We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


26. Slowly Falling ... Again?

i lifted my head to look at him. tears of happiness still flooded down my cheeks. i missed Zayn so much, and i never realized it. he cupped a hand on one side of my cheek and stroked my it with his thumb to wipe my tears. 'why are you crying?' he asked, smiling. ' i just, missed you so much.' i smiled. he grinned then pecked my forehead. we were so busy with each other, Lou awkwardly coughed just to get our attention. 'uhm, sorry to break the love but Zayn why did you come here in the first place?'  Zayn let go of me then walked up to Lou, handing him an envelope. 'here, this was from Bea. they're invitations to a ball.' i looked at Lou then Zayn's hand. 'wait, so why do you have more than one invitation?' i asked, pointing at the other envelopes Zayn was holding.

'these are for the other lads.' Lou opened his envelope, skimming through it. 'lad, its in 2 days and it seems to be very fancy! wait, isnt Bea that girl you and Harry fought over in high school?' Lou asked, looking at Zayn. Zayn looked down then nodded. i looked at Zayn. 'wait why is she inviting you all if she knows you guys can cause trouble?' i asked.  Zayn shot a look at me then spoke. 'i honestly do not know.' 'wait, am i invited too?' i asked. 'well i mean it doesnt matter if you came as a date with me.' Zayn told. 'but, im with Harry and didnt you say all five of you are invited?' i replied.  Zayn sighed then nodded. 'whats wrong?' i asked him, sounding concerned. 'i wanted to take you that's why but its fine.' he shrugged.

i walked up to Zayn. 'sorry Zayn, but you know how Harry is. besides, i would want to keep an eye on him myself.' Zayn chuckled. 'i get it. well, im off, to give out the other invitations. bye Louis, see you soon gorgeous.' Zayn told, walking off. i sighed as he walked out the door, then i looked back at Lou. 'so, the ball huh?' i asked. 'yeah. seems fancy.' Lou replied.i chuckled then heard my phone ring on the couch. i picked it up.


'im here, lets go.'

the call was ended right away, making me think why Harry was in such a rush. i walked up to Lou to peck his cheek then grabbed my clothes. 'bye Lou!! see you soon!' i yelled, running out the door. i suddenly stopped to see Harry and Zayn talking. Harry was standing beside his car. i saw Zayn gave him the invitation already. i slowly walking up to them, making Harry stared at me until i walked up to him. 'hi.' 'hey babe. had fun?' he asked. 'yeah.' i replied. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist as i stood in front of his body, making me face Zayn. i looked at him, seeing his eyes growing soft.

Zayn sighed. 'well im off, Styles. see you. bye Roneth.' Zayn told, walking toward his car. i sighed then turned my body to face Harry. 'what were you guys talking about?' 'nothing big. just this ball were invited to and you'll be my little princess there.' Harry told, kissing me. i kissed him back, growing more into him. we were suddenly interrupted by Zayn honking his horn. we both looked at him driving off then we continued intertwining with each other. our kisses grew deep until the thought of Lou came into mind. i jerked my head back to stop Harry. 'whats wrong babe?' he asked. 'nothing. im just getting a little tired. lets go?' he nodded then walked by the car door and opened it for me. we drove off, while our hands were locked together. i looked at our hands then up at his focused face. i dont know why i kissed Louis in the first place.. i felt so guilty but i couldnt tell Harry. he would be broken.

we finally got home. i went straight upstairs, into the bedroom. i slipped off the sweats and tshirt, leaving me only in my bra and pantie. i laid in bed, checking my phone. i had a text from Lou. See you tomorrow! ill drop by the shop, Love! :) xx i smiled then replied. okay! goodnight! :) i heard the door creek open, seeing Harry walk in. he was just in his boxers. i glanced at his whole body and turned around right away. Harry laid next to me, spooning me. 'whats wrong babe?' he whispered in my ear. 'nothing.' i replied, quietly. he pecked my neck. 'you sure?' i sighed. 'yeah. im tired.' i turned to face Harry, making him wrap his arms around my waist. i pecked his lips. 'night.' i whispered. 'good night, gorgeous.' he replied.

i slowly fluttered my eyes open, seeing i was on the other side of the bed. i turned to see Harry facing the other side, sleeping. why did we separate? i pecked his cheek then got up. i walked to the bathroom with my phone in my hand. i had a text from Louis again. morning sunshine!! get up already, haha!! :) xx i replied, haha! i know, i know! im getting ready now. see you! :)) i quickly jumped into the shower. i felt very so happy today for some odd reason.i got out dripping, and discovered i forgot my clothes in the bedroom again. i dried up then got out of the steamy bathroom. i slowly walked in, seeing Harry still sleeping. i slipped on my ripped shorts and black v-neck tshirt. i looked at Harry one more time before i left. i grinned then walked out. 

when i got to the mall, i tried to find Lou if he were to be spotted but i couldnt find him. i walked into the shop with only Jes and Mati by the counter. 'Mornin Rans! Liam should be here in a couple of minutes. for now, you go with Mati.' i nodded then walked away with Mati. 'hey, so hows you and Harry?' she asked. i looked at ground. 'were okay, i guess.' i replied. there was an awkward silence until we got into the isle. 'here, this go in isle 5. ill be here for now.' she handed my a couple of Cds. i walked into the isle, alone. i hummed to myself the tune Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.

i was alone for awhile in the isle until i felt arms slither around my waist. i smiled. 'hi.' 'hey Love.' the voice replied. i turned right away to see it wasnt Harry, it was Louis. 'Lou, what are you doing?' he let go of me then looked down. 'oh uuhh, sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable..' i sighed. 'i was fine with that, Lou, its just that, i thought you were Harry at first.' i replied, looking down as well. things suddenly grew awkward with each other ever since last night. i wish things just went back to normal already. 'soo, how's Styles?' Lou asked. 'uhm, fine i guess. i mean, i am going with him to the ball.' i told. 'oh, seems great. well, ill see you around, Love.' Lou pecked my cheek then walked off. it just wasnt the same anymore. and that peck, it meant something to me. like, as if i liked it. i grinned but let the grin fade off my face. something was telling me,  i think im slowly falling for Louis too.. 

sorry for a boring chapter, my loves. im also sorry for not updating for a long time. ive been terribly sick this week so i havent gotten the chance to write. well, ill make sure to make the next update much more better! keep reading please and tell me what you guys think, thanks! :) .x

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