Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



11. Curiosity

Chapter 11:

Lunch finally came around and there was still no John. I wasn't surprised but apart of me did miss him. I even now sorta regret telling him but if I hadn't he would of just found out anyway... Ya know.. With the hole mind reading thing. 

As I sat at the table picking through my salad, Caroline began to talk to me. As soon as words left her mouth I zoned her out. The only thing I could really focus on was the look John had given me. He seemed so hurt and betrayed.. All most disgusted. I wasn't sure if it was of me or Cody but none the less.. It was just a bad sign. 

Soon lunch was over and the day dragged on like a normal school day should. 

By the end of the day I had gotten lists from all my teachers on things I needed to get for the class so I decided to go find a supply store. 

I searched for one on my phone before leaving the school. Once I got one saved in, I made my way out to my car. 

I hopped in the yellow camero and followed the directions my phone had begun to give me. I arrived at the office max in less then 20 minutes. When I got there, I entered the big warehouse and started going down my list looking for things. 

About half way through my list i heard a big clatter on the ground from the row behind me. I was in the back of the warehouse at this point. I curiously peeked over the corner and saw a girl laying on the ground with a hole bunch of bins on top of her. 

She saw me and looked at me with panicked eyes. She then shouted, "help me please!!"

I nodded with wide eyes. 

I ran over to her and started lifting all the boxes off of her. As I lifted them up I asked, "are you ok?!"

As soon as I finally made it possible for her to get up, I offered her my hand. She took it and I helped her get on her feet. She then responded to me, "i think so.."

She started testing all her limbs making sure she was ok. Then all of a sudden she looked at me with a look that I couldn't explain. It was dark..

All of a sudden she shoved me up against the now empty rack and said, "the rumors are true.."

Oh great. Another vampire. 

She then lifted her lips to my wrist. 

Sh*t. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna f*cking die!

She then sunk her teeth into my wrist keeping one of her hands firmly pressed to my throat causing me to gag. All of a sudden her body was tackled from mine causing her to smack her forehead on the concrete, leaving her in Unconscious. 

I looked towards my savior. He still had his back to me but I could tell he worked here by the office max apron he had rapped around his well built torso. 

The guy finally looked back at me with his hazel eyes. At first I couldn't put a finger on who this was but then it clicked. This was the guy I borrowed a pencil from earlier. He still had the tips of his short brown hair spiked up with hairspray or something light but his soft hazel eyes from earlier now held confusion and fear. 

I slid down the racks till my butt hit the floor as I tried to ketch my breath. I felt dizzy and light headed from the blood loss. He then stepped towards my side and asked, "are you ok??"

I nodded lightly as my head rolled back on my neck. I closed my eyes for a minute and sucked in slow breaths. He then asked again with a shaky breath, "w-what was happening? Why was she chocking you a-and and bitting you?!"

I shook my head lightly, "she.. She was um... Oh god I'm gonna sound crazy... She was uh drinking m-my blood.."

I winced at the pain my wrist was bringing me. 

When I looked up at him he had a horrified look spread across his perfect face, "w-why would she be doing that?! What kind of sick person-"

I stopped him, "-shes not a person.. Well at least not a living one... She's a um.. V-vampire. She's a vampire."

He then glanced over at her unconscious body and looked back at me, "No. Fricken. Way," he then gasped, "are you serous?!"

I nodded my head, "sadly, yes."

I then shook my wrist in the air and said, "can we um-"

His eyes widened, "-oh um ya! ..sorry."

He then took my good hand in his and pulled me off of the floor with ease. 

He then said, "lets go to the back. There's a first aid kit."

I nodded. I still felt really woozy and light head. I started to stumble over my feet and pencil guy had to rap his arm around my waste to keep me from falling over but not even within the first few feet of walking, I blacked out. 


I woke up in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar bed that I was tightly covered under. I glanced at my wrist and it was all bandaged up. I slowly began to sit up but my head was pounding to much so I had to rest back down. 

All of a sudden there was a knock that was coming from the door. The door opened slowly as the hot pencil guy walked in. 

He saw that I was awake and took in a sigh of relief. He then asked, "how are you doing?"

I smiled weakly, "fine.. I think the bigger question is, how are you doing? This must be a lot for you to take in.."

He shrugged, "not really.. I'm somewhat used to this kind of stuff. My parents have.. Interesting jobs."

I sat up against the head bored trying to fight through my killer headache, "what do they do?"

He walked over and sat at the foot of the bed, which I was assuming was his. He then said, "well, my mom works in the morgue and my dad is a homicide investigator so I here weird story's all the time. The questioning of vampires has actually been brought up in more then one case but they end up coming up with a more reasonable explanation."

I nodded. 

He then asked me, "was there a greater motive for that vampire killing you or was it just a spur of the moment type thing?"

"There was defiantly a greater motive to it. It's just a big long story that you probably don't want to hear.."

He looked me in the eyes and said, "I have time."

I gave him a light smile then asked, "are you sure you want to hear it all??"

He nodded. I then said, "ok.. Ill tell you but you have to keep an open mind about it all... Oh and before I continue you have to tell me your name!!"

He laughed, "oh ya! My names Dustin. I already know your name though.."

I smiled, "Dustin.. I like that name."

And after I said that, I began with the story. Telling him every detail. Starting from the details of why I'm so special all the way to the point where Cody and John both marked me. I explained it all. It felt nice to let it all out and it felt even nicer having someone to tell..

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