We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


1. Small World..?

'ugh, do i really have to go?" i said in dragging voice. 'yes you do. i want you to come too so you can find your hottie. now get up and get ready. ill be there in 10 minutes.' i got off my bed and began going through my clothes. i didnt feel like dressing up too much so i just wore my ripped shorts with my nirvana tshirt. my phone began to ring. it was just Mazel again. 'get out of your house. im here.' i hung up and ran downstairs. 'Zayn! im going out with Maze tonight!!' i screamed from the top of my lungs. before i could get out, Zayn popped out no where and blocked my way. 'where are you going this time?'

I tried to walk around him but he wouldnt move. 'im just going to the bar. ill try get home as soon as possible.' i said. 'you better. if you need to be picked up, just call me. bye gorgeous.' he kissed my forehead and walked away. i love Zayn. he was the best big brother to ever have. i felt so protected with him. ever since mom died and dad left us, he promised to protect me from everyone and everything that will hurt me.

i ran to Maze's car and hopped inside the passenger seat. 'god, what took you so long?' she asked impatient. 'sorry, Zayn was holding me up.' i said. 'alright. now lets get hooked up tonight!!' Maze said as she began driving off in full speed. when we got to the bar, Maze tried to already hook up with the bartender. i was really bored here and i didnt feel like getting hooked up tonight. usually when me and Maze went out, i would have all this energy but today i wasnt feeling it.

'Rons, whats wrong?' Maze asked. 'i dont know.. im not feeling it today.' i said sounding alittle depressed. i later looked away to see a guy staring at me. he didnt seem to look away when i saw him staring. 'Maze, that guy over there wont stop staring at me.' i told alittle nervous. 'oh crap.. dude, thats Harry Styles. dont dare ever fall for him, hes bad news around here.' Maze said. she later found a guy and was already alittle drunk. 'hey, im gonna go home with him tonight.' Maze said as she was pointing to a good looking guy. 'will you be good here?' she asked. 'yeah ill be fine. im gonna call Zayn to pick me up.' i said.

'okay then, bye Rons. see ya tomorrow.' Maze walked away, locked next to the guy.i looked at Harry again. he still was staring at me. i looked away and i just drinked my margarita. later, i felt arms wrapping around my waist. 'hey there gorgeous.' the voice was so unfamiliar so i turned around and to see Harry Styles holding onto me. i was furious that he called me gorgeous. only Zayn calls me that. 'get away from me.' i said angrily as i walked away to go outside.

i quickly got my phone out to call Zayn. 'Hey can you pick me up now?' 'sure thing. im on my way gorgeous.' i felt better that Zayn was coming and that he called me gorgeous. again, i felt arms slither around my waist. ' I said to get away' i turned around to find a different face this time. 'oh you dont like that babe? here, lets see if you like this.' he pushed me against the wall and began sucking on my neck. i tried pushing him off but he had good grip off my arms.

'GET OFF HER.' someone pushed him off and began punching him. I tried to see who this was, and i discovered Harry was beating up the guy. 'STOP! HARRY!' i tried to stop him but he soon then stopped on his own. 'touch her again i swear ill make sure youre dead.' he spat out. 'thank you so mu-' he cut me off by grabbing me toward his car. 'what are you doing? my brother is gonna pick me up.' i said trying get him to let go but he also had good grip. 'listen, youre already dumb enough for walking out alone. then almost getting raped. so listen, ill be the one taking you home.' he opened the car door and pushed me in. he later got in through the drivers side.

i texted Zayn to not to pick me up anymore since Harry already got me in the car. Harry grabbed my phone away while i was texting Zayn. 'well who is this? Zayn eh? is he your boyfriend?' Harry asked as he went through my phone.

i tried to grab it away but he kept moving the phone away. 'no hes my brother. no give it back' he shot a look at me then immediately  threw my phone at my legs. he began to drive off. 'so, are you scared gorgeous?' i hated him for calling me that. 'dont called me gorgeous and no im not.' i said trying to sound confident but really, i was scared. he later slid his hand on my thigh. 'how about now?' 'no..' i said in alittle shaky voice. he grinned and i knew he knows im scared.  'its okay dont be' he said.

'wait how are you taking me home if  you dont even know where i live?' i asked curiously. 'oh trust me, i know my directions.' he said. later, he grabbed my phone again and began dialing in a number. 'hey what are you doing?' i asked 'its a surprise. youll know later.' he said. he then took out his phone and started dialing in a number.  he threw my phone back. 'there ya go gorgeous. now you'll know whenever i call.'

i didnt understand at first then i realized, i got his number while he got mine. we finally got in front of my house. 'how did you-' 'shutup. i told you i know my ways.' he said. he tried to kiss me but i turned my head so he only got my cheek. 'hey dont like that gorgeous.' 'i said dont call me that.' i got out of his car and then he later did to try to catch me. he caught up with me and grabbed my arms and kissed me for sure on the lips. his lips were warm and soft but i had to resist and push him off. ' go away please.' as i tried to walk away but he didnt get out of my way.

'SHE SAID OFF.' it was Zayn walking away from his car. i could see he was angry and his knuckles were white. 'Harry go before he throws a hit please.' i said as i tried to push him away but he pushed me off and walked toward Zayn. 'well Malik, you seem more of a keeper now.' Harry said. Zayn stopped walking and had a shocked look on his face. 'Styles?' Zayn asked in shocked tone. 

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