Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



58. chapter 54

Chapter 54:

Alice's POV:

The first thing we do at Ryan's is get absolutely wasted. I usually don't drink as much as the others since I wasn't that big of a drinker but Ryan, Matt, April, and Starr where.

Summer and May weren't big drinkers though. May and Summer barely ever actually drank. I only drink enough to make my limbs numb. Once I'm relaxed I stop.

We sat around in his basement drinking his dad's beers and talking about pointless things.

About an hour went by before Ryan had the grand idea to play spin the bottle.

Everyone cheered on the idea except me and hale. I've never liked the game but always ended up playing. Hale never played though. Neither did May. Summer usually did but she sometimes said no if she hadn't consumed any alcohol. Tonight she had bowed out. Same as May and Hale, of corse.

Me on the other hand, I decided to. It's not that bad. It's not like it means anything.

The first person to spin was Ryan. When he spinned he landed on April. He happily kissed her seeing as they had formed some sort of a relationship.

The next to spin was Lila. This went on a few times till it got to me. When I spinned I landed on Matt. Of corse. Matts face slightly turned pink.

Lila looked over at me then glanced at Hale trying to remind me that he was watching. I nodded slightly as if to say, I know.

I crawled over to where Matt was sitting on the bean bag. I planted my hands in the cushy stuffing and just before I was going to lean in, Hale said, "can we do something else now? This game is boring!"

Ryan chuckled as if he new Hale would try to stop it. Ryan retorted, "it's boring because your not playing!"

Hale rolled his eyes and leaned further into the sofa.

I felt sort of bad so when I went into kiss Matt I only kissed his cheek. April noticed and said, "that's not a kiss! That was the cheek! Redo!"

I rolled my eyes at her, "it was a form of kissing so it counts."

Ryan then said, "just do it! It's not that big if a deal." He probably said it to get a reaction out of Hale but all Hale did was stare at his feet.


I then leaned in and pressed my lips to matts. I was about to pull away but then his hand was on my hip holding me in place.

Well s*** .

This suddenly turned into a make out sesh. Jesus! Does he ever stop!

Ryan then hollered, "get it bro!"

And that's when I pulled away forcefully and gave Ryan an intense glare.

He just said that to piss off Hale... Again.

I then sat back in my spot and said, "can we do something else now?"

I glanced over at hale and he was smiling slightly at my request.

Starr then suggested that we play truth or dare and in the back of my mind I couldn't think of a worse game to play with this group of people. Truth or dare will be the end of this group.

Everyone agreed but me. Even Hale actually liked to play this game. We where about to begin when the doorbell went off from upstairs.

Everyone froze. Who could that be? Ryan's parents where at my house so it couldn't be them...

April got up and volunteered to get it.

She walked up the stairs and you could hear the door open slightly. Some murmuring was heard then her footsteps reappeared.

She gave me a look that meant it was for me. I got up and walked over to her.

I asked, "who is it?"

She shrugged, "this really attractive dude. He was asking for you."

I walked up the stairs and to my displeasure klaus was standing in the doorway. A sickening smile was planted on his face as he said, "hello love."

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