Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



7. Klaus

Chapter 7:

After about another hour later of me and Cody's.. Incident.. I sat on my bed trying to make sense of everything. I kicked off my heels that where now starting to hurt my feet. Cody was sitting on the end of my bed just laying there, 'probably listening in on my thoughts.'

I looked towards him when I thought the thought in my head and a small smile spread across his face.

I smiled then thought, 'loser'

He looked over at me and said, "that's not very nice."

I laughed, "you listening in on my thoughts isn't very nice either."

He laughed, "I can't help it. It's an instinct."

I smiled slightly biting my lip. In a quick flash, his body hung over mine. He stared down into my eyes and said, "your so... Perfect..."

I blushed slightly. He then ruffly pressed his lips to mine starting the burning sensation that filled my body. He then whispered, "your all mine..."

He pressed his lips to mine more softly.

He pulled back once again and I looked at him with sad eyes. I new he was trying to read my mind to figure out what I was thinking and all I let myself think was one word.. John.

Cody turned off of me and sat up against the headboard next to me.

He looked at me then looked away not saying a word.

I slowly slid off the bed and tried to find my way to the kitchen.

I wasn't mad at Cody I was just frustrated at this hole situation. Two people, or shall I say two vampires, that I barely know are telling me that I'm their soul mate and I'm to be with them for the end of time. That just doesn't make sense, one, because there's one of me and two of them. Two, because their vampires and I'm human. How does that even work? And what if I don't even want to be with them?! Don't I have a choice? Or is that not an option? Are they expecting me to chose? I don't even know...

Once I found the kitchen, I walked over to the fridge to try to find some food to get my mind off of everything. I was absolutely starving since I missed lunch.

I settled on a pre-made sandwich and an apple. Once I grabbed the food, I shut the fridge not even looking to my right. I turned on my left and sat up at the island with my back turned to the fridge.

I sunk my teeth into the ham and cheese sandwich, moaning at the taste. I guess I was hungrier then I thought. Once I finished my last bit of the first half of the sandwich, I swallowed then decided to switch to the apple.

I picked up the apple and realized I needed to wash it. I got up from my seat and looked down at the apple as I made my way to the sink. I washed the smooth red surface of the apple under cool water. I dried it off with paper towel then slowly turned around, about to sink my teeth into the tough surface.

Once I looked up, I froze with the apple a half inch away from my lips. Standing almost five feet away, was an unknown man staring at me with fierce red eyes. The apple slowly dropped from my hand, hitting the floor with a soft tap. I was about to scream at the top of my lungs when, this perfect faced boy sped over to me and put a hand over my mouth. He had a British accent as he said, "now now love... We wouldn't want to do that would we?"

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to scream but I new he would kill me on the spot. He had soft short brown hair that was semi curly. His lips were a soft shade of red and his teeth where a brilliant white. He wasn't as tan as Cody and John. He just had soft cream colored skin. He was absolutely gorgeous. Everything about him would draw a human in.. I guess that's why they where all built this way, to draw their pray in.

his red eyes slowly turned to hazel as he spoke in a soft voice, letting his British accent seep threw, "hello silver, I'm Klaus.."

I then said threw his hand, "my name is Alice not silver." It sounded all muffled but it got the point across.

He smiled a crooked smile then said, "Alice is it? Well Alice, a silver is what your are isn't?" I nodded slightly, "ok then, silver is what I'll call you. Your friend up there probably already filled you in on what that means and why you should fear my name.. Didn't he?"

I shook my head, "I know what I am but not who your are." It again was muffled through his hand.

He laughed slightly, "he didn't tell you about me?" his eye brow raised almost comically. "We'll then I guess ill have to tell you."

He took in a deep breath then pulled his hand away from my mouth. He started, "well you should fear me because I am one of the originals..."

"What does that have to do with me?"

Klaus smiled then said, "it doesn't... It just means you should fear me. Since I'm an original, I've been around longer. I'm almost invincible. The things that are designed to kill vampires barely have an effect on me. There's only one thing in the world that can kill me.. Which I won't be sharing with you... But, anything that you would normally kill a vampire with will just maybe make me weaker at most. I'm immune to most of it. I'm stronger then your little friend Cody up there. I'm stronger then the one that marks you. I could rip their hearts out in a second. But my number one question here is, why hasn't Cody killed you? I know John won't kill you because he's marked to you but what about Cody? He's the number one killer in the world. Almost as good as me. He kills everyone and everything."

I cringed at the thought of him hurting others. I then said, "Cody.. Well he um... Kinda.. Marked me.. As well."

Klaus laughed then said, "oh god! This is to good!! I'd love to kill you right now but first I want to watch those two bloody bastards kill themselves over you. Oh! This is gonna be great!!"

All of a sudden I heard my name being called from down the hall. It was Cody.

Klaus looked at me and said, "it's alright. You can call him in."

I then yelled to him and said, "in hear!"

I heard his voice near as he said, "thank god. I thought something had happ-" but he stopped when he turned the corner of the kitchen. He looked from me to Klaus, then back to me, frozen.

Klaus turned to Cody with a smile, "Have fun mate."

Then in a flash, Klaus had gone out the door.

