We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


12. The Fight Over ... Me

before i started walking toward the shop, Wes stopped me from continuing on. 'is that, a hickey?' Wes asked while pointing at my neck. i ran my hand through my neck and forgot about me and Harry earlier. 'oh uh.. i think that was part of the hit earlier.' i lied. 'thats impossible. he had a good angle to only your cheek, besides its right below your jawline.' and now Wes speaks about where my weak spot is. 'forget it, come on.' i said walking away, trying to avoid more info being told. when we got to the shop, Liam looked at me walking along side with Wes. 'acting time.' he whispered in my ear. i immediately looked down and tried to act sad. 'get to Jes, now.' Wes growled. i actually felt scared when Wes spoke in that tone. ive never saw the angry side of him. i guess thats how friendly he truly was.

i walked away from him as i saw him walk toward Mati, to help shelf more CD's. i finally got to the front counter. 'my god, Rans! whats has happened to you?!' Jes spoke as she was walking away behind counter and touched my cheek. 'i got punched, in the face. by Styles.' i told. 'why did you even kiss him earlier? you know, Liam would of never told me if he wasnt hurt. im not mad, im just worried about him. i think you both needa talk sometime. for now, he begged me to tell Wes to watch you whenever your on break. i tried to convince him no but he was just, sad when he told me this all. dont worry, im sure Wes made a plan to make Liam think hes watching you. just go to him. we'll talk later.' Jes said walking away. i nodded then walked into an isle, alone. i grabbed the CD's to organize and placed them on the shelves. i wanted to be alone for just alittle, to think but then, Liam walked in the isle with the person he was still talking to.

'really? she sounds perfect.' Liam told the person. i glanced at the two, then Liam looked at me. 'oh, Runeth.. i ah.. didnt see you there. this is Louis, the other mate.' Liam told me. Louis then walked toward me and took a hand out. i shaked it and smiled at him. 'so youre the girl hes been ravening about now.' Louis told me. Liam then slapped him on the arm. 'OW! that. hurt!' he yelled at his face. Liam just gave Louis a look then looked away. 'what happened to you?' Liam asked, stroking my cheek. 'uhh.. Harry uhm-' ' please dont tell me he did that.' Liam interrupted. 'Harry!? wheres that raskle at?! havent seen him in ages too!' Louis spoke.

'Lou, he changed. in the town, hes known to be a great player with girls and to the most aggressive person.' Liam told. 'my, now hes a badboy huh? like i give shits, i wanna see him!' Lou responded. 'hey, can she come later too?' Liam asked. 'YEAH! it would be amazing.' Lou told. Liam then looked at me. 'tonight, Lou is having a party at his place, i was wondering if you wanted to come with me?' 'sure, what time?' i responded. '7:30, ill pick you up so dont worry.' Liam spoke. 'okay.' i responded. 'wear something sexy!' Lou spoke out, loudly. i just chuckled then Liam punched him on the arm. 'can you stop hitting me?! you peasant.' Lou told. 'yup, still the same sassy Lou are.' Liam told.

almost an hour before closing and Lou was still with Liam, talking. 'i know, and then i took the shirt and pushed the guy.' 'Lou, do you ever just stop acting sassy to fello strangers?' Liam told. 'oh well im sorry my manners cant come out right.' Lou replied. i just rolled my eyes with a chuckle coming out of my mouth. i walked into an isle alone, to shelf some CD's. i began to hum to myself kiss me by ed sheeran. when i became lost in humming and shelving,  arms were slithering around my waist. i quickly gasped and turned around to see Harry. he let out a small chuckle then pecked my lips. 'hey babe.' he whispered. 'get away. ill get in trouble again.' i spat, pushing him off.

i turned around to shelf CD's. he again wrapped his arms my waist. 'please dont be mad. i told you i was already sorry and said i didnt mean to hurt you.' he spoke in my ear. 'just go, i almost lost my job from you. now go before i actually lose it. ' i spat. 'im sorry babe. can i take you home after work, please?' he told. wow, he actually said.. please. 'uhm, i dunno.. Liam might take me.'  i spoke. 'no  im taking you home' he spat out. he turned me around to face him. 'please babe? im sor-' i kissed him to shut him up. his eyes made me grow the urge. we were passionately kissing for quite awhile. we stayed locked together until Lou and Liam walked into the isle.

