We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


29. What Goes Around, Comes Back Around

-Harry's POV-

i drove up her house then called her.

'im in front. open up.'

'do it in a sec.'

i hung up right away and saw her at the door. i walked up her walkway to finally meet into her arms. 'havent seen you in awhile baby.' Jade told. she had an evil grin on her face, knowing why im here. i needed someone badly and if Roneth wasnt going to please me, then i would find someone else.  i kissed her as we slowly walked inside. i closed the door from behind but still kept locked with Jade. we were nearly growing sloppy with our kisses so we both ran up the stairs and into her room. i slipped off my shirt while i slipped off Jade's. she undid my pants and slipped them off for me while i did the same for her. she laid on bed, slowly making me crawl on top. i kissed her neck. she let out a soft moan, making me grow more anxious. 'Harry.. I need you baby..' Jade breathed. i finally went inside of her, already moving fast. the bed was nearly shaking as we let out moans and and grunts. Jade nearly kept yelling out my name as she was reaching climax. i didnt stop until i reached it myself. i dropped on top of her, breathless. 'you... you were protected right?' Jade breathed. 'dont worry.. i was.' i replied, without breath as well. it was good i remembered to stay protected. i remembered the last time i screwed around with Jade, i got her pregnant but she ended up having a discharge because we didnt know she was pregnant and still screwed around. she sighed happily while stroking my hair. 'oh Styles, why do we need to be like this?' Jade asked. 'Roneth has taken things so slow so i needed you.' i replied. Jade kept talking but i didnt listen. i slowly drifted to sleep as she kept talking.

-Roneth's POV-

i slowly fluttered my eyes, squinting at the face next to me. i suddenly grew my eyes big to see i wasnt sleeping with Harry, it was Liam. then, i remembered what we did and shot up to stand. my naked body, running around to get clothes on. soon, i saw Liam sitting up. 'why in the rush, babe?' i shot a look. 'get out now. i dont need Harry angry again.' i spat. Liam slowly stood up, naked. i turned immediately to give him privacy. 'im dressed now.' Liam joked. i turned slowly to dressed Liam. i rolled my eyes. 'go.' i spat, pointing at the door. he walks up to me, disobeying. 'i love you Roneth. i can treat you so much better than Harry.' i didnt even bother to look into his eyes. 'you make me weak to want you? Liam, things dont work out like that. just please, hide this from Harry. this our secret.' i told, sounding a bit shaky. 'alright. see you t'morrow.' Liam pecked my cheek and walked out the door. i pressed my body against the wall slid down the floor. i cried hard at my disappointment within myself. i felt so guilty for what i had done. 

i stood up and walked into the bathroom. i grabbed a shaver and took it apart, letting out all the thin, small razors fall on top of the sink.i took one began... drips of blood dripped off my arm and onto the cold floor. i havent done this in such a long time that i forgot how good it felt to relieve myself once again. i cried nonstop until to the point my eyes were growing tired. i finally stopped cutting and sat on the floor, eyes closed. 'what have i done...' i mouthed. i felt the pain throbbing on my arm as the cuts slowly grew dry. i didnt bother to clean it just yet, or even look at my arm. i wanted the pain to throb and linger to show i was stupid, dumb, easy, pathetic. i grabbed the razor and i placed it right on top of my vein. 'you deserved this you stupid bitch..' i spat quietly and ran the razor down my arm, on top of the vein. soon, things began to look off and felt dizzy. i tried standing but things were going in circles. soon, i felt my body growing weak, and black out.

-Niall's POV-

i laughed hard at Zayn's joke. we were walking to Harry's to see the love birds. i hope Harry wasnt screwing around still with the Jade girl still. i really had hope that he changed for the better of Roneth. we finally reached the front door of the flat. we knocked, no answer. few seconds and knocked again, no answer. knocked again, no answer. 'maybe were disturbing them, lad.' i joked. Zayn chuckled in disgust. 'Horan! dont make me really think they're doing something! i sure they're just asleep.' i shrugged my shoulders and tried to open the door. the door was unlock and it was dead silent in the house. 'helloooooo? anyone hooome?' i echoed. we walked aimlessly down the house. 'ill check upstairs.' i told. Zayn nodded. i ran up the stairs and went straight for Harry's bedroom. i stepped inside slowly, seeing the bed messy with Roneth's phone on the cabinet. so many missed calls from Harry. i wonder why she didnt pick up. i saw the bathroom light on from the bottom and knocked. 'Roneth? you in there?' i heard Zayn walk in from behind. 'you seen any of them?' Zayn asked. 'No but i think someone is in the bathroom.' i replied. i slowly opened the door. i looked at the ground to see Roneth lying in the floor, unconscious. 'Shit!! Zayn!' i yelled. i quickly got to Roneth's side, holding her. i saw her arm full of cuts and dried blood. 'Damn it Roneth! again with this!' Zayn spat while dialing 999. (the british version of 911) soon, the call ended with a thank you from Zayn. He sat next to her, looking at her arms. he stroked her hair behind her ear. 'Roneth please.. not again. stay with me please, gorgeous.'  

awwwwh! poor Roneth! what will happen to Roneth now? will Harry regret his mistake too? will Jade ever leave? will Roneth admit her mistakes? will Harry admit at all..? sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger!!! ill try to write tomorrow as well! i dont have a boyfriend anymore so i dont have much to manage anymore, haha. but i do have school still which is poop. so, weekends are usually when ill update but i always try week days too! love you!! :) .xx

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