Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



69. 63

Chapter 63:

Alice's POV:

As we stood there, I turned to him and said, "I'm gonna go get us drinks."

He nodded as I walked away. Everything has been going perfect so far. I'm glad May left or I'd seriously be having a major problem with her. It bugs me that she thought those thoughts towards me but whatever.

I pushed threw the crowd of people till I reached the drink table. I poured two glasses as I spotted Lila, Starr, Matt, April, and Ryan sitting around the bonfire. All of a sudden summer appeared next to them.

So they didn't leave? Then where's May?

I shrugged it off as I started walking back in the direction I had came.

When I reached the docks I could make out Aden's figure at the end. I could also see another person standing next to him. I picked up on the sent and immediately stiffened.

It was May.

Ugh! That relentless b**** !

I started to pick up my pace as I made my way towards them. I was barely 30 feet from them when May reached up and kissed him.

I froze as my mouth fell open. The drinks dropped from my hands as I mumbled hales name under my breath.

As the cups hit the ground, hale jumped back and looked at me with regretful eyes. A smirk filled Mays face as she made eye contact with me.

That f*** ing b**** !

I could feel my body start to shake with anger.

f*** .

This wasn't gonna end well. I tried to get my breathing under control but it wasn't working. I needed to get away from these people before I did something stupid. I wanted to rip mays head off and I knew if I was near her any longer my fantasy would come true.

I stumbled back as I heard hale call my name. I ignored it and began to run.

A voice in my head started to nag at me. It was the same nagging from the airport.


Cosette was in my head again.

This was not the time.

As I ran away from the people and the rest of civilization into the woods, Cosette appeared in front of me.

I stopped, gasping for air. I tried to keep my anger under control as my back turned in pain.

I let out a cry as a look of disappointment filled her face.

She then said to me, "I thought you where stronger then this. The Alice I know wouldn't give up this easily."

I grabbed onto a tree as I cried out in pain, "you don't know anything- f*** !!"

I grabbed my stomach in pain.

Cosette then said, "I can make it stop."

I gasped in a deep breath, "make it stop! Make it stop!"

She then snapped her figures and the pain was gone. I fell to my knees, taking in deep breaths.

I nodded towards her in thanks as I began to ketch my breath.

I stood back up and leaned against the tree as I whipped the sweat from my forehead.

I turned to her and asked, "what do you want?"

She gave me an innocent look and asked, "why do I always have to want something?"

"Because you always do."

She smiled, "I know."

"Times running out."

I let out a big puff of air trying to think over my next words carefully, "Cosette. I can't do what you're asking of me. My life is already complicated enough and I honestly don't need this task on top of it all.

I know you have feelings. I know you have a huge complicated grudge against klaus but I can't be the one to deliver on this one. You need to find some other person to do it. It won't and can't be me."

She stood there for a moment contemplating things. I would have read her mind but she's a ghost. She doesn't have one.

She folded her arms in front of her chest. She opened her mouth to speak but then shut it again.

Another moment passed and this time she spoke, "Alice, if you don't do what I ask I will kill your family. I don't care how you do it but you will do it or I will use every weakness you've ever possessed against you. Do I make myself clear?"

I let the silence envelope me before I complied, "go to hell."

And then I let my anger and pent up stress consume me. With one final howl, I pushed my body down and jumped off, changing into my wolf form.

Since that didn't work I had a plan B.

Fight against klaus till I win.

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