Cody was looking at me still frozen. A few seconds later he snapped out of it and flashed to my side. He felt all over my body to make sure he hadn't hurt me or damaged me in anyway.

I grabbed both of his hands to stop his search and said, "stop. He didn't hurt me... I'm fine."

He let out a sigh of relief and mumbled, "thank god..."

I was about to ask him a question when he looked up at me and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back letting the burning sensation consume my senses. I dropped his hands, letting him rest them at my hips. He pressed my body into his and didn't let go. He lifted me up and set my bum on the counter. I aloud him to rest in between my legs as he moved his lips to my neck, where he left lingering kisses.

He mumbled against my lips, "I'm so sorry."

Then he began kissing me Again. Once I pulled back out of breath, I mumbled, "it's ok.. He didn't hurt me... Just next time warn me about all the original vampires. Ok?"

He nodded with a smile, "I can do that."

I smiled back at him. My smile disappeared as I thought of the question I was about to ask, "is it true?"

His eyes narrowed in concern, "is what true?"

"What Klaus said about you and John killing each other to see who gets me??"

Cody tensed up at the thought, "it depends on how this plays out. Eventually you'll have to pick one of us.. And if not... Our passion.. For you might drive us to do crazy things."

I rested my head on his shoulder thinking of the hardship to come. He lifted my head up off his shoulder by his hand and said, "but don't worry about that now. All we have to worry about is you and your safety. Ok?"

I nodded slowly rubbing my hand against the one that was cupping my cheek.

All of a sudden Cody said, "their home."

I sat up straighter, "who?"

He chuckled, "your mom and brother."

Oh god. I'd completely forgot about them.

He then leaned down and whispered, "don't worry. Ill be here all night."

I nodded and then in a flash he was gone, running of to somewhere unknown. As long as I know he's here somewhere ill be fine.

About five minute later my brother walked through the door screaming. I hopped off the counter and picked up the apple from off the floor.

I smiled when he came into my view. Once he saw me his blue eyes brightened. He then screamed, "Al! Al! Guess what?!"

I laughed, "what?!"

He smiled his little teeth smile, "I made so many new friends today!!!"

I smiled, "me too!"

He giggled then gave me a hug just before running off to his room... most likely. Soon my mom came from around the corner. Once she saw me she gave me a soft smile, "how was your day hun?"

I Smiled back, "great." That was an understatement...

"Where the kids nice? Did you make some friends?"

I threw the apple in the trash and nodded, "ya. Everyone's great. The outfit you bought me made me fit in perfectly."

She smiled, "good."

I picked up the other half of my sandwich and tossed it as well. I then asked her, "how was your first day of work?"

She smiled, "wonderful! I was amazed at how excepting they all where."

I nodded, "that's great. Well I'm gonna go up to my room and take a shower."

"Ok. Ill call you down when dinners done."

I nodded then walked back up to my room.

Once I got up there, I took a sigh of relief. I was finally alone. This hole day was just way to crazy for me. I could still not grasp the fact that all of this crazy shit existed. Right now, all I need is a nice hot shower in my nice big bathroom...

I grabbed some old pj's from one of the boxes and headed for the bathroom. The bathroom that was connected to my room had marble floors, marble walls, marble everything. There was a tub and a shower. I decided to take a shower so I turned it on, letting the cold water get hot. I took off my dress from today and hopped in, hopefully washing away all the weirdness of today.

Once I finished my shower, I rapped a white fuzzy towel around myself to dry off. I dried my body then got dressed into my pj's.

When I walked out of the steam filled bathroom, I decided to start unpacking my boxes.

As I went through my clothes I made three piles. One was for things that I no longer could where in this hot weather. Another pile was for clothes that no longer fitted. The other pile was for the things I could keep but not wear on a daily basis... Which was very little.

I had almost gotten through all the boxes when I heard a soft knock on my door.

I then said, "come in!"

The person did and when I looked up it was Micky. I smiled at him and asked, "is it dinner time?"

He nodded with a little smile on his face. He then ran off to the kitchen giggling. I got off of my hands and knees and dusted off my hands.

When I looked up to leave the room John was standing in front of me. I almost screamed but got myself under control.

I then whispered, "you scared me!" I could still feel my heart racing.

He nodded then said, "I'm sorry... I'm also sorry about earlier.. I didn't mean-"

I stopped him, "-I can't talk about this right now. I have to go. We can talk at school tomorrow.. But not here.. Not now."

I then pushed passed him and made my way down to the kitchen.

When I got to the kitchen I found my mom, brother, and dad sitting at the table waiting for me.

I smiled at all of them and when I sat down I asked dad, "when did you get back?"

He smiled, "a few minutes ago actually. How was your day?"

I smiled back at him, "amazing. Everyone was very nice."

He nodded, "that's good."

As I began to eat, my mom asked my dad how his first day of work went and then conversations just picked up from there.

Once dinner was over, I helped mom with the dishes then told her I was gonna head up to bed. She nodded in approval then I left to go upstairs.

Once I finally made it to my room, I brushed my teeth then hopped in bed. It had been a long and weird day. I just hope tomorrow won't be as crazy. First day here and my only friends are a group of vampires. Just great...

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