We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


62. The Deal Breaker

*Liam's POV*

I walk up to the steps and felt my heart best race. I had to do this, just to end this whole mess. I knock lightly and get an immediate response. "Liam! Nice to see you" she welcomes me in. "Alright you got your show now ill end the deal" i say. She smirks, "so ill finally have a baby of my own?" I nod my head reluctantly. She grins with evil and grabs my hand to lead me upstairs to her room. "I'll take of you" she says. "I'll let the boys know about this, just keep shut for now" i command. She nods and we begin to kiss and escalate quickly.

I didn't want to do this. It was all just becoming such a mess. Roneth was left with Niall and Harry.. I felt so sorry for the guy. He is nearly broken to the soul..


I sat next to the bed and stared at his broken face. I nearly teared up at the sight. I was glad Louis went out for a cigarette. I needed time alone, but with Harry. "Hey.. I dont know if you can hear me but I'm sorry. For always trying to take Roneth. I'll end the deal for you. I dont want all of us to suffer anymore, especially Roneth." I pat his hand lightly. I see him slowly twitch his hand and his head slowly moving. I couldn't stay. I have to go do this now. I run out to let Louis know he woke up and left.


I didn't want to do this but I knew it was best. I wont be there to take care of this child. I wont be able to take this child and say its mine even if I'm the father. The poor baby will suffer with, this. I wish there was a different way between all of this..

*Louis' POV*

I sat next to broken Harry. "Hows the food?" I ask. "Trash like this bullshit" he scoffs. I weakly laugh, "it will be over soon. Were planning to get rid of Jade for good" i say. "How?" He asks. "Last resort, to kill her" i announce. "No you cant. I cant allow this to happen. You know i cant live up to-" "Harry, she will never stop until she knows that Roneth is dead. Cant you realize that she cant be stopped unless she's dead herself? We will make sure that word will not get out and she will be gone. Understand?" I explain.

He looks away and squeezes the paper necklace in his hand, "i wish it didn't have to come to this. All this running away, fighting and killing. I need her back already" Harry lightly speaks. I sigh, "everyone wishes that too. But sometimes there isn't a choice. We have to do whats best". He finally looks me, "can I call Roneth? I need to speak to her" i nod. "I'll see if they're up" i stand up to call Roneth. It rings until voicemail. I try two more times until i finally give up. "Sorry lad. They're sleeping" Harry sighs and drinks some water. I decide to call Liam to see what the fuss was with him just leaving.

"Liam?" I call. "Uh, oh hey! Louis. Whats up?" Liam tries to say whole catching his breath. "You okay there?" I asked. "Yeah, sorry just went for a jog" he says. "Oh, thats great. You should come see Harry. He's awake, and let Zayn know" i command. "Alright, see you" he hangs up and i get left with Harry. Poor fella. All of this for the girl he loves dearly. I hear a slight knock on the door to see the nurse and check on Harry. He winced at different places she checked and his body was in terrible shape. The bruises were mixed color of purple, blue, and green. I wish Roneth was here to make him feel better..

(Suggested song for next part: If I Could Fly - 1D)

*Roneth's POV*

I drink my last cup of water and look back at the sleeping Niall. He told me he would wait for me after my shower but i guess he couldn't help it. I check my phone that was charging on my desk to see Louis called me three times. I go back outside to call him back.. "Louis?" I breath. "Roneth. Thank god you called back. Harry has been waiting to talk to you." He says quickly. Soon a dark, husky voice croaked, "Roneth..". I felt tears run down the side of my cheek as I couldn't catch my breath. He sounded broken.. But why?

"Harry.." I cried softly. A slight pause came between us from this moment. We both ached for each other. "I-i miss you.." Harry breathed. "I miss you too, love." I try to say in tact. "How the baby?" He asked, sounding a bit better. "He or she is okay. I bet they miss daddy too" i smile lightly, still wiping tears. I felt him grip on the other end, "i miss my baby too. I miss both of you. I promise you will come back soon. This will be over" he reassured. "How are you so sure? What did you do?" I asked. "Nothing. But we are all trying to drive Jade away." He says. "Roneth" he calls. "Yes?" I reply. "I know you're tired over there. Get some rest for me, please? I will call you tomorrow" he told. I smile, "why are you treating me like a child?" "I'm treating you like my princess" he corrected. I let a big grin show on my face, "silly me for not seeing the difference." He began to talk, "I'll see you soon my princess. Take care".

"Goodbye Harry"

"I love you.."

I cry a little once more. "I love you too.." I felt myself weaken after the call. I wanted to drink to numb the pain but I couldn't. I looked at my round belly. "I promise, you wont go through any of this after its over." I rub it lightly as I felt small kicks, letting me feel relieved a bit.

*Louis' POV*

It was heart breaking listening to them. Harry cried throughout the whole call. When it ended, i asked him why end the call so soon. His respond, "i knew she was tired and crying as much as I was. I needed her happy and safe. Thats all that mattered to me". I left Harry with Zayn while i go to Liam. He said he needed to tell me something. I finally park outside of our house and see him sat in the kitchen. "What is it lad?" I asked. "I ended the deal" he stated. "Wha.. How?" I questioned. "I returned the offer she gave me before" he admitted

"Wait, was it to get her pregnant?" I breathed. He nods without a word. "Liam.. Why would you ever do that? I know it means end for us all but still!" I couldn't believe him. "It was the last thing to do. I knew she really meant it when she told me about the deal before. Dont tell the other guys what happened. Just tell the deal ended since i paid her a big amount of money." Liam explained. I couldn't look at him. I mean I'm thankful its over now but i feel like something isn't right. "Liam, we all want her dead. We aren't sure if she's gonna truly stop. What if she keeps coming back? What if it was just to sabotage you?" I questioned. He thought for a moment, "let's all move to California with Roneth and Niall" i thought for a moment. I guess it couldn't go wrong.

"What're you going to do about your baby with Jade?" I asked. "I wont claim it." He spat. "Woah you cant pull a cold shoulder on your baby. At least say it was yours but you don't have to interact with the mother" i recommended. "I guess. Did you talk to Roneth recently? How's everything with her?" He asked. "Harry did. He hasn't told her anything and wants her back as soon as possible. She seems okay but wants to come back too" i say. So this was the end. Jade wont come back and Roneth will come back now. I never knew everything would end this soon. "Well, let's call Niall and give him news" Liam says..


Alright so the next couple of chapters will be a bit of fillers. It will jump around a little so try to hang on for a bit and try to find little details will end up significant sometimes. Thank you to anyone who had been reading since this started. I love every single one of you no matter when you started reading this.

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