same person.. Until now."

He looked up at me with pure pain and regret.

"who else am I marked by?"

He took a deep breath before speaking, "John. That's how he saw you coming from the beginning. He couldn't wait to meet you but once he did the one thing that was supposed to go away never did and that hurt him deeply."

That explained the drawing of me in johns sketch book. He had seen me coming. I then asked, "What was supposed to go away?"

He sighed, "his instinct to kill. If you ever mark a human, you're instinct to kill is supposed to go away. It goes away so you don't hurt the one you love but his never did. That's why in the parking lot I was so focused on wanting to protect you that I hadn't realized till now that I was doing it because I started to have... Feelings... For you.. Which led to the marking. But, It just can't be possible.. It can't be done..."

"What are we supposed to do?"

He slowly began to get of the floor and walk towards me. I took in a deep breath of air as he approached. As soon as he reached me my heart skipped a beat.

He then said, "there's nothing we can do... Unless one of us dies or you do, which I could never stand to let happen."

He then pressed the tips of his warm fingers to my skin and drew a path up my arm setting fire to everything he touched.

I closed my eyes enjoying the pleasure his touch brought me. Just like whenever John kissed me.

He then rapped his spare arm around my waste tugging me closer, closing the space between us, "b-but..."

He hushed me by pressing a kiss to my temple, "I'm marked to you.."

He removed his hand from my arm and placed it under my chin, tilting my head up towards his. He then slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. It filled me with the same pleasure it had before with John except this time with Cody, it was different. There was a different spark. A stronger flame. I couldn't put my finger on it but it felt good.

He then lowered me onto the bed without breaking contact. He rolled over, allowing me to be on top so he wouldn't crush me.

I don't know what it was but something inside of me came alive causing me to take control. I straddled his hips and kissed down his jaw line to his neck and back up. A low growl left his lips as my hands traveled up and down his chest. Our lips moved together as if we've kissed a hundred times before. We never broke contact once. As soon as we did pull back, I was left gasping for air.

I slowly realized that I was in some deep sh*t. I was marked by two very powerful men that both wanted me and both couldn't stand to see me in harms way... I was totally screwed to a level of certain death.. I level of craziness...

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