Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



57. chapter 53:

Chapter 53:

I sat on that horribly uncomfortable plane for two hours. I had a four year old kicking the back of my seat half the time and a crying baby in the row next to me.

I tried to drowned it all out by listening to music but somehow the baby cries made it through the peaceful barrier my music had created.

Me being a werewolf and all makes everything so much harder. I constantly have to go pee and as soon as I get a sniff of food, I want it... Even if I'm full. Oh and I can hear EVERYTHING. Even the things I don't want to.

When we finally got our bags, my dad called our grandmother to come pick us up. Since the town we live in is small it didn't take long for her to arrive... Along with one of my cousins, Lilac.

When she spotted me in the tinny waiting area, her face brightened and big smile filled her perfect face. Then my grandma slowly walked in after giving my father a friendly smile.

Lila was gorgeous. She always has been. When we where younger and still even now, she had always gotten the guys, always got the dates, and I was always envious of her.

She brought me everywhere with her, to parties, to the movies, even to the mall with some of her pretty friends yet I always felt like a sideshow to her. I felt like the only reason she brought me places was to make herself look better.

I was never 100% gorgeous like her so you could see why I found her a problem. Usually gorgeous girls bring less perfect girls along with them just to make themselves look better... Which she seemed to alway do but when I had brought it up last summer, she had said she would never do such a thing and I had actually believed it. I still try to believe it but now looking back on it, I'm not sure I still do.

She ran over to me with her golden hair flowing behind her. The light coming from the windows all around us hit her skin perfectly making her look like a goddess. Even with her pale creamy skin like mine, she still seemed to pull it off better then me making her look like Snow White herself.

She was wearing light blue jeans tucked into her black Hunters. She wore a black sleeveless coat with a long sleeve cream shirt underneath with the selves pulled up. It must be a warmer day. It was the sunny season here so her outfit seemed reasonable but her I was in a tank top and a zip up sweater with baggy comfy pants on. I look like a complete mess but She'd probably pull it off better then me.

I stood up as she reached me. She pulled me into her arms with a squeal. When she pulled back her bright blue eyes where full of happiness, "Look at you! You look so pretty!!! Your hair is gorgeous and omg," a shocked smile filled her face, "is that a tattoo?!"

I gave we a weird look, "I don't have a-"

I looked down at my stomach where she was looking and on the right side of my hip bone where my tank top had rows up, there was a crescent moon inked into my skin.

What the hell?

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and I gave her a smile, "yup I did but," I then lowered my voice and said, "don't tell my parents.. They don't know"

Truthfully I didn't even know.

It must of came with the wolf packaged. I can't believe I haven't noticed it yet. It's in an obvious place.

She gave me a wink and said, "you know me. I'd never! But oh we're gonna have so much fun this week! I've got a few fun things up my sleeve. Come on, let's get going. Everyone's waiting.

I looked past her and she was right. Everyone was in the car but us.

As we walked to the car she went on and on about how everyone missed us and was waiting for us at grams. She even had said that some of my old friends would be there.

But technically they weren't old friends since it's only been like a month. A crazy month but only a month.. sadly.


When we got to my grandmas house where we'd be staying for the rest of this week, Lila had been right again. Everyone was there.

I got ambushed with hugs and kisses from friends and family.

After an hour of catching up with everyone, Lila found me in the crowd of people.

She whispered in my ear, "there's a special someone here to see you."


"Follow me. He's outside with April, Matt, Summer, May, Ryan, and Starr."

As soon as she said that I new exactly who she was talking about.


He was my summer crush and best friend. I never had the guts to tell him but I'm pretty sure he caught on.

Lila new I had a thing for him so she had stayed away. That's another thing I just so happen to like about Lila. She plays by the rules. "Girl code" she had always said.

She started pulling me towards the door but when we got to it I said, "wait," she stopped and looked at me, "I can't go out there looking like this!"

She looked down at my airplane clothes and nodded slightly, "ya.. Maybe.."

I laughed a little, "not just maybe! Most defiantly."

She laughed and said, "alright. Where's your bag?"

I pointed to the duffle across the room and she ran over and grabbed it. She dragged me upstairs and pulled me into a spare room.

We went through the bag and decided on my dark skinny jeans, my old ACDC T-shirt and my new black North Face jacket. I put my black UGGs back on.

Lila pulled my hair into one of her perfect messy buns and did her 5 minute makeup routine on me.

She looked me over and said, "you look perfectly perfect."

She smiled. At her work then said, "now let's go meet your special guest."

Even though I new who it was I went along with it.

Hale to me is the perfect guy. He has dark brown hair and the most perfect hazel eyes. He's not pale like most of us. He has a natural warm glow to him. He's perfect. The perfect height. The perfect gentlemen. Like I said, the perfect everything.

Excitement filled me as we went down the stairs. We made it to the door and Lila gave me one final smile before opening.

When we stepped out onto the porch my breath was taken away. I suddenly became nervous as his perfect face came into view. He was gorgeous. Even more gorgeous then before. He seemed to of grown a little taller in just this past month and he seemed to of gotten more muscular.

When his eyes met mine I literally melted inside. He stopped telling the story he had been telling to everyone and stared at me causing everyone else to look back as well.

I felt my cheeks grow hot at all the attention. Ryan let out a whistle causing April to elbow him in the ribs. I laughed slightly.

Lila then whispered next to me, "come on." As she walked by me she linked her arm with mine and pulled me down the steps with her.

All the girls ran over to me and gave me a big crushing hug and started to give me compliments on- well everything. Girls will be girls.

Once they finally let me breath I got pulled into another hug with Ryan and then once he finally let me go, Matt gave me a fist bump and his usual, "sup girl."

Hale was the only one left to say hi. As he approached me he gave me a nervous smile and said, "we'll if it isn't our own city girl coming back to visit her homies."

A laugh escaped my lips as I said, "never say homie again."

I shook my head as he said, "come here short stuff."

He then picked me up by my wast and spinned me around.

I laughed helplessly as I demanded for him to put me down.

He didn't of corse but it was worth a shot. When he finally set me down his hands rested on my hips as he admitted, "I really missed you wonderland."

I smiled at the old nickname, "I missed you too."

All of a sudden April said, "if you two love birds are done, were heading over to Ryan's. Your welcome to come unless you want to stay and rape one another with your eyes.

There's the April I know.

Hale then said, "your attitude never ceases to amaze me."

This remark received snickers from the boys and a snort from May.

Man I missed this group.

They all started to walk down to Ryan's as they laughed about May's snort.

I turned to hale and asked, "so do you want to go our rape each other with our eyes."

He chuckled slightly and said, "as much as I would love to rape you with my eyes... I'll have to pass."

I smiled, "alright then."

He then gave my hips a small squeeze before we started in the direction of Ryan's house.

This was defiantly what I needed.


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