We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


39. Turning Tables

-Roneth's POV-

I sit on the couch as i think so hard about everything that just happened. All these messages.. What were they suppose to mean. "Gorgeous?.." Zayn gently spoke as he looked at me with his soft, worried eyes. "Yeah?" I replied as a breath. "Are you okay?.. What has been happening lately with you and Harry?" I grew stiff to the thought of when he almost hit me. "Lately, Harry has been growing more angry and abusive. A few nights ago, he almost hit me.."

Tears slowly welled up in my eyes. Zayn takes me in for a hug. "Dont worry now. I'm here to be with you now." I hug him back tightly as my tears slid off down my cheeks. As me and Zayn were on the couch, the boys headed to the kitchen. As for Harry, he tried to talk to me again. He walks into the living room and looks at me and Zayn. "Zayn, can i talk to her please?" He asks so shaky. It seems like suddenly he became weak. Zayn stood up and looked at Harry with his dark eyes. "Give me a good reason why i should even let her near you." Zayn spat. Harry looks down as tears slowly well up into his eyes. " i know i cant convince you so nevermind."

I watch Harry walk away with his head down and out the door. I heard Louis call him out but he ignored him. Tears continued to slide down my cheeks. I stand up to try to get to Harry. "And where do you think youre going?" Zayn asks. "Im going to talk to Harry and try to work things out." I replied. "No youre not." He grabs my arm. "Please Zayn-.." "Roneth hes not worth your pain and tears! Look what he's done to you! There is better people who love you and can treat so much more better than that piece of bullshit that walked out on you!" Zayn was nearly yelling at me. "I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF HIM! I LOVE HARRY WITH ALL MY HEART EVEN THOUGH HE HAD PUT ME THROUGH HELL. I WILL LIVE UP TO HIM EVEN IF IT MEANS GETTING HURT." I scream my heart to Zayn. He let me go and looked away from me.

"You know what Roneth, i cant take it when youre hurt because when you are, im hurt too. I cant stand you seeing you be in love with a guy who doesnt even appreciate you enough to give reasons why-.."

"how could say this.. About your own best friend.."

"YOU JUST DONT KNOW RONETH, WHAT HES DONE. HES TAKEN THE WOMAN OF MY DREAMS IN HIGH SCHOOL. He took the love of my life.. And i cant bare to see him take you now.."

"Why couldn't you just say you were afraid to lose me.."

"Because i was scared.. That, you would never come back.. Just like mom.."

This moment touched my heart and soul too much. Seeing Zayn break down was my weakness. He sobbed hard as i held him in for a hug. We cried together because we only had each other as a family. Dad was pretty useless since Zayn doesnt forgive him. "Oh Zayn.. You know i love you too much to see you like this bit i also love Harry. I love him because he has the key to my heart.." I told.

"I understand Roneth but im only scared for you because im afraid you will put your life out for him." Zayn cried. He was right about that.. I would put my life out for Harry. "Zayn i cant promise you i wont but i will try to make sure to take care of myself. I love him too much to see him hurt as well.." I admitted. Zayn just looked down then shook his head. "Im trying my best to protect you, honestly Roneth. But you make this too hard. To see you hurt all the time like this. I try to make sure you get the best but understand that if you push it away you lose opportunity."

Zayn looks up then sighs. I look away. "I need i find Harry because if i dont, im afraid i wont ever see him again." I spat. Zayn grabs my arm again. "Please Roneth.. He will come back i know he will just please dont leave me.." Zayn begs as his voice cracks. I push his grip off my arm then walk off to grab my sweater and walk out the door. I couldnt think straight because of everything that just happened inside.. All i could i think is, where are you Harry..

-Harry's POV-

I walk down the block with my hood up and tears sliding down my cheeks. I couldnt forget what Roneth said earlier. She doesnt trust me anymore.. I kept having thoughts pile up inside that caused me to cry even harder. Am i even good enough? Does she still even care? Does she still love me?.. I stopped walking to the thought of the last question. What if she doesnt love me anymore.. What will happen. I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't stand to live without her. I love Roneth too much to let her go.

I hear footsteps in front of me grow closer. I look up to a gun pointed directly at my chest. I look to see the owner of the gun was the one and only, Jade. "Hey Harry. Just thought we can chat, for the last time." She hissed. "Go ahead, just shoot me already. I have no point of living anymore anyway." I spat. Jade then lowers the gun and takes one step closer to me. "Were you, crying" she asks.

"No. I never cry." I try to say confidently as i wipe my cheeks. "Well whatever im still not leaving without completing my mission here," Jade once again points the gun at my chest. "Whats your last words, Styles?" She speak evilly. I sigh, "i love Roneth i and i hope she will be happy after i leave her.." I let a tear slide down my cheek as i look down. Jade huffs at the mention of Roneth. I shut my eyes as my heart beats faster to the moment where i finally can give something Roneth has been wanting..


I open my eyes to find that familiar voice ive known from anywhere. A body jumps in front of me and hugs me tightly.


I look at the face and whimper at the sight of who had been shot. I slowly drop to the floor while stilling holding her in my arms."Roneth.. Babe please, dont leave me.. I cant lose you.." I scream out as i look at the sight her losing her life. "H-Harry.." She mumbles. "Yes babe?" I cry. "Im, s-sorry.." She stutters weakly. "No. Im sorry.. Im sorry for everything.. Im sorry for hurting you and taking you for granted.. Please dont leave.." I whimper. I call the police right away then wait patiently as i try to keep Roneth alive. "Dont worry Roneth, the ambulance will be here soon. Just dont give up please.." I spoke. "I- love you, h-Harry.." She speaks. She shuts her eyes. I shake her to awake. "Roneth.. Roneth. RONETH. PLEASE, GOD NO.." I cry out as panic had been inside of me..


So uhm yeah. Hows this for a chapter?! Ik ik, got intense! Do you think Jade has been doing this all? What will happen to Roneth? What will happen to Harreth now? What will happen when the boys find out? Comment, like, favorite!<3

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