We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


49. Too Much Drama

-Roneth's POV-

I cried hard as i finally had became weak after becoming stronger from spending all my time training. "Open up!" Zayn called. "Go away!" I yelled. I didnt want to talk to Zayn either. He's been so attached to Perrie, its been driving me insane! Its like he acts as if we were never close in the first place. "Roneth please!" He yells. "No!" I cried. I hear his foot steps pace away from me as i heard another set of steps come by the door. "I said go-.." "Babe.." The gentle, deep voice rang behind the door. I stood up while wiping my face. I open the door to let relief set inside of me.

Harry takes me into a tight hug as i hug him back. "Whats wrong Roneth? What took you so long?" Harry asked with worry in his tone. "I-i heard you in the living room.." I breathed. He sighs. "Look, all i was trying to do was show Louis i couldn't lose you again against him. I'm not leaving this time so easy." Harry said with confidence. He held my hands as his green eyes were deeply attached to my dark brown eyes. "Maybe the distance did actually help us." I joked. He chuckles weakly.

"Well let's hope being with you will make it all better." Harry whispers. I sigh in relief and peck his nose. He gently places his lips on mine, making the kiss passionate. We depart as we look into each other's eyes. All i had was just Harry's tshirt and my pantie on. "I miss looking at you just wearing my clothes." Harry joked. I smirked letting out a small laugh. "Yeah? Well i missed you." I replied. A small cough was heard by the open door that was never shut. "Well, isn't this a lovely sight. Seeing you two catch up." Zayn spat. I unravel my arms around Harry's neck while he does the same, except around my waist.

"Why cant you just leave us alone?" I spat to Zayn. He sarcastically chuckles. "You really think im going to let you be with him that easy? Forget about everything hes done to you and me before?" Zayn spoke through clenched teeth. "YOU HAVE PERRIE ALREADY! WHY DOES IT STILL MATTER IF I HAVE HARRY?! WHAT IF I LET SOME GIRL TRY TO SPLIT YOU AND PERRIE APART?! HUH?! TELL ME ZAYN WHY ITS FAIR FOR YOU TO DO THAT TO ME AND HARRY YET ITS SO WRONG FOR ME TO DO THAT YOU AND PERRIE!" I was nearly screaming. Tears rolled down my cheeks as my anger was nearly rushing through my veins. I was so tired of Zayn doing this to me. I had to finally let out how ive been feeling for the past months of him pushing me and Harry around.

Silence filled the room as tension grew between me and Zayn. Harry couldn't speak either i guess from what i said. I think he agreed because he expected Zayn to see this coming. "I want you to leave." I breathed with anger. Zayn shoots his head up. "What?" He breaths. "I said leave. And dont come back until you respect my relationship." I spat. I look up to see Zayn's expression. Hurt and shocked. "I-i didnt to-.." "Didnt mean what? To push me this far? To continue telling me who to love or not? Well too late Zayn. You pushed me way too far so you better get your girlfriend out of here before i ruin things for you." I interrupted. He still looked at me with disbelief. I bet he never expected me to go this far.

"I'm not leaving." Zayn says confidently. I rage with anger as he wasn't going to listen. I nearly jump to get him but Harry stops me. "WHY CANT YOU LISTEN TO ME?! ZAYN PLEASE! GO AWAY AND NEVER GO BACK! I HATE YOU!" I screamed. At perfect timing, Perrie and Louis were at the door way. "Whats going on?!" Perrie says worried, going by Zayn's side and grabbing his arm. "Oh perfect. JUST PERFECT. NOW YOU CAN BOTH LEAVE TOGETHER HAND IN HAND." I yelled at Zayn's face. "WERE NOT LEAVING." Zayn yelled back. "Wait, woah. You want Zayn to leave?" Louis interrupted. I pushed Harry off and finally got my hands on Zayn. I snap him hard on the cheek and stop myself there. I look into his eyes with mine, full of anger, fury and aggression.

He crept his head slowly to look at me and clenched his jaw without emotion. "After all this time, i get this from you." Zayn manages to speak. I relax my eyes for keeping it narrowed for so long. "Zayn.. I loved you for being my brother, not this person who suddenly tried to take over my life." I admitted. Tears began to well up in my eyes but i tried to push them back. Silence filled in the room as all 5 of us were speechless of what just happened. Zayn suddenly takes slow steps out of my room, with Perrie attached to him still. I watch him walk out as i gulped hard. I continue to try and push back the tears but it was becoming to be difficult.

