We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


37. The Messages

On the drive to Niall's, the car filled with silence and tension. I had no clue what to say. I was nearly about to flip if Niall didn't call me to say we needed to go.

We were finally at Niall's. We walked in both exhausted. 'So. What should we do now?' Niall asked as he dropped onto the couch. I wandered abit in his house. He had a lot of space for just one guy. I finally made it into a room with a stand and a few guitars. 'Hey Niall!' I called from the room. 'Yeah!' He replied walking toward the room. 'You never told me you play guitar.' He looks at his stuff then at the ground. 'Uhh yeah i play. Why?' I walk by the stand a and look at the songs. 'Oh i love this song.' He looks over my shoulder to see which one. 'Oh A Team from Ed. Yeah i love it too.' I turn around to face him and give him the notes to play. 'Can you play it for me please?' He makes an unsure face. 'Uh okay but dont make fun of me when i mess up a few notes.' 'Oh trust me i wont.' I say as i still try to hold up my excitement. He grabs a guitar from its stand and begins to strum the first notes then begins to sing the lyrics.


He sung the last words of the song and then looked up to me after staring at his guitar and stand for the whole time. My eyes nearly widened and my jaw dropped. 'Niall.. That was amazing.' Niall looks at the ground and his cheeks grow warm. 'Heh, thanks.' I stand up and give him a great big warm hug. He digs his face into my shoulder as he hugs me back. I finally let go to let him set his guitar back. He stands up after then points toward the door frame. 'So want to head to the couch and just chill?' I never really heard Niall talk with that kind of grammar but it was cool. 'Sure.' I walked out along with him behind me. Right when we got into the living room, Harry began to call.


'Hey babe. Where are you?'

'Im with Niall.'


'Well i Jessy let me have today off so i knew you were training so i decided find someone else to be with.'

Silence grew as i knew Harry was beginning to become angry.

'Come home please.'


'Nevermind then. I'll pick you up.'

And at that point, the conversation ended after he hung up. 'Well that went well.' I spoke sarcastically. I turn to face Niall. 'Who was that?' I sigh. 'Harry. He's gonna pick me up. Look, thanks a lot for today Niall. I really enjoyed it.' He smiles at the ground then looks into my eyes. 'Anytime for a lady friend.' Niall winks with a cheeky grin. It was my turn to smile at the ground and blush.

My phone began to ring again. I look to see the caller id, it was just my boyfriend again. 'Well hes here. Gotta go. Thanks again Niall.' I peck his cheek then ran out the door. I jump into Harry's car. 'Hey babe.' Before i even had the chance to respond, he kisses me softly as he sets a hand on my thigh. 'Well now, someone missed me.' I smirked. He drove as he placed a hand on my thigh. 'So, what did you do with Niall?' He asks while keeping his eyes on the road. 'Nothing really. Just ate out then went to his place.' I told.

His eyes grow narrow and his hands become more firm, especially the one on my thigh. 'Thats it?' He asks with a stern voice. 'Yes. Why are you so affected from my hang out with Niall?' I look at him as i try to brush off the hand on my thigh. He doesn't let me. 'Im not. I just wanted to know what you guys did.' He replied, trying to sound emotionless. Clearly in his voice i can tell, he was mad. 'Please dont tell me, youre jealous.' He tries to laugh at the fact that i know its true. 'What are you talking about babe? Why would I be jealous? Youre mine anyway so i dont have to worry.' Oh sure was all i can think in my head.

We reached the front of our house as i immediately got out of the car to walk inside. Harry quickly tried to catch up from behind and calling my name. I ignored him until i opened the front door to find blood smeared on the wall. I nearly froze from the sight of the wall. I grew goosebumps on my skin as my chest filled with weights. As soon as Harry caught up, he was breathing heavenly. 'Babe what is your prob-.. What happened..' His voice slowly dropped as he also saw the wall. I slowly take steps inside to see it just wasnt blood drips, there was letters.

You're next

I was nearly shivering. Tears slowly slid down my face as i just discovered who can only do this. 'Why is she still after me..' I breathed. I couldnt move. My jaw was still open as i slowly let this all sink in. Harry turns me around as he can see through me was fear and worry. 'Hey look at me.' He lifts my chin as i slowly make eye contact. He cups his hand on my cheek and brushes his thumb to wipe tears. 'I am here to protect you. She will not hurt you anymore.' Harry then wheels me for a hug. I bury my face into his shoulder as i cry harder and still tremble.

'Lets go upstairs.' Harry pecks my lips softly then carries me bridal style upstairs. For once, i had realized how gentle Harry can be when I'm scared or hurt. When i was in the hospital, he treated me like i was glass. He was scared to hold me and when i was dismissed to go, he nearly never left my side and made sure i was always okay.

We reached our bedroom as he slowly places me on the bed. He lays right next to me as i set my head on his chest. I sigh of a little relief that i had Harry and he was at my side. 'I love you Roneth' he whispers. 'I love you too' i whisper. He kisses my head and lays his on top of mine. I shut my eyes as i try to sleep but worry still filled inside of me. I pretended to fall asleep so i can let Harry go and do whatever business he needs to. He never really did leave my side until his phone began to ring. He tries to silent it as fast as possible while trying to keep steady to "not wake up". I decided to turn as he grabbed his phone.

-Harry's POV-

I check on Roneth to see if she didnt wake up. I got lucky. I look at my phone to see who called. Miss call from Louis. I look at Roneth once more. Her fragile little body just looked so vulnerable, especially when shes asleep. I kissed her head then walked out of the room to call back Lou.

'Hey, you called?'


'Can you please lower your voice Louis. I can her you perfectly when you talk in a normal tone.'

'Well then. I will not accept this kind of attitude if you-'

'Can you just tell me why you called?'

'And interrupting. What happened to your manners mister? I aint goin-'


'Damn boy! You get to raise your voice at me but i cant raise my voice i see how it is.'

'... Louis please tell me why you called.'

'Fine fine. Okay, now let me see.. What was it.. OH YEAH. Did you get the message?'

'What message?'

'The one that said youre next?'

'Wait, how do you know about it?'

' i got one too except mine was a letter.'

'Do you think the others got it too?..'

'I guess so. Zayn texted me not too long ago and asked it i got the message.'

'Hmm... Call all the lads. Meet up all at my house right now.'

'Alrighty! Be there in a few. I LOOOOOVE YOU HARRY BOY.'

'Shud up and get going already.'


I shook my head but still laughed after Louis. Whoever had done this will pay for taunting us all..


WOAAAHHH. Sorry this chapter was also a bit boring too. Man my writing skills have really faded off after all these months!/: Who do you think wrote the messages? Is Jade still trying to get rid of Roneth? Will Roneth have a thing with Niall? What will Harry do? What will the boys do? New cast members will also be added guys so look out! :D like, comment, favorite please!! Thanks! Love you all! .Xx

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