We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


24. Revenge Tasted Amazing

i woke up on Harry's chest. i looked up to see a sleeping Harry. i smiled then pecked his cheek. i got up and grabbed my phone. oh no! its already 1:20, im late! i nearly ran out the room straight to the bathroom. i grabbed shorts and one of Harry's shirts again.  i slipped on my black vans then ran out the door. when i got to the mall, i ran to the shop, seeing the whole crew working today. i walked behind counter, having to face a lecture from Jes again. 'tsk tsk, Rans. youre late. what caught ya up?' Jes asked. i slid my phone into my pocket then slowly walked away from the counter. 'sorry i uh, i stayed up last night.' i replied. Jessy narrowed her eyes at me. 'uh huh. well just go with Wes today. Liam requested to be with Mati today for some odd reason.' i nodded as i walked toward Wes. he was already shelfing Cd's. 'hey.' i said.  he looked up and smiled. 'hiya, didnt see you there.' i chuckled then took some Cd's out of his hand. soon, my phone began to ring.


'Love! ive been texting and calling you all night and morning! what happened last night!?'

'oh sorry to worry you, Lou. me and Harry just talked. were okay now. thanks again for last night though.'

'anytime, Love. hey, im on my way now. ill be wandering around first to find hooker then ill head to the shop. till then, see you!'

i chuckled. 'okay then, see you Lou!'

i hung up and started shelfing. about an hour later, Louis walked in the shop, straight to me. 'i found her.' he told in my ear. i looked at him. 'where is she?' i replied quietly. 'right now, food court but im pretty sure she'll walk in here pretty soon. by the way, i got our lady here to set it all up.' Lou replied, patting a girl's back that was standing next to him. 'hi.' i shyly said to her. 'hay, im Emily but you can call me Em for short.' she replied, sticking a hand out. i shook it then looked up at her. 'so do you know Wes?' she smiled. 'oh, yeah. we go way back in highschool. we were like brother and sister back then but we lost contact after school ended.' her smile faded as she spoke but i can tell she really wanted to catch up with Wes.

'so, when do we back stab Jade?' Em said with an evil grin. i officially like Emily. i chuckled then looked at Lou. 'well Lou, when does it all start?' 'hmh, well she first has to walk into this store and i need to get a milkshake. Em, you go do your thing right now while i some how get Jade in here.' Lou then walked out, leaving me with Em. 'ill go get him for you.' i told, walking toward Wes into the other isle. 'hey Wes, an old friend is here to see you.' i said. he immediately looked at me. 'really?' who?' i grinned. 'you find out for yourself. shes in isle 4.' i replied. Wes walked out of the isle, straight to isle 4. i followed from behind to see he already found Em. they were hugging and smiling. they looked so happy to be reunited. just ask planned, i heard a pop in the front. it sounded like a plastic can broke.

i quickly walked to the front, to see a squeezed coca cola can broken, with drips of the drink coming out of the can. i looked at who made this mess. Jade. she was furious. i looked back at Wes and Em, to see them smiling at each other and giggling. Jade immediately tried to storm towards them but i slid in her way. 'move.' she spat.  i tilted my head to the side with an innocent look in my face 'ask nicely.' i replied. 'please move.' Jade spat again. i straightened my head then gave her narrowed eyes. 'why?' 'JUST MOVE.' she yelled. i shoved her away from the isle. 'you really want to yell at me? lets not forget i work here and i can just kick your ass right out of this place.' i spat. she growled then immediately turn to storm out but on right timing, Lou was behind her with a strawberry milkshake in his hand. his arm harshly bumped into Jade, making him splatter the milkshake all over her face and body.

Jade stood frozen with her hands in the air. Lou chuckled, trying to hide his face from laughing out loud. 'oh. sorry. love.' he replied, trying to speak clearly but he was nearly dying from holding in the laughter. i slowly walked up to Jade, facing her pinkish, soaked body. 'oh, you have  a little something here and there.' i said, pointing all over her face. 'THIS ISNT OVER, BITCH.' she shoved me and Lou out of her way. Lou and I nearly died of laughter after she left. we high fived and hugged. 'that was amazing!' i cheered. 'haha well it would of never worked if you didnt block her out of the isle. besides, this was all in payback.' Lou replied, smiling.

i chuckled then grinned. 'thanks so much for all of this, Lou. i owe you big time.' he grinned at me. 'you dont owe me anything. hmm, wait change that you actually do. tonight, movie night. my place.' i chuckled. 'well, we'll see about that. i just got out of an arguement with Harry.' he looked down and shrugged. 'oh yeah. uhh, call ya later Love! bye!' he kissed my head then walked quickly out. why'd he kiss my head? haha! anyway, i walked to Wes and Em, seeing them both just talking now. 'so, hows it been guys?' Wes looked at me. 'everything's cool, Ron. hey i saw what you did. thanks.' he then looked back to Em, smiling. 'hah, it was nothing! ill be in the other isle.' i told, walking off. i had a huge grin on face. the taste of revenge was amazing. i couldnt wait to see what Jade had in plan now.

HAZZA! SUCCESS! what might be in plan for Jade now?! will Harry approve to movie night at Louis's!? why didnt Liam want to work with Roneth today!? where have the boys went!? comment! :) .x

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