Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



12. Force

*ok so this is gonna be a long steamy, scary, sexual chapter so be prepared for your emotions to be messed with.*

Chapter 12: 

Alice's POV:

A few hours later, I finally checked the clock. We had literally been talking sense I woke up. First it was me explaining the hole vampire thing but then it turned into something else. We started sharing story's about our lives. Just about the little things that made us happy. 

I could feel a really good friendship coming on. A really good NORMAL friendship. 

The time on the clock read 6:45. By now my parents where home, probably wondering where I was. 

I glanced at Dustin and said, "it's almost 7... I should really get going."

He nodded with a smile, "ya. Your probably right. We have school tomorrow and I still have to eat dinner and so do you."

I nodded and began to get off of the bed. One thing I realized in all of our talking, was that Dustin was almost always alone in this house. Since his parents have such important jobs, their never home. I kind a felt bad..

As I started to walk to the door, I turned to him and said, "are you working tomorrow after school?"

He nodded, "ya why?"

"Because, I still need to buy my school supply's and I'd feel a lot safer knowing you where there."

He smiled, "well ill be there so you have no worries."

We then made our way out to his car. He had to drive me back considering he drove me here. 


When we finally reached the office max parking lot, Dustin got out and walked to the other side of the car to open my door for me. 

I thanked him and got out. The sky was dimmer now and the street lamps began to turn on. 

I blushed slightly at how close we where. I mumbled, "goodnight Dustin.."

He nodded with a soft grin on his face, "bye Alice."

He pulled me into a tight hug and hesitantly gave my forehead a small kiss. This action caused me to blush even more. 

I hope it was dark enough to where it wasn't as noticeable but I new all to well that it wasn't. 

I turned and walked over to my car. 


The start of an amazing friendship...

I started my car and gave Dustin a single wave before I pulled out  and onto the street. 

Dustin's POV:

As she gave me one final way and drove away, I thought to myself, if only she new..

Alice's POV:

As I drove down the rode, I picked up my phone and glanced down at the screen. I had three miss calls from home. 

I had a feeling this would be the case..

I started to think of my cover story. 

As soon as I arrived home, I parked the car and entered through the garage. I made my way into the kitchen to find my mom and dad talking.

As soon as they saw me, my mom came rushing over and pulled me into a hug. She kissed all over my face and Squealed, "Where were you?! You had us worried sick!!"

I laughed nervously, "mom I'm fine! It's fine! I went school supply shopping after school and saw someone I new from my class and we started talking. We lost track of time. I'm sorry."

She nodded a little, ".. It's okay I guess.. Just next time check in with us. Ok?"

I nodded slowly. 

I then dismissed myself from them and made my way up to my room, not really feeling hungry.

As I passed mickeys room, I decided to check in on him just incase he was worrying about me. 

I slowly pushed the door open trying not to wake him if he was already asleep. Instead of flicking the light on, I flicked the dimmer lamp on instead. 

I looked towards his bed. The sheets where ruffled up as if someone had been in it moments ago but there was now no one. 

I backed out of the room slowly, a little confused. Maybe he went to the bathroom?

As I continued to back up, I ran into someone's chest. I froze on the spot. At first when the person dragged their hands up my thighs and over my stomach I thought it was Cody, but then the unnamed person whispered in my ear, "hello love.."

I new that British accent all to well. 

It was Klaus. 

I tried to not let his touches bug me but they did. 

Klaus whispered in my ear from behind, "admit it love.. You love my touch. It gives you.. Chills. It fills you with.. Pleasure."

He then trailed a hand up my arm. I couldn't deny it, it did feel good.. But it felt wrong. Was his hole purpose just to come here and harass me?

I closed my eyes and let out a shaky breath, "where's my brother?"

Klaus spun me around said, "now now.. Is that anyway to treat company?"

He cocked his head to the side all innocently. Oh god was he hot.. NO Alice. No. Don't think that!

He smirked at me as he moved a little closer. I hadn't even realized that I had been moving back until my back bumped into the wall. 

I then asked, "where is he?"

Klaus trailed a hand up my thigh as he glanced down my shirt. He moved even closer and said, "he's safe."

I repeated, "where is he?" as I ignored his sexual gesture. 

He then leaned in towards my ear and bit the skin playfully, "he's safe.."

My eyes fluttered in frustration as he kissed my jaw line slowly. Oh my god.. I rolled my eyes back in my head. It felt so good.. And again.. So wrong. 

He grinded his hips into mine as he began to kiss down my neck. I almost let a moan escape my lips but I had to bight it to try to keep myself in check. 

He went back to my ear and whispered, "you want me Alice.. Don't you?"

I almost shook my head yes but I caught myself, eyes going wide at what I almost just admitted. 

He grinded his hips into me harder and whispered, "don't you?" In a slow seductive voice.

Oh my god was he sexy. The pleasure this was bring me was indescribable. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back trying not to moan. His lips moved to my neck where he sucked on my skin slowly. 

I managed to gasp out, "w-why are you doing this?"

He only stopped briefly but then kissed up my neck to my jaw. I tilted my head back down and looked at him dead in the eyes. I new my eyes where just shouting for him to continue violating my body but my body was thinking otherwise. His lips where an inch away from mine. He then mumbled, "because I want you.."

"W-wha-" but before I could question any further he pressed his warm British lips to mine. I kissed him back immediately almost instinctively. 

I could feel him growing in his pants. The fact that I was turning on one of the most powerful people in the world, turned me on a lot more then it should of. 

He kissed my neck sloppily a few times. His hand shot to my bum as he lightly squeezed it causing me to let out a hum. 

