We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


2. This Is Harder Than I Thought

i was also shocked. my mouth dropped as Harry said both Zayn's and my last name. 'well Malik, long time no see eh mate.' Harry said in a sarcastic voice. 'get the hell away from my sister and leave. NOW.' Zayn said in an angry tone. 'you dont wanna catch up and chat mate?' Harry asked sarcastically again. 'Now leave me and my sister the fuck alone Styles. lets go Roneth.' Zayn said on his way to the front door.

'bye gorgeous.' Harry said winking at me and walking away while blowing me a kiss. 'HEY and Styles?' Zayn said from afar stopping Harry. 'Yeah Malik?' he responded. 'dont ever call my sister that. RONETH get in now!' i walked in with the door slammed behind me from Zayn.

'what the hell Roneth. are you fucking stupid? why did you let Harry give you ride?' Zayn said angrily. 'i didnt mean to go with him. he saved me from getting raped besides i didnt have a choice. he dragged me in his car.' i said guilty. 'and how do you guys know each other anyway?' i asked so curious. i mean they even knew each other's last names.

'you dont need to know. but next time you get caught up with him, you call me right away. got it?' Zayn spat out. 'well i cant listen to you without reasons. now tell me how you and Harry know each other.' i said as a defense. i mean, i would still listen even without knowing but my curiosity kept growing.

'fine... me and Harry met in highschool. we were best buds with a couple other guys. i dunno where they all went but seeing you with him, no. i will not let you go with some stupid idiot like him. hes too rough with girls and doesnt know how to treat them.' Zayn said emotionless. 'oh.. well he did save me from almost getting raped so i-' 'i dont fucking care Roneth. i mean yes it does matter you almost got raped but that doesnt give you a right to kiss him' Zayn said cutting me off. 'well he kissed me besides i was trying to get away from him.' i responded.

'well whatever. if i ever catch you near him again i swear Roneth youll regret ever meeting him. you got it?' Zayn said. 'fine i know.. i love you Zayn. you know i wont fall for a guy like him.' i said.

Zayn walked toward me for a hug and kissed my head. ' i just dont want to lose you or even get you hurt. i promised to protect you and i will do that. you are all thats left gorgeous.' Zayn said. i call tell in his tone he was worried about me. i felt so protected in his arms. 'i know Zayn. i remember when we were younger you told me you were my knight in shining armor and i was your princess and ever since then, you will always be my knight. as for me, your princess.' i said sweetly. Zayn laughed and brushed the hair out of my face. 'go clean up yourself and rest now. we'll talk more tomorrow. night gorgeous.' Zayn said after kissing my forehead. i walked upstairs to my room.

each time i turned my cheek, i smelled Harry's cologne. i still couldnt forget about his kiss. no Roneth snap out of it, hes a jerk. remember that. i quickly took a shower and headed straight to bed. before i slept, i saw 3 text messages all from Harry.

Hey Gorgeous. xx

Respond please? xx Okay, ill pick you up tomorrow around 7 pm. Wear something sexy.

Night xx

i just didnt respond and thought again to myself. wow again. this time it was a date, with him. OHMYGOD. i totally forgot to tell Maze what has happened!! i just texted her since im pretty sure shes knocked out by the guy she walked out with earlier.

Hey Maze!!! Panic Alert!! im gonna be on a date with Harry tomorrow!! Call me once youre wake!!

i fell asleep right after i sent the text.

-Next Day-

I woke up at 9:30 am with 5 missed calls by Harry and 2 from Maze. i automatically called Maze first. 'MAZE!!' i screamed in the phone. 'WHAT THE HELL RONETH. I THOUGHT I SAID TO STAY AWAY FROM HARRY. THEN I WAKE UP TO YOUR DUMB TEXT. I NEED EVERY DETAIL WHY YOURE GOING ON A DATE WITH HIM.'

Maze screamed at the other end. 'okay, it wasnt technically my fault. Harry saved me last night from almost getting raped by some stranger . then he dragged me in his car and dropped me off home. and fun fact, Zayn and Harry were best buds in highschool. so they had lets say alittle talk last night.' i said. 'holy shit.. that must have been really awkward between them. do you wanna get clothes for you tonight?' Maze said.

'thanks but i have work.. maybe on my break we can. i gotta get ready. meet me at work. bye' i said. i got up to the bathroom. then i later wore my black ripped shorts with a white v-neck tshirt. i put on my maroon vans.

i grabbed a banana from the kitchen. i nearly ran out the door until Zayn came out of no where again to stop me from leaving. 'where this time in a rush?' he asked. 'work. bye love you!' i kissed him on the cheek and pushed him out of the way. before i can start walking, Harry was already outside, in front of my house. 'Hey gorgeous! get in ill give you a ride!' he yelled out of his window. 'no. im good walking thank you very much.' i responded.

he followed me as he was driving his car. i finally stopped walking. 'fine.' i walked inside his car. he tried to kiss me again but i turned my head so he got my cheek again. 'where to gorgeous?' he said. 'work. the mall.' i responded.

while he was driving, he put his hand on my thigh and slowly slid it up and down. i began getting goosebumps. 'you scared gorgeous?' he asked. 'no.' i responded in a shaky voice. 'its okay, dont be gorgeous.' he said. i felt like it took forever until we finally got to the mall. 'thanks. see you later tonight.' i said. 'anytime gorgeous.' he tried to reach for a kiss again but i turned so he got my cheek again. 'come on now gorgeous. dont be like that.' he said. i got out of the car to head to work. i walked into the CD shop where i found Liam stacking CD's.

hey Ron Ron. whats up?' Liam asked. 'nothing much. hey listen are you free tonight?' i asked him. i had a plan to hang with him tonight instead of going to the date. 'no sorry. i gotta visit my grandparents. why?' Liam asked. 'oh nothing, i just wanted to see if you wanted to watch movies tonight at your place.' i responded. 'oh sorry. maybe tomorrow?' he asked. 'sure! i would love to!' i said. Damn it, i gotta think of something else.. 

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