We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


65. The End

*Louis's POV*

We head to the airport to pick Niall and Roneth. When we arrive, I couldn't help but hug him. I missed Niall so much.. "Welcome back bud.." I said through some tears. I don't know why I was emotional. Maybe for the fact that when they came back, it was known that all the bad things were gone. I look at Roneth who was in the arms of Zayn. Her tears were falling twice as much.

*Roneth's POV*

I couldn't help but just hold my brother. The distance kept us away too and I never realized until now. I look at Liam who was bruised and cut. "What happen to you" I say as I approach him. "We'll explain when we all get home" he says weakly. I hug him lightly in hopes of not breaking him even more. Daisy hugs my leg tightly as she is afraid of the boys. I kneel down to her and introduce everyone to her. She waves shyly as the boys adore her, even Zayn. "These are your daddy's friends. But him, that's your uncle Zayn." I point to him. His light grin comforts her alittle and causes her to go up to him slowly.

"Mommy said you look just like grandpa.. Is that true?"she asked. I look at Zayn, mesmerized by the her memory. I told her that about a year ago, hoping she would just forget or something. A tear slides down my cheek as I adore the moment Zayn looks at beg and tells her, " she is definitely be right. Grandma and grandpa would of loved you." He looks at me, proud. Glad I didn't get rid of her. We all pack in the car talk non stop. Daisy fell asleep on the drive home.

As we drove, the boys unravel stories about how Harry kept trying to end everything but failed. Liam told me about his horrific deal and now the moment why my boyfriend is in the hospital. "You guys.. Why did you all do this?" I ask. "We all care about you, Roneth. We would of never went through this if wasn't worth saving you and Daisy." Louis told. I couldn't help but feel so significant. I look at the boys beside me. Niall in the passenger, Liam and Zayn on each side of the car. Zayn holding Daisy on his lap. They did so much.. For me. For my daughter. I owed them so much. Each of these men all sacrificed their life just for mine. We finally arrive home. The boys take our stuff from the trunk and Zayn carries Daisy inside. I stand for a moment outside in front. All I could think was that

I'm finally home.

I step inside the house. Everything was kept in place the whole time. I walk around and it's all the same. I go upstairs to see Zayn placing Daisy on the bed. "I assumed you want her sleeping next to you." He says. He hugs me again. "It feels nice to be back" I tell him. "We're glad you're back." He replied. "Look, I wanted to tell you I'm sorry. About her. What I said a couple years ago was ignorant and selfish. I should've known you would be fine." I look at him, gleaming with sadness from the memory. "Don't worry about it. At least I didn't listen" I joke. He attempts to chuckle but knows that he hurt me years ago. "Well, you should rest. You don't wanna miss out on seeing Harry tomorrow". He leaves the room. Leaving me with Daisy. I lay beside her and begin to fall asleep as soon as possible.


I wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I go downstairs to see all the boys eating and laughing. I see Daisy dining with the boys, also laughing. "So that's where my little girl went" I smirk. They all greet me good morning and chug me down with food. After a good hour of laughter, I announce visiting Harry. Everyone agrees and finally gets ready. As we drove, I couldn't keep myself calm. My palms were sweating and I couldn't help but think what to say when I first see him. The boys decided that they would surprise Harry with me.

As we walk inside the hospital, I begin to take deep breaths. I let the boys go in first. Zayn stays back to help me stay calm. He was awake. I heard his voice. Raspy. Just the way I liked it when he woke up from sleep. My heart began to beat hard against my chest. "Let him see Daisy first." Zayn told. I nod and let her inside the room.

After awhile, the boys and Daisy leave. "Go now, we made him believe you're dead." Louis winked. I finally take slow steps, to reveal myself at the door. I stood, frozen. Only tears welding up in my eyes. There he was. Pale but alive. I force a smile but looking at him. He was here. In my sight. Finally after 4 years of waiting, living in the dreams, it's a dream come true. I come close to his bed. I look at him. The water in his eyes. I choke up. The words grow stuck in my throat. Somehow, this moment was better in silence than loudness..

*Harry's POV*

She's more beautiful than I imagined. Her skin shined against the light and her eyes.. Full of tears but had the same dark brown color. "Come closer" I whisper. I pull her in for a kiss. Shit, have I missed these lips. Soft, plum. It was worth all the trouble to save her. I look back at her.

Now her face close to mine. Our breaths in sync. I pull the string on silver around her neck, revealing the paper necklace. I smile of joy, knowing she kept it on. She smiles back, alerting me that she couldn't ever take it off. "Roneth.." She cries alittle, "yes?" I cup my hand on her face. "I love you.. I know this isn't the kind of setting you'd hope but I can't wait anymore. You've been away for too long and I waited to long to ask you. Will you marry me?.."

She gasps as I took out the ring. It was a plain diamond but I knew she would love it because she didn't need complicated stuff in her life. "Harry.. I never thought you would ask.. Yes.. I will marry you." She kissed me once more. Causing more passion to this one. The boys open the door, cheering, scaring the crap out of me. I shake my head but smile at them all. Daisy runs inside hugging Roneth. "Mommy and Daddy are getting married!" I chuckle, growing excited for the date. "I can't wait to take you home." Roneth winks at me.

It was perfect again. Everyone was at peace with one another and my soon to be wife was here with my daughter, who look gorgeous. Even through all the hardships we faced, it never tore us apart. I love my family and friends. They were all worth fighting for.

The End.


It's over guys! I finally finished the story after how many years! I wanted to thank all the people who read until the end and endured my incredibly terrible writing from the beginning of the story. I knew I had off days and it was weird to write for so long. There were times where I just didn't feel like writing or ran out of ideas. But with all you guys continuing to read, I'm grateful. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to read Mine! That will be something to look forward to! I love you all so much (:

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