A hum is so much more worse then a moan because it sounds like your implying yes to the sexual gesture as if your begging him to continue and no matter how badly I wanted to stop this.. I really did want him to continue. I couldn't think straight around him. 

He opened the doors to one of the meany empty rooms and thrusted me up against the wall inside the room. He went back to kissing my neck and toying with my emotions. One of his hands snacked up my shirt causing me to moan. 

He pulled back and pulled his shirt off over his head leaving me gasping for more physical contact. He reviled an 8 pack and an intense V line. I pulled my shirt over my head and took a step forward to where I was nose to nose with this murderous vampire. I ran my hand down his abs and over his V line till the tips of my fingers dipped into the front of his pants causing him to gasp. 

I placed my other hand to the dimples on the bottom of his back and whispered into his ear. "I do want you badly."


The next time I woke up, I was laying next to someone in bed. At first I thought it was Cody but then I remembered last night and all that had happened. 

I was laying under the sheets next to Klaus in bed. I took a peek under at myself and my suspicions where confirmed, I was defiantly naked. 

I glanced over at Klaus and his perfect face. The sheets where only covering his legs and his.. Well you know.. Reviling his abs and V line. I bit my lip, remembering when I had kissed down his hard stomach and had touched about every part of his god like- I stopped my self. 

I needed to stop thinking about last night and forget. I couldn't let Cody or John ketch me thinking about it ever.. Not even Caroline which was gonna be hard since my mind always wondered when I was around her. 

I then slowly got out of the warm bed and looked for my underwear and bra on the floor. I finally found them and hurriedly put them back on. 

All of a sudden, I felt warm strong arms rap around my waste. 


I started to turn around with a smile on my face only to find that the person that rapped their arms around me wasn't Klaus.. It was Cody. 

I froze. 

I glanced in the bed behind Cody and saw that Klaus was still laying there, now very much awake. 

He was staring at me with a big smirk planted a crossed his face as if he was enjoying this. My smile fell while his stayed the same. 

I don't think Cody had noticed him yet cause if he would of seen him, he wouldn't be holding me the way he was now. 

I then glanced back up at Cody and he was smiling at me. He was about to turn to see what I was looking at when I said in an overly perky voice, "Hey!!!"

He stopped turning and looked at me with suprise, "well someones in a good mood."

He chuckled then began to turn back to again, see what I had been looking at. 

I started to panicked so I grabbed his face in between my hands and pressed my lips to his. The same fire and ice feeling returned as our lips moved together. 

Klaus glared at me but I waved frantically for him to go while I still had Cody distracted. 

He rolled his eyes and grabbed his Calvin Klein from off the floor. In a flash he had them on and he did the same with his pants. When he was fully up with his shirt in his hand, he smirked at me. He gave me a seductive wink and in an instant, he was gone. 

I pulled away from Cody and he looked at me strangely, "what was that for?" Then he paused, "and why did you sleep in here last night?" He paused again, "then again.. Why aren't you wearing any proper clothing."

He glance down at my body, checking me out. I new all to well why but I refused to let my mind think of it. 

All I said was, "I was just testing the mattress to see if it was comfier then mine. I didn't feel like changing into pj's when I got in here either so um...ya."

I turned around and picked up my clothes from off the ground

Cody asked, "well was it?"

"Was what, what?"

"Was the bed comfy?"

I paused for a moment, "..nope."

Cody nodded then started to squint at me. I gave him a quizzical look and asked, "what?"

"What are all of those marks on your neck?"

My hand shot up to my neck. 


I then thought of something quick and said, "there from you silly."

I gave him a playful wink and threw my clothes at him. 

He laughed and nodded with a smile. All of a sudden his nose scrunched up, "why do your clothes smell like dog?"

My eyebrows knitted together, "dog?"

"Ya," he sniffed them closer, "yeah, dog?"

I shrugged, "maybe it was from Dustin. He must of had a dog or something." I didn't remember him having a dog. I just left it at that cause that was my only valid conclusion. 

"Who's Dustin?"

"A guy from school," I started to debate if I was gonna tell him or not. I glanced down at my wrist and I still had the bandage rapped around it. Thats when I decided yes, I'd tell him, "h-he saved me yesterday.."

I waved my injured arm in the air.

Cody walked closer to me, "shit Alice.. How could you let this happen?"

I groaned, "I'm sorry okay! This girl attacked me and he saw and helped. That's it. We talked and it got late. End of story. Okay?"

I started walking away, back to my room. 

Cody walked after me and grabbed my good wrist, pulling me back, "Alice wait. We need to talk about this. It's not-"

"-its not what? Safe? My hole life isn't fucking safe! I need you to back off for once and stop trying to help me. This hole thing has just started and I'm already ready for it to be over!! I've had it up to here with witches, vampires, even werewolf's for all I know!! I just need a mother fucking break! Can I have that?! One break? Just one day to my fricken self!!"

Cody's jaw clenched in a defensive manor. He opened his mouth as if he was gonna say something but then he didn't. He dropped my clothes to the floor and ran out with his speed. 

Great.. Just great.. I finally exploded and it was on him...

I sighed and picked my clothes up from the floor. This was gonna be a long day. 

I glanced at the clock and it read 9:07. Sh*t, I'm late for school..

I ran off to my room to get ready. I wanted to desperately take a shower but I had no time. I felt so dirty from last night it was almost insane. I guess I felt as if I just needed to take a shower to wash the memory away but I had no time for that.. 

When i looked in the mirror I had total sex hair. Ugh!! I guess it's a hat day..

*told you it would be long!!! How was it?! What are your thoughts!! I know you will all have some crazy ass opinions for me😄*

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