Harry grabs my hand and slowly intertwines it with his. Louis sighs. "Thats it. Hes just gonna leave, just like that?" Louis asks. "Please Louis.. Im trying to make this easier than it cant be.." I breathed. I walked out of the room and into Niall's. Somehow, i didnt seem to recognize him walk in there. "Oh, i uh, i thought it was empty in here thats why." I told. "So you could run away from all the commotion?" He asks while still on his phone. "Yeah. Mind if i stay here for now?" I asked. "Of course!" He cheers as he pats the empty space next to him on the bed. I jump to his side and lay my head down. I sigh of exhaustion from everything.

"Why is life so hard?" I asked. "Youre seriously going to ask me that?" Niall says. I chuckle. "Well you know what i mean." I replied. "Yeh i know what ya mean but look who you're talking to! Im Niall Horan for god sake. I dont care about crap like that!" Niall admits. I laugh. "Oh this why i love you, Niall." I told. "Always here for you." He said while his eyes still glued to the screen. He was playing a stupid game on his phone. "No! No! Aww damn it! I died." He cried. I chuckle while shaking my head. "Only you Niall." I sighed. There was a knock on the door.

I get up to open it to see Harry standing in front of me. "Why are you in here?" He whispered. "Because i just wanted to forget everything right now." I replied. "Please come back to our room." He says. I roll my eyes. "Yeah. Sure. Later." I replied. "Youre going to act like this after i just came back?" He spat. "Look, I'm tired of dealing with Zayn and Louis. I just wanted an escape from them always being so hard on us." I told. "So going to Niall is your option?" He says as he narrows his eyes. "Yes because unlike all of you, he actually knows how to make me happy and forget everything that matters." I replied. Harry clenches his jaw. "Fine. Why dont you just be with him since he satisfies your needs. Why dont also let him fuck you because im sure Louis did when i was gone." He spat.

Niall shot up from his bed. "Lad you dont need to be like that. She's just trying to relax and calm down from all of this. You left her because you thought that would help. Now look at what y'done. None of this crap would have happened if you didnt leave Roneth in the first place." Niall told while walking by us. Harry tries to push past me but i stay in place to block him entering the room. "You dont know anything, Horan. So dont you dare say anything unless you know what its like to love someone so much to let them go." Harry spat. "So thats what it was to you? To love and let go? Wow Styles. Im so proud of ya." Niall sarcastically said while clapping his hands.

"If i get my hands on you i swear-.." Harry was muttering while trying to still get Niall. I continued to block him until he stopped. "Y'know Styles, back in high school you were way better than what you are today. You became this guy, who couldn't take crap, used fighting to solve problems and anger to talk. Whats gotten into you? Seriously. Maybe its just me or something, but i dont know you anymore, lad. Im sorry to say but its true." Niall said. Harry's anger suddenly washed away. He relaxed his whole body and looked down. I look at him and try to read him. "Harry?.." I whispered. He slowly takes steps away and out of the room, into his.I stood frozen after what just happened.Niall places a hand on my shoulder. "C'mon, Ron. Let's just go back to what we were doing before that dirtbag came in." Niall told trying to comfort me.

I shrug his hand off. "Its okay. Thanks anyway for letting me stay in here." I sighed and walked out. I go downstairs to see it empty. I guess Louis was in his room and Zayn was gone with Perrie. I had no idea where Liam is. I looked around the kitchen and dining room. Empty. I go back upstairs to take a peek in Liam's room. He was sound asleep already. I dont bother to go to Louis's because i know he was going to stop and try to talk to me about earlier. I take a peek in Zayn's room. Empty. I go inside to look around. I shut the door behind me and walk by his drawer. I open it to see it emptied. Look around as i sensed he packed up his stuff and left. I sighed as i took in the emptiness of the room without Zayn.

I walk out and go back downstairs into the living room. I turn on the tv and turn down the volume to only me hearing the sounds coming out of it. I laid on the couch with only Harry's tshirt and pantie on still. I didnt bother to grab any shorts because if i did, i would have to face Harry. I watch whatever i could find on the tv. I began to grow sleepy as i slowly fluttered my eyes shut. Just as i was lightly sleeping, i felt someone carry me bridal style off the couch and upstairs. I didnt dare open my eyes to show i was half awake. I was placed on the bed and tucked in. The door shut and i heard footsteps move from the right side of the bed to the left. The light was shut off and the body laid next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pecked my forehead. "Goodnight.. Gorgeous." The voice muttered.


What an intense chapter. I teared up in the middle of writing this. :'( will Harreth still stay strong together? Where did Zayn go? What will Louis do now? Why is Liam suddenly shut off from all of this?.. OoOoOhHhH plot twist!!!! Comment, like, favorite ! <3

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