We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


15. The Truth Is Told

i woke up in an unfamiliar room. i looked around then remembered this was Louis's place. i slowly lifted my head off someone's chest. Harry's. i looked up to see him asleep,deeply breathing. i smiled at him because he was just so cute when he was sleeping. i pecked his cheek and then whispered in his ear. 'i love you too..' i slowly got up but felt a soft grip on my hand. i turned to see Harry groaning. i quietly chuckled then went back into his arms. i placed my head on his chest again, and heard his heart beats. they were slowly growing faster. then thoughts whirled in my head; i love Harry, i want him. im sorry Liam. im sorry Zayn... i shut my eyes again and just relaxed.

-Liam's POV-

i slowly opened my eyes, waking up on a couch. my head was pounding and i looked around with squinted eyes. i later felt the couch sink in. 'mornin lad!' Lou said. 'wha- what happened..?' i asked in a raspy voice. 'you knocked out here last night with all the other lads.' Lou replied. 'wh-wheres the rest..?' i asked. 'Niall's on the kitchen counter, Zayn's in the bathtub and Harry.. huh. i didnt find him anywhere.' Lou replied. i quickly stood up. 'and Roneth?' i asked. 'oh shit.. i dunno where she is too.' Lou replied. i quickly walked away to look for the both. i was nervous to find them both, together. i walked through the kitchen, found Niall. walked in the bathroom, found Zayn. i walked upstairs. shit, 4 doors.

i didnt find then until i got to the third door, and there they were laying together. Roneth was on Harry's chest and i was just shattered inside. i slowly closed the door then just stood where i was.. this isnt fair.. i loved her first. i went downstairs then punched the wall. Lou then ran to me. 'Lad you insane!? whats wrong with you?!' 'i saw them.. together..' i quietly spat. 'oh... im, sorry Liam.' Lou replied.  i shrugged Lou's hand off my shoulder then walked into the kitchen. 'im making myself tea.' i told. 'help yourself to anything.' Lou replied. i tried to make my tea as quiet as i can for Niall, but he eventually rolled onto the foor. 'ow.. shit.' he groaned on the floor. 'mornin.' i chuckled. i helped him stand up then he was wiping his clothes. ' what the hell happened last night?' he asked, 'i have no clue but Lou told me he found you asleep on the counter.' i told. 'wow, i really needa bed.' he said, stretching. 'well, you did look comfortable on the counter' i replied, chuckling, trying to smile.

-Roneth's POV-

i fluttered my eyes open as the sunlight was shining on my eyes. i looked up to still a sleeping Harry. i pecked his lips then slowly got up. 'mornin babe..' Harry said in a raspy voice. i chuckled then went to his lips. 'mornin.' he jerked his head up to kiss me. i crawled on top of him, running my hands through his hair. he then stopped to push me over, making him go on top of me. i smiled then made him make his lips meet mine. he then slid his kisses to my neck, getting to my weak spot. i let out a small moan, making him smile. he then slid kisses on my collarbones, then chest, but he stopped to looked down my body then back to my eyes. i looked away then sat up. 'not now.. were in Louis's ' i told. 'wait.. so does that mean-' 'yes, im all yours, Harry.' i interrupted him. he made the biggest grin on his face then kissed me hard on the lips. 'finally. youre mine.' he said. i chuckled, with our heads laid on each other.

i looked at his soft, green eyes. ' i love you Harry.. i never expected to but i did. you changed my life from the day you came in, now you are a part of me.' i told. he smiled. 'you are a part of me too, Roneth. i will do whatever it takes to keep you and protect you. you are my world. i love you too much..' he said. i smiled then kissed his cheek. i got up to look at myself in the mirror. gosh, i looked atrocious. i tied my hair into a messy bun. before i walked away from the mirror, Harry came from behind to wrap his arms around my waist. 'beautiful.' he spoke in my ear. 'ew, how could you fall for this? i look hideous.' i told, pointing at my face. 'dont be silly, babe. youre beautiful no matter what but better without all that junk on your face.' he said. i smiled then turned to face him. 'lies, lies, lies..' i sarcastically said. he nodded his head then kissed me. i walked away from him, heading into the bathroom to clean up.

i walked back into the bedroom to find Harry gone. i walked downstairs into the kitchen to find all the boys together, drinking tea. 'Mornin Roneth.' the four said in unison except for Harry. he put his tea down then walked toward me and held my hands. 'mornin again.' he said, smiling. i chuckled. 'oh shush.' i told. 'mornin boys!' i cheerfully said. 'so you and Harry huh?' Lou said, nudging my shoulder. 'huh..?' i said curiously, i looked at Harry to see him giving a look to Louis. 'dont try to play me, girl! we know it, and you got some talking to do!' Lou said, snapping his fingers in a Z form. gosh, why was he so sassy? 'i saw you and Harry sleeping together.' Liam spat. 'yeh. so, what did you guys do together last night, huh?' Zayn spat. i was getting dirty looks from the two. i was getting furious with them. 'nothing! i fell asleep and then Harry did too. we didnt do anything else but sleep!' i told, angrily.

'mhm. whatever you say.' Liam spat. 'Liam stop acting like this. just because me and Harry are official doesnt mea-' 'wait, you guys are actually together?' Zayn said, shooting me a look. 'yes Zayn. i love Harry and thats final. im sorry but i cant stop myself.' i spat. Zayn then stormed away, into the living room. i heard a loud bang then i gasped. i ran into the living room to see a hole in the wall. 'thanks lad for adding your fury to my wall.' Lou said, sarcastically unsatisfied from behind. 'you ... how could you..' Zayn said, facing the wall but turned his head. 'Zayn i said what i meant and youre just gonna have to deal with it.. im sorry but i love him.' i told. his fists were tight and his knuckles were white. i was growing nervous. i went towards Harry to hold his hand. he gripped it tightly, making me feel protected. 'Zayn i love your sister whether you like it or not.' Harry told. i heard

Liam deeply breathed then turned to me. 'so im guessing im out of option.' he told. i let go of Harry to walk closer to Liam. 'im sorry Liam but i dont love you the exact same way. i love you like a great friend, nothing more or less.' i told. i could see the sadness in his eyes and it kinda killed me. i hated telling the truth but if it meant fighting for who i love, then i will do it. i hugged Liam then looked at him again. 'please forgive me, i only want to keep our friendship like the way it was before.' i told. 'i understand..' Liam said then took a deep breath out. 'ill try to make things normal again but for now, im sorry for acting like this.. i just love you but i guess since you love Harry, ill let you be with him.' he told. i gave him a smile then he smiled back. i knew from this point on everything with Liam was fine, but Zayn was the only deal i had to make..

AWW! Harreth!! will Zayn ever approve to Harry? did Harry truly change for Roneth? is Liam really going to stop trying to get Roneth? will anyone else try to split Harreth apart?! comment!! w/ <3!!! :) .x 

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