We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


23. Temptations

we arrived at Louis's and still disappointment killing me inside. i forgot i only had a tshirt on when we went inside. 'uuh, Love. youre pantsless.' Lou stated. 'oh crap, i totally forgot.' i sat on the couch, folding my legs and trying to tug my tshirt to try to cover up my waist and lower. Lou soon came back with sweat pants. 'here ya go. these are kinda small on me.' Lou said, handing me the sweats. 'thanks so much.' i replied. 'anytime. so uuh, what do you plan on doing with Styles?' Lou asked. i looked down. ' i ... i dont know. i mean i still love him no matter what, but i dont want to lose him.' i told. Lou walked up to me. 'i understand, babe. OH! no i didnt mean babe, i uh, i meant Love.' Lou told, trying to correct himself. 'Lou! its okay you called me babe!' i responded. 'well, i mean, if Harry knew-' 'Lou, hes not here. plus who said i was gonna tell him? plus its just a small little name you call me. so what?' 'well, i guess youre right. its just that, now that youre slowly knowing Harry, he might hear me slip again and freak out like earlier.' Lou told. soon, i looked at my phone. it had so many missed calls from Harry. i think he was going frantic. 

then there was a loud banging at the door. 'stay here. dont move.' Lou said, trying to stay calm. soon, i heard the slam open and loud voices yelling. 'WHERE IS SHE!? I KNOW SHES HERE!' Harry roared. 'STYLES, STOP!' Lou yelled. soon i saw Harry, standing there. 'you lied.' Harry spat at Lou. 'Harry, what the hell are you doing here?' i spat. 'picking you up.' Harry said. he walked up to me then carried me over his shoulders. i tried pushing and kicking him off but it was all no use. 'HARRY LET ME GO, NOW!' i yelled. 'lets go home now, babe.' Harry spat. 'Harry, theres a reason shes here now put her down and let her talk first.' Lou told, trying to still stay calm but i can tell by his tone, he was furious. 'and why should i listen to you, Tomlinson? shes fucking mine.' Harry spat. he shoved Lou out of the way. 'Louis! call me later!' i yelled as Harry was carrying me out. 'go ahead, call her later but dont be shocked to hear her voicemail.' Harry yelled from a distance.

he put me in his car and seatbelt me to the seat. he drove off very fast and i was getting scared. i was scared he was going to crash or something. 'why Roneth? out of all people, why his flat?' Harry growled. i didnt answer. i just looked down at my legs, remembering Louis still. i had his sweats on and it was making me remember all the memories we already had. 'RONETH! ANSWER ME!' Harry yelled. i shook in my seat as tears slowly slid down my face. 'im ... im scared, Harry.' i breathed. Harry then stopped very hard. i looked out the window to see we were home already. he slammed his door shut then opened mine. he unbuckled my seatbelt then carried me bridal style this time. he carried me into the house then onto his bed. 'babe, im sorry for scaring you. i just ... i dont want to lose you. i need you. when i saw you talking with Louis, i felt like he was making you happier. i felt like he treated you better.' Harry told. i just looked at him sorrowfully. 'Harry, i only talk with Lou because hes my best friend. i would never push you away but why didnt you just tell me you were jealous?' i responded. 'i ... i was embarrassed.' Harry said quietly. 'youre so silly, Harry. i would rather want you to tell me how you feel rather than express it.' i said. Harry just looked down and smiled. he then kissed my lips while slowly crawling on top of me. 

i immediately took my shirt off along with his. i had no clue why i was eager to just ... he again kissed me hardly then slowly slid his hand onto my back. he unclipped my bra then slid his hands back to my chest, slowly caressing my boobs. he slowly went down to slip off my sweats then pantie. i tugged on the hem of his boxers while biting my lip. my temptations were growing more and i needed him badly. he slip off his boxers. 'you ready babe?' Harry breathed. 'ive been ready.' i responded. soon he went inside of me and i just let out a loud moan. he started slow. 'faster, Harry.' i breathed. he then went a bit faster. 'faster...' i breathed again. 'faster.' i growled. 'FASTER!' i yelled. i was reaching climax and Harry was putting all his weight on me. i felt him growing his climax too and soon, he dropped on top of me. 'youre amazing...' i breathed. 'no.. you are...' he told, without breath. soon, we fell asleep together, in each other's arms. 

AWWWWH! forever Harreth! what will happen tomorrow!? will Louis's plan work?! what will Jade's reaction be!? does Roneth finally trust Harry!? will Zayn ever come back!? OH SNAP! Plot Twist!! ;D comment! :) .x

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