Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



5. Blood

Chapter 5:

Alice's POV:

Before the car was even to a complete stop, Cody opened it and hopped out with little to no effort at all. He ran up to the man sitting on the steps which looked like a blur of colors to me, just like last time.

He had the man pined up against the stone wall in a matter of seconds. Pieces of rock and dust where sent flying everywhere. Cody had his hand around the mans throat, threatening to rip his head off.

I couldn't yet see the other mans face but I did know they where having a silent conversation behind my back. All of a sudden I heard the name, John being thrown about in the conversation.

Was it John from school??

I rolled up the windows on the car and got out leaving the car unlocked. I slowly started to walk up closer to get a better look at who it was and my suspicions were correct. It was John from school. The other vampire.

I then thought in my mind, "Cody stop!'

I directed the thought straight towards him. I knew he heard it because he looked back at me slightly with more curiosity in his eyes.

I then shot another thought towards him, 'He's a friend. His names John. He goes to my school.'

Cody then said aloud, "I know who he is Alice," he let go of his throat, "He's my brother."

I looked at him confused, "How?"

He turned back towards me with defense in his eyes, "We were turned by the same person back in the 1700's. We split up in the 1900's. we got sick of each others company.."

He glared back at his brother. I guess they did kinda look alike...

I nodded then said, "Then why did you almost just kill him?"

He glanced back at his brother giving me a cocky smile, "Like I said, we got sick of each other."

I took my new house key off the hook and through it towards him. He caught it with ease. I instructed, "you can let yourself in. Wait for me in my room while I park the car... You probably won't have trouble figuring out which one is mine." I turned to John and said, "But John... Wait for me."

He nodded as Cody started to unlock the door for himself.

I got back in my car and parked it. I went out the side door of the garage and met John at my doorstep.

He was still standing there patiently. He then said, "I'm really sorry..."

I raised an eyebrow, "About what? The fact that every fricken vampire in the entire world wants to kill me? Or the fact that you do too?"

He took a deep breath as if each breath hurt him.

I then put my hands up in surrender and stepped back, "I get it! You can't take my sent. No problem!"

He then seemed crazily distressed. All of a sudden he used his speed to run over to me, pick me up by the waste and slam me into a tree with his body pressed on mine.

The wind was knocked out of me as he growled into my ear, "No, thats not it at all! I'm sorry I can't protect you! I'm sorry I can't stop people from hurting you! You have no idea how badly I want you! You can't possibly understand how hard it is for me to talk around you.. It's so hard..."

He then slowly loosened his grip around my waste while pressing his lips to my forehead.

He then said, "I'm sorry for blowing up.. It's just so.. Frustrating when you can't have someone you want so badly..."

I then thought in my head, 'Is he talking about wanting to kill me or be with me?'

He then whispered against my forehead, "Being with you..."

I felt like exploding at this moment. This is to much for me to handle.

He then pushed himself off my body by using the tree behind me. He moved to the tree across from me.

He was gasping for air. All I could do was stare at him with wonder. This amazingly sexy vampire wants to be with me? He wants me to be his? This is probably the craziest thing I've ever heard.. Yet romantic in a way too.. Two star crossed lovers split apart by fate...

Wow.. It's like I'm living in some messed up fairy tail. Except I just met this guy. Know nothing about him except that he's a vampire. Oh and there's the fact that he wants to kill me too... That might be the deal breaker.

I then walked towards him cautiously. His eyes still held pain and there was resentment in his facial features. I finally reached him and slowly rested my right hand on his chest.

I knew he already read the thoughts in my mind and what I wanted to do but he didn't pull away.

I pressed my other hand to the tree bark that was next to his neck and slowly pressed my body to his. I tilted up on the tips of my toes and was now level with his lips.

He then whispered, "I don't know if ill be able to control myself."

I whispered back, "I know."

I slowly leaned in closing my eyes. I don't even really know what came over me. My body was running on pure instinct. As soon as our lips touched, pleasure spread like a wild fire. I've never felt this kind of feeling in my life. He didn't move at first but then gave into the temptation and kissed me back. Every movement our lips made, sent shivers up my spine. I've never felt this kind of passion before. Nothing could describe what I was feeling right now. John's lips slowly left mine as he trailed them down my jaw line setting fire to anything they touched. His lips slowly made it to my neck where he picked a spot and lightly began to suck on the light pink skin. I barely even noticed when his fangs came out. I barely even noticed when I began to get dizzy. But, I did notice when Cody came barreling out the door pushing John off of me and pulling me away, across the yard.

Cody stopped moving and kept mumbling, "sh*t," underneath his breath.

Cody was now leaned back against a tree with me pulled tightly to his chest. I reached for the spot where johns lips had been moments ago and when I pulled back there was blood on my hand. Seeing the blood made me more nauseous then I already was.

Cody then said to me, "I'm gonna have to do something your not gonna like.. But you have to do it In order to live. Do you want to live Alice?"

I nodded slowly, barely being able to keep my eyes open or make sense of anything. Everything began to go in and out of focus.

I saw Cody bite into the skin on his wrist. I mumbled to him, "W-what are y-you doing...?"

He then whispered back, "Saving your life Alice."

He then pressed his wrist, which I could see blood glistening off of where he had just bitten into, to my mouth causing me to drink his blood.

That's all I could remembered until things faded away and I passed out.

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