We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


36. Reminiscing

-Next Day-

I was in the shop, shelving CD's with Wes. Mati was on vacation for about 4 days so all that was left was me, Wes, and Liam. I tried to keep forgetting about my father and Zayn. I couldn't believe that it was Dad who was driving that night...


'Cmon kids!! Let's go!' Father rang from the first floor. Zayn and i ran downstairs as my mum and dad were saying good bye to all the guests from the party. As we got into the car, it began to have an awful strong scent of alcohol grow. I closed my nose and spoke. 'Daddy, whats the ugly smell?' My dad laughed loudly. 'That my dear is the smell of a true man.' I really didnt get it so i didn't bother asking more questions. Later in the drive, mum and dad were yelling at each other and i began to grow scared. 'Zayn, whats going on with daddy and mummy?' I whispered. 'Nothing. They're just discussing something very important.' He replied. Soon, they were nearly screaming at each other and daddy hit her. All of sudden i screamed to see we were nearly being driven to a truck as father turned out of the way as fast as possible...


'Ron? Rooonn?' Wes was waving his hands in front of my face as i was still trying to remember what happened that night. I shook my head to stop the thoughts. 'Huh? Oh uh, yeah? Whats up?' I asked. 'You okay? You dont seem really focused today.' Wes told, sounding worried. 'Uhh, yeah im fine. Sorry ive just been really lost in thought.' I said. I sighed then took a couple of CD's that went into a different isle. I needed to be alone for alittle while to continue my thought of that night when i was still a child.

It was closing time and decided to walk instead of anyone taking me home. It was weird today how for the first time in weeks, Harry didnt stop by the shop. He's been taking his training so seriously lately and hes seemed to avoid some attention toward me. I mean, i was glad he was getting along with Dad its just that i didnt like how he put his workouts first. I even wondered why he was even training in the first place.

I finally reached the front of the house and unlocked it. I walk into the living room to see Harry sitting on the couch watching tv. He looks at me as i walk into the room. He stands up and walks toward me. 'Hey babe. Why didnt you call me to pick you up?' He asked as we slithered his arms around my waist. 'Its okay. I wanted to walk home. Besides i wasnt sure if you were training so i didnt want to disturb you.' I replied. He chuckled then breathed. 'Babe, even if i was training i would still pick you up. You really think this training has taken control over me?' I looked down, embarrassed to admit the truth. 'Kind of..' I mumbled. Harry lifts my chin and looks deeply into my eyes. 'Listen, i promise you i will not let this training get in between time for us. Okay?' I weakly grin and whisper, 'okay'. He then kisses me softly. 'So want to do some, stuff, tonight?' He asks, seductively. I giggle then reply. 'Hmm, let me think about it.' I sarcastically say. I hear him playfully growl. He begins to kiss my neck as i begin to close my eyes in desperation.

I stop him to nod my head toward the stairs. He looks at me first then gently bites my lip. I then push him away and run up the stairs. Harry chases me from behind as i try to make it inside his room before he catches me. I lock the room right away. 'Cmon babe! You make me start down stairs and wont let me continue up here?!' He yells. I chuckle as i undress myself to become fully naked. I grab a pillow to cover my body then i slowly walk toward the door and unlock the door. I literally jump into the bed, under the covers. I laugh as i see Harry barge right inside, trying to act "angry" but from the look on his face, he couldn't take any of this seriously. He then crawls on bed and under the covers to see alittle surprise. He then looks at me and i wink. He shakes his head as he begins to kiss me. He pulls off his boxers and there he goes in. I moan with a smile on my face. He motions slowly, making this try to last. 'Oh c'mon Harry. Dont drag.' I sarcastically say. 'Oh, really now?' He breaths. Soon he begins to motion faster and rougher. I grip the covers as i want more. Harry breaths every motion he makes. Soon he speeds up again, making me reach my climax so quickly. 'Harry..' I breathed. He ignores as he keeps going. I let him continue as this feeling was just too amazing to just stop. Soon, he was grunting and trying to still keep going but i knew he was reaching his climax. 'Cmon Harry..' I breathed. Soon Harry took one more big motion until he dropped on top of me, exhausted. 'Harry?' I sighed as i petted his hair. 'Mmm..' He hummed out of his mouth. 'I love you.' 'I love you too, Roneth..' Soon, i shut my eyes and deeply fell asleep.

It was nearly the next morning and i had work, again. I saw my half of the bed empty again so i hinted Harry was training. I checked my phone to see a missed call from Jessy. She left a voicemail. She usually doesnt do this unless its something important. 'Hey Ransss! Its Jes, look today i dont need ya in the shop so its a day off! So have a good rest and just come back t'morrow morning. Kisses!' I was kind of shocked to hear that but i decided to just go with it. Hmm, what do on a days off. I got it. I decided to call an "old friend".



'Who is this?'


'Oh, oops. Haha! Hey whats up?'

'Nothing just really bored on a day off. Do wanna maybe go out and get something to eat?'

'Yeah! Sounds good. I'll be at your place in 5.'

'Okay! See you! Bye Niall!'

'See ya Ron!'

I immediately got dressed and headed out to Niall's car. We headed to Nando's and ate. We also chatted up and caught up alittle bit. I told him about the training, the aggressiveness of Harry and my father. 'Wow, seems like you got a lot on your plate, eh?' He told. I chuckled. 'Ha, i guess. How about you? Anything new?' I asked. 'Nothing really. Been bored with life.' Niall admitted. I felt bad for Niall. I've just realized how low lifed he kinda is. 'Hey lets head back to your place and hang out there!' I told. 'Sure, why not!' He replied. He took one last sip of his drink then we got up to walk out.

Right when we get to the door, i bump into a woman. I immediately pause to apologize until i look i realize who it was. 'Well, well, well. Look whos here and on a date, with Niall.' Jade sarcastically saids. 'Oh give me a break you slut. Were just hanging out as friends.' I spat. 'Hmh, thats what you said last time except you ended up kissing your date.' She replied. I didnt know what she was talking about at first until i realized it was about Louis. 'Look, whoever told you about me and Louis, we didnt do anything so watch what you say before you spit it out.' I spoke with gritted teeth. Niall grabbed my arm. 'Cmon lets go, she's not worth it.' He spat. We stormed into his car and on the way to his place.

Hey my loves! I am sososososo sorry i did not update for the past months. School has been really hard on me lately ever since my boyfriend left me in October so i try to manage time to write but i never get the chance but now that the update is for writing on to go, now i dont have to try go find time to write on my laptop! I can write on my iphone! And thank you guys for getting me to 2k reads. I love you guys with all my heart and thank your for you patience. I also apologize for a really boring chapter since im even trying to remember what I've been writing. /:

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