We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


35. Regee Malik

-Roneth's POV-

Shit. i stood up right away to run. 'STOP.' i loud, deep voice rang. that voice sunk inside of me, killing me slowly. i stood where i was, frozen. Heavy steps echoed throughout the whole gym. the steps became louder and louder as they were growing towards me. 'turn to face me.' the same voice spoke. i turned slowly, facing the man. tears slowly welled up as i tried to hold them back. i saw from behind Harry walking towards us. 'sorry coach. this is Roneth.' Harry told. 

i looked directly at the coach's eyes. i knew this man from anywhere. 'Regee?' i asked him. 'yes. how do you know my name?' he asked, confused. 'my name Roneth.. Roneth Malik.' i admitted. finally, realization came to his eyes. 'R-roneth..? is it truly you?' Regee asked. 'Yes, Dad. its me. its your little girl.' i whispered. He takes me in for a hug as we cried together. 'i cant believe it.. after all these years, ive been lied to saying you were dead. wheres your brother?' he asked. i realized i havent been keeping up with Zayn all this time. 

'oh hes uhh, been better than ever!' i told, trying to sound cheerful. 'thats good. tell him to i want to see him sometime soon.' my father told. i chuckled. 'i will!' i replied. 'uhm, sorry to break the reunion but how did you get here?' Harry asked. 'oh, well i uhh. well you see.. i followed you.' i replied, stuttering.  'Harry my boy' Father told patting Harry on the back so hard, he was nearly losing balance. 'you never told me you had my little girl.' Harry fake laughed. 'well i never knew your little girl was my princess.' Harry said, winking at me. i rolled my eyes and crossed my arms to my chest. 'better take good care of her. i havent seen my girl in years.' Father told. 'i promise, as long as she stops being so stubborn and hard headed and maybe listened sometimes.' Harry growled. 

Tension began to grow as i narrowed my eyes at Harry. 'well ill leave you two to train. ill see you later tonight Harry.' i spat. 'WAIT.' my father yells. i turn to feel his fit body hug me tightly. 'see you soon my little girl. dont work yourself too hard.' he told. i chuckled. 'also, stop giving Styles a hard time. i know hes not the easy one to deal with but hes worth it. i nearly grew up with this kid.' he whispered in my ear. i laughed. 'ill try not to.' i said. 'thats my girl.' he replied. i walked out with mixed emotions. i was so glad to finally find my father but i was angry at Harry for last night. thats where i remembered i had to call someone right away.

'Ello gorgeous?'

'Zayn, you wont believe who i just found.'

'i would if you told me.'


'wh-what? how?'

'just come to the gym please and ill explain everything later at home.'

'see you then gorgeous!'

'bye Zayn.'

i hung up and waited outside. a few minutes later i saw Zayn park his car and walk toward the building. 'where is he?' he asked. 'just follow me.' i stated. we walked in together. i pointed to the tall, fit figure that was standing next to Harry. 'you remember his name?' i asked Zayn. 'course i do.' he responded. Zayn walks toward the two. 'Regee Malik?' Zayn speaks, slowly walking towards Harry and Father. 'Can i help you?' father replies. 'so i heard, you found Roneth.' Zayn states, trying to sound suspicious. 'who are you? how do you know my daughter?' he replies in defense. 'i grew up with since the day you left and mum died.' Zayn growls. i finally realized Zayn wasnt happy to see him again. 'Zayn?' he asks. 'wow, i didnt even know you knew my name.' Zayn spat. i finally walked up to all of them. 'What are doing here again, Roneth?' Father asks.