'no! but i- MY GOSH RONETH.' Louis yelled out. i pushed Harry off of me to look at them. Liam was just looking through the CD's in his hands, and Lou just had a drop dead look on his face. 'what the hell. who's- wait a sec... HARRY BOY!' Lou nearly jumped on Harry for a hug. 'Louis?! why are you here!?' Harry asked so spontaneously. 'to see Liam, lad! the hell are you doing, kissing Roneth!?' Lou asked loudly. 'oh, she mine thats why.' Harry smirked. 'shutup you twit, i heard youre some bad ass in this town so its okay if she only for your ego. just tell her.' Lou told. 'ego?' i asked. 'dont listen to him, babe. you know i love you.' Harry said, kissing my forehead. i just had a blank look and thought for a minute.. ego? i knew it. 'anyway, come to my place tonight. ill be running a party.' Lou told. 'no, Lou. i dont thats a good idea.' Liam butted in. 'why not!? its only Harry! besides i wanna catch up with the lad!' Lou told Liam.

'yeah, Payne. its only me.' Harry told Liam, giving him a dirty look. 'fine, but i just dont want you near me or Runeth.' Liam growled. 'wait woah, Liam. why are'ya like this, lad?' Lou asked. 'nothing.' Liam spat, putting away CD's on the shelf. 'so come later tonight, Harry?' Lou asked him. 'i will. with my babe.' he replied, slithering his arms around my waist. 'oh sorry lad but Liam beat ya to her. hes taking her so cant. besides, are guys even official?' Lou told. okay, i like Louis now. Harry smirked. 'ye-' 'no.' i interrupted. i walked away and took Liam out of the isle too. we walked toward the counter and walked toward the back. 'im sorry Liam about Harry.. i .. ugh, i dont know why hes doing this to me.' i told him. 'its not you who needs to apologize, its him.' he responded.

'Liam.. i know the truth..' i told. he suddenly looked up at me, into my eyes. 'you... you do?' he asked. 'yeah, i overheard you and Zayn talking about it last night. i didnt mean to, but i just... i didnt really think you would like me more than friends.' i told.'can  i ask you something?' Liam told. 'anything.' i responded. 'can i kiss you?' Liam asked. i think he was blushing from just asking. he looked down. i lifted his chin up and i kissed him. his lips were so warm and soft. he also wasnt as rough as Harry. for him, i felt sparks inside. but whenever it was Harry, it would be butterflies.. i cant find the difference between the two.. but then i realized,  i think im falling slowly for the both of them. 

Liam backed away then looked into my eyes. 'Runeth, i dont like you.. i love you. i want to treat you like my princess and protect you. i want you to able to call me your knight.' Liam told. i chuckled by his cheesy saying but i loved those type of stuff. he smiled and kissed me cheek. 'i dont want to say youre mine, i want to say your my girlfriend.' he told. i just looked into his deep brown eyes and didnt speak.. i didnt know what to say.. he just, was melting my heart. as soon as i was about to kiss Liam, Harry came from behind and punched Liam. Liam punched him back and the two were nearly tackling on each other. 'STOP!' i cried but neither of them listened. people were staring and then Wes came out. 'HEY!' he ran toward the two and then Lou came out of no where to grab Harry.

Wes carried Liam off and didnt let go. 'TOUCH HER ONE MORE TIME, YOURE DEAD.' Harry growled, shrugging off Lou. 'HARRY IM NOT YOURS. I NEVER WILL AND NEVER WANTED TO BE. SHUT UP AND GO HOME.' i yelled. he looked at me. his whole face loosened then he looked down. 'fine. im coming back for you' he spat.'dont, youre only wasting time' i spat. his fists were let go then he looked away. 'you just dont know how i truly feel, dont you Roneth?' he told. wow, that was the first he ever said my name. it felt weird because it wasnt him. 'Harry i-' 'no, ill go.' he walked out with his hands in his pocket. why did he always soften up when it was me? 

i looked down, and i had so much guilt inside, but why? i dont like him. he doesnt matter to me. hes a player anyway so why should it matter? i should be focusing on Liam, but something was hurting me inside for some reason. 'Liam are you okay? here, come on.' i told, grabbing him and leading him to the counter, into the staff room. i walked back out with my ice pack from earlier and gave it to him. 'thanks. i hate that jerk so much.' he spat. Lou went by us. 'hey, lad. you okay?' he asked. 'im fine, thanks for asking.' Liam responded. 'im gonna go and set my place up for tonight. see ya guys later.' Lou said. he bro hugged Liam and then lightly hugged me as well. we waved as he walked out and then i looked back to Liam. 'Liam..?' i told. 'Yeh?' he replied. 'give me time to think about.. us? okay?' i told. 'of course. anything for you.' he said. 'thank you.' i said as i walked away. before i walked away, he grabbed me and pecked my cheek. i chuckled then headed back to the isle i was working on.

Hey my loves! how ya enjoying so far?! Louis huh? came unexpected? well, comment watcha guys think so far! who do you guys ship; RIAM or HARRETH?! w/ <3!!! :) .x

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