Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



47. Cody

Chapter 44:

Alice’s POV:

As we got into my old pickup truck that I haven't driven since I arrived in beverly, caroline asked, “do you even know where he lives?”

I stiffened as I started the car.

“No,” of corse I didn’t know where he lived! There was no need for me to know since he was always around… but now he wasn't ever since he found out about Klaus and I.. which I now regret letting start in the first place.

I saw caroline roll her eyes as I began to back out of the driveway.

She then said, “good thing I know where he lives… turn right.”

I could see the smirk on her face from the corner of my eye.


When we arrived at his surprisingly big house, we both got out. We walked up to his front door together. When we stepped up the front steps, the door was slightly cracked open. My eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

Caroline mumbled, “what the hell..” as I lightly kicked the door open. I stepped through the door first then looked around. Everything seemed to be in order.

I then turned to Caroline and said, “check upstairs.”

She silently nodded and dashed up the stairs.

As I walked through the living room, I found a smashed glass of what seemed to be whiskey on the floor. I walked into the kitchen and found things strewn across the floor. Plats and glasses where smashed to pieces. When I turned the corner of the kitchen into an office, it looked even worse then the kitchen. Lamps and papers scattered the floor. The French doors that led to the backyard where wide open.

I walked over to shut them but that’s when I saw the blood. There was a long trail of it leading back into the woods.

I walked out onto the deck and began to follow the trail. I finally reached the woods edge and I stopped for a moment to sniff the air. I could smell the blood even more. I continued on as the sent got stronger and stronger as I walked on. All of a sudden I froze. There was a thick tree in front of me but what made me freeze where the arms that where visible from the other side.

I caught a big sent of the person and I nearly dropped to my knees when my mind finally registered who it was. Caroline showed up next to me. Tears slipped from my eyes as I looked over at her. She was confused until she saw the arms.

She slowly circled around the tree and I could hear a loud gasp.

With tears streaming down my face I slowly stumbled around the tree. It was him.

A branch protruded straight from where his heart would be. The branch is what held him up to the tree.

I gasped out in cries as I finally fell to my knees. I gasped in sent after sent, the only things I kept picking up on where him, me, Caroline, and fucking Klaus. Klaus did this! That fucking shit ! How could he?!

Klaus killed Cody.

Klaus was going to pay.

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