'are stupid Zayn? i just found Dad and this how you treat him?' i asked, angry. Zayn sighs heavily with clenched fists. 'Roneth, get out of here right now.' He spat with gritted teeth. 'not until i here the right things come out of your mouth' i replied. he hysterically laughs. 'right things? about him? what did he ever do right?! hes the reason why mum's dead!' Zayn yells. 'Zayn im sorry, i served my years up already, havent you-' 'NO I WONT EVER FORGIVE YOU FOR NOT ONLY LEAVING US BUT FOR KILLING MUM.' Zayn yelled. Dad just looked down at the floor, looking like he felt guilty. i couldnt figure out this puzzle anymore. 'Zayn, what are you talking about?' i pleaded. Zayn looks at me then looks back to dad. 'so you havent even told her the truth didnt you?' Zayn spat. 'DIDNT YOU?' Zayn yelled. finally, dad broke. 'n-no..' he cried. 'thats what i thought. c'mon Roneth. you wouldnt want to deal with rubbish.' Zayn spat, walking away.

i stop Zayn when we finally got outside. 'what the hell was that?' i asked. 'what that piece of shit deserved.' Zayn spat. 'what did he do?' i pleaded. 'he's the one who drove the car the night mum died! HE KILLED HER. DONT YOU SEE WHY I NEVER BOTHERED TO EVEN FIND HIM.' Zayn yelled from the top of his lungs. i cried as i finally realized that. 'Zayn.. its the past. we have to move on. sure mum is gone but-' 'but what!? that i forget what that man has done to mum?! give her life away for a fucking stupid reason?!' Zayn yelled. i didnt talk anymore. i thought that everything was finally going to be okay for us, Maliks but it turned out to be the exact opposite. Zayn turned to face me and hugged me. 'im sorry for yelling it at you. you need to realize that that man had killed Mum. he was drunk that night.' Zayn whispered in my ear while petting my head. i cried on his shoulder as i felt broken again. i let go of him to wipe my tears. 'im going home. i want to rest now.' i spoke in a raspy tone. 'c'mon gorgeous. ill stay today with you just to catch up.' 

I drove home while Zayn followed from behind. when i finally got inside, i changed right away to one of Harry's tshirts and tied my hair in a messy bun. i went downstairs to see Zayn just sitting on the couch, waiting. 'do you want anything to drink?' i asked. 'coffee please. the usual.' he replied. i made two cups of coffee. one for him and one for me. i sit next to him, handing him his warm, brewed coffee. 'thanks gorgeous.' i nodded then sipped. 'i got in a fight with Harry yesterday.' i told. 'what happened?' Zayn asked, sounding worried. 'i dont know. he hasnt been himself lately. he has became more scary and aggressive. its scaring me.' i admitted. Zayn sipped his coffee then spoke. 'well has he hurt you?' i thought for a moment. if i told Zayn that Harry did hurt me, i think he'd kill him. 'well i was close to getting hurt but he controlled himself to hit something else.' i pointed at the wall where Harry made a hole yesterday. 

'hmm.. what were you guys arguing about last night?' Zayn asked. i sighed. 'Harry caught me talking to Lou last night on the phone. he grew furious and nearly became this person i didnt even know anymore.' i heard the front door open. i knew exactly who that was. Zayn stood up right away as i did from behind. 'please.. dont do anything.' i whispered in Zayn's ear. 'i wont.' he replied. Harry walked into the living room, dropping all his stuff on the floor. he then sees me and Zayn standing. 'well then. another mini "family reunion"?' Harry told, sarcastically. Zayn walks up to Harry. 'i swear, if you ever hurt Roneth, ill make sure to kill you Styles.' Zayn growled. 'Zayn..' i spoke. he turns to look at me then walks away. 'im going gorgeous. love you.' Zayn rings as he walks down the hall and out the door.

Silence currently filled the room. i didnt know how i felt anymore about Harry. of course i still love him, but do i forgive him already or still keep my grudges? he finally walks up to me with his shirtless, sweaty body. he takes one of my hands and kisses. 'Babe..?' he says. i look into his green eyes. his weary, tired eyes. 'yeah?' i replied. placing a hand on his cheek. 'im sorry.. i didnt mean to hurt you.' he told. i grinned then pecked his lips. 'promise me you wont become that monster ever again?' i asked. he grinned then kissed me sweetly. 'i promise.' he whispers with his lips against mine.

ello my loves!! how are ya?! its been awhile again now wasnt it! well sorry to keep you guys waiting like that! ive been so busy with school and its officially one month with me and my boyfreind! :) xx


What will happen with Harry and Roneth now? will more trouble be caused? will any of the boys ruin their relationship again? will Regee get involved with Roneth's life? Comment, Like, Favorite!!! :) xx

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