Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



1. A fresh start

Chapter 1:

Alice's POV:

I slowly sat up in bed, waking up from the alarm clock placed on my nightstand. I clicked it off and rolled out of bed with a groan.

As I fully stood to my full height, I looked around my new room with a sigh. This was it. My first day at my new school.

I moved in just last night. My new room is still filled with boxes that have yet to be unpacked. I pace back in forth as I try to think of what I'm going to wear today. Half of my clothes are still packed away but even if they were unpacked, I'd probably still not wear them. There so old and outdated. I'd feel like an outcast wearing them.

I moved to Los Angeles all the way from Alaska. Everything I own is either big and poofy or warm and outdated... This might just be a sign that I need to go shopping But besides that minor detail, I’m pretty sure I have bigger problems to worry about.

I'm going to be starting a new school for crying out loud! I should be worried about all the attention I'll be receiving since I'm new, Not about the fur coat sitting on top of one of the many boxes. I should be thinking about all the stares I'll be receiving by unknown people with unknown face, Not my Alaskan boots sitting in my closet overly sized new closet.

God, What’s wrong with me!

I sat back down on my bed, shaken by the dreary thoughts running through my head.

All of a sudden my little brother Michael came screaming through my door with a grin on his face. Just me seeing his expression said it all; he was excited for his new school while Im sitting here thinking the total opposite. 

3rd grade and 11th grade are two completely different stories. In 3rd grade your worried about cooties, in 11th grade your worried about boys and how you look. But.. As of right now.. my self image isn't lookin’ to good...

I have wavy long blonde hair with turquoise tips and bright blue eyes. I've never had too much acne and I don’t seem to have any as of now but I wouldn't consider myself pretty either. I guess you could say I have a petite body structure. I've never been the one to put on weight or lose weight for that matter. I guess I've always just been small. I'm 5'5 which isn't as tall as I want to be but beggars can't be choosers... 

Michael began to run across my room, jumping up on my bed yelling, "First day! Get excited for the first day!! Get up, get up, get up!"

His high spirit put a small smile on my face but didn't take away the doubt in my mind.

He finally calmed down and plopped on his butt next to me. He leaned over and whispered to me, half out of breath, "Mom has a surprise for you. But shhhh... it's a secret... don’t tell Al.."

Al is the nickname Michael gave me years ago when he was still a baby and couldn’t pronounce my name. Just like the nickname I gave him when he was about 5, Mickey. I labeled him as Mickey because Mikey easily turned into Mickey so I just left it as is.

I smiled at him and said, "Okay Mickey, I wont tell her."

He giggled then buried his head into my stomach. All of a sudden he started to shake violently. My smile widened as I knew all to well what was about to happen. He lifted his head away from me and started to shake even more with his eyes rolling back into his head. He then stopped and screamed, "Cooties!!" He jumped up and ran down the hall laughing hysterically.

I let a small laugh escape my lips just before getting up to see what my mom had for me.

I headed down the hall of this, still, very foreign house. Once I reached my parents room, I knocked once. My mom’s soft voice began from the other side of the door, "Come in."

I did as so and opened the door. My mom sat on her bed with a bag sitting next to her. The bed was already made symbolizing that my dad had already left for work. 

I walked further into the room as she said to me with a smile on her face, "I bought you something earlier this morning. I woke up to early and couldn’t manage to fall back asleep. I decided to do something useful with my time." 

She then picked up the bag next to her and outstretched it towards me, she began, "I bought some things for you knowing you probably wont have anything to wear today... It's the middle of April and its supposed to get to 90. Wearing snow boots and fur coats wont do you much good. I figured you needed something new to wear anyway. Most of these kids here will be wearing fancy clothes anyway so you'll fit right in."

I knew she was right. All of them would be in new name brand clothing and would have 100-dollar sunglasses on their faces. Not all private schools have uniforms. That means snotty rich kids with more money than they can count.

The only reason we moved here was because our grandma died and we got all her inheritance including her huge mansion here in LA. So now... we have money.. And lots of it might I add. Half the things in my room aren’t even mine. Anything of mine that I take out would look miniscule to the great divine interior of the room itself. Even the bedding on my bed coasts more then all the clothes I own.

I took the bag from my mom and thanked her. I walked back to my room and poured the contents of it out into my bed.

Now, I knew my mom was good with fashion but I had no idea she was this good. The stuff in the bag was three outfits well matched and all name brand. I guess the only thing stopping my mom from going all out was the little money we had back home but now that we have it... well, there's no stopping her. 

Each outfit had a pair of shoes and accessories. I stared at the clothing doing process of elimination. I ended up choosing a hot pink chiffon dress with thick seamless straps that went along with the half circle neckline. The soft fabric stopped at the knee keeping its formal stauncher apparent. There was a golden belt that rapped around the waste and there were also golden accessories. The shoes where hot pink heals that matched the color of the dress perfectly. At the tip of the shoe, a stiff bow with a dot of gold in the middle, symbolizing the center, rested. I was now less nervous about my appearance. The outfit I had chosen shows confidence with a little sophistication.

Before I put the outfit on, I went to the bathroom to wash my face. The night before, I had taken my shower so there was no need for one now. After I washed and dried my face, I applied my normal make up and curled my blond/semi-turquoise hair into big thick curls. I died my hair a lot so whenever I come home with a new look or color, my parents don't think much of it.

I finally put my amazing outfit on and it fit perfectly showing off my slight curves. I looked at myself in the long mirror nailed to the wall and somehow saw a perfect version of me staring back. Since when did this happen? My mom seriously makes miracles happen.

I applied some fancy perfume that sat on the vanity then walked downstairs where I could faintly hear my brother talking loudly to our mom in the kitchen.

Once I finally found the kitchen in this maze of a house, my mom met my gaze and a proud smile filled her face.

She squealed excitedly and said, "Ahhh! My baby girl looks so grown up! I can’t believe this amazing opportunity! Only if Ma could see you now..."

She had tears in her eyes as she refereed to our grandmother.

I then said, "Thanks mom. It means a lot coming from you. I couldn’t of done it without you. I just hope everyone likes me..."

My mom gasped at the thought, "Who wouldn’t like you?! I mean look at ya'! You look Stunning!"

I smiled, "Thanks Mom."

She then fed us breakfast and told me I should probably leave if I was gonna make it on time. It was 8:06 and school here starts at 8:30. I agreed then walked to the garage.

I had my license already and was beyond excited when I saw the selection of cars in the garage last night. This garage could hold six cars but there were only five in it. There where three Camaros, all from a different year. One Bentley and One dragon. All the keys for the cars where on hooks with a label under each of them. Each car was parked in front of a number and each number corresponded with the hook numbers. I grabbed number the 2 keys, which belonged to a red 2010 Camaro.

I opened garage door number 2 then hopped in the car. It smelt of new leather and I could already tell that this was gonna be a good start to a good rest of the year.

I backed out then pressed the garage door opener/shutter that shut only door number two with a number two sticker on the button. Gram was organized... geez...

I pulled out of the stone driveway the rest of the way, and then was off to the GPA destination that was already set on my phone.

My insane nerves from this morning quickly disappeared. I was now excited for my first day. 

~Should I continue?~

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