Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



9. I'm Not Afraid

Chapter 9:
As soon as I got to the school, I parked my car and got out. I walked up to the doors with a lot of the conversations around me stopping just like last time. I ignored the attention and made my way up to the chemistry room, wanting to be the first one there. 

When I got into the red and yellow room, Mr. Roberts was the only one there. 

When he saw me he said, "good morning Ms. Heart. Are you feeling better?"

I nodded, "ya, my nerves must have gotten to me."

He nodded, "it's alright dear. We all get them. You can take your seat if you'd like."

I was about to turn and walk back to my seat when I remembered my schedule. I then asked, "Mr. Roberts? Did I by chance leave my schedule in here yesterday?"

His eyebrows shot up as he said, "why yes! I almost forgot. Here you go!"

He then handed me my slip of paper with my classes on it. I nodded in thanks and made my way to the back of the room were I sat for about 10 minutes just sitting and waiting. Soon the kids started to file in, every once in a while, glancing back at me. I tried not to mind as much. I had a feeling this wouldn't go away till some people got to know me. 

Soon the bell rang and there was no John. Where was he? Was he skipping? I didn't know and probably didn't want to. I actually felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders from him not being here. Now I didn't have to sit next to him all hour and feel the awkward sexual tension between us. 

As Mr. Roberts talked and talked, I got to thinking, how much longer would this go on? Sooner or later someone was gonna really hurt me or even worse.. My family. That was a sickening feeling but it was true. 

A few minutes later Mr. Roberts handed out a work sheet. I asked him for a pencil but he said that I should ask the people around me to try to meet some new people but I wasn't to sure how asking someone for a pencil would solve much... But I did it anyway. 

I asked the guy next to me at the other table. He looked up at me and nodded slightly. This guy was also very attractive. He had almost pitch black hair and light hazel eyes. He was well built just like every other guy here... Seemed nice. He handed me the pencil and gave me a light smile. I nodded in thanks then turned to do my work. 

Even after my set back, I was the first one done. Since I was done I asked Mr. Roberts if I could use the rest of the hour to explore the school and try to scope out all my classes. He agreed to let me go. I gave the guy his pencil back then left into the hall. 

I found a few more of my classrooms. I now stood in front of the English room finally finding it. When I turned around I ran into someone chest. When I looked back up at the person it was John 

"Stop doing that!!"

He smiled playfully, "sorry."

I smack his chest, "you should be!"

I then turned and pressed my back against a locker looking up at John. 

He then said, "I'm really sorry about the other day.."

I nodded, "it's fine."

He shook his head, "no it's not. I almost killed you!"

I sighed, "I know."

"Why aren't you afraid of me?"

I crossed my arms, "because I don't need to be."


I stopped him, "no buts. All that matters is that I'm alright."

He then stepped closer to me and asked, "can I try something??"

I nodded. He then added, "just don't move."

I nodded once again. He then moved closer to where he was only inches away. He then slowly leaned in and before I new it he was kissing me. I tried to move as little as possible but I couldn't help myself. Everything about him drawled me in. He was perfect. 

Once he pulled away, my lips felt cold. He smiled down at me satisfied that he didn't hurt me. 

Then I remembered Cody.. John didn't know about him yet. Or at least that's what I think..

I then looked at John with sad eyes, "I have to tell you something.."

He had a look of concern in his eyes, "what?"

I then continued, "well um.. Cody... He kinda marked someone.."

"Oh that's great! Who?"

I messed with my fingers then said, "well that's the thing.. He kinda marked me..and I know you marked me too so..."

Everything about John tensed up. He looked like he was about to punch something. All of a sudden the bell rang and he disappeared. Well that's just great..

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