We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


52. Over And Done With

-Roneth's POV-

We arrive at the mall under 15 minutes. Liam, Mati and Maze were all excited about getting inside. We looked around to see only small changes in the mall. We then headed to the shop to find a boy with very light blonde hair, almost white like Niall's and was kinda tall with some muscle showing on his arms. I walked closer to see him shelving CD's. "Do you work here?" I asked. He looks down at me with his ocean blue eyes. "Yes, i do." He replied. An American in England? Thats odd. Well, i mean Maze and Wes are an exception.

"Im Roneth. I used to work here." I took a hand out. He shows a bright smile and shakes my hand. "Nice to meet you. Im Clayton. But you could just call me Clay." He explains. His deep, American accent really complimented the rest of him. His light, rosy cheeks were just adorable. Whoa.. What am i thinking?.. "Hey Clay, these go in here." I look up to see Emily walking closer to us until she looks up to see me. She stops her tracks and proves her expression of shock when her face dropped. "Roneth!" She squealed. "Emily!" I squealed back.

I couldn't believe seeing her again. After only seeing her once for that time of helping me with my plan against Jade made me so glad to see her again, working in the shop. "Where have you been?! Its been ages!" She says. I sigh with a smile on my face. "Well, when life puts weights, just gotta try your hardest to push through." I reply. "Well should we head to Jesy for this whole reunion?" Clay interrupts. We all chuckle. "Yeah we should." I say. We all walk up to the front desk to see Mati, Maze, Liam, Wes and Jesy all talking and seemed to be catching up.

"There she is! My trouble maker!" Jesy jokes. She pulls my ear playfully with a funny face. "So! You've got lots of explaining to do! But since Liam has done most of it, you'll just need to finish up where hes left off." Jesy says. I stood frozen, not knowing what to say next. How could i just continue without even getting a clue what Liam said about me without permission. "Uhh, well what do you guys know?" I asked, trying not to show too much anger. "Liam told us about the time when Harry left and why you left work and why youre suddenly back here." Jesy admitted.

"Oh." That was all i managed to let out. "Dude. I didnt know you found your dad. You shoulda let me know right away." Maze said, sounding a bit disappointed. "Well how i was suppose to know?! Zayn didnt take in the fact that our dad was still alive!" It was way too difficult for me to contain my anger anymore. I stormed out of the shop and nearly ran out of the mall, letting the wind slap my cheeks as chills ran through me. My phone began to ring, knowing it would only be one of the people who were currently in the shop.

I ignored it and ran all the way home. I tried getting inside without getting any of the other boys to hear me. I went straight upstairs and into my room to see Harry sleeping. I froze as he was moving to the other side and cuddling up a pillow. I smiled lightly as he looked so gentle and warm just sleeping alone like that. He began to sleep deeply again as i went into our bathroom to shower. I jumped in as the water was pouring out so hot, the bathroom steamed up fast. Thoughts were racing in and out of my mind. I didnt know what to do at this point.

My plan with Harry was jeopardized from Maze and Mati but i dont blame them. Most of my anger is towards Liam. How could he just have the gull to tell people about my life? What if i just told other people about his life? Oh wait, he already does that to his self. I had trust in him but all he does is betray me. I rinse the rest of my body as i finish up my shower then jump out. I walk into my bedroom again to grab clothes to wear. I grabbed my t shirt for the first time and yoga shorts just so i stay comfortable.

It was weird not wearing Harry's shirt but i had to continue our plan to finally end all our fighting. As i was about to leave the room, Harry was moving again. "Stay, please..." He groaned. I stood at the door, thinking for a second. I have to stay strong and not ruin the plan.. Stay strong.. "Why?" I try to ask sternly. I began to feel myself weaken to him. I need him. His touches, kisses. His love. "I love you Roneth.. Please.." He groaned once more. I sighed then shut the door behind me.

I laid in bed next to him as he took me in his strong arms wrapping around me. His lips pressing against my neck as his warm breaths hit me every breath he took. "Why are you sleeping at this hour?" I asked. "Is it bad to take a nap?.." Harry asked. I shrugged and just didnt reply. I played with Harry's hair as i watched him tried to go back to sleep. I began to become bored and stopped but then Harry groaned. "Why'd you stop?" I gave a confused look. "Im bored." I replied. "I like the traces of your fingertips in my hair." His deep, raspy voice spoke.

I rolled my eyes but lightly giggled at him. "Why do you love me so much?" I asked, playing with his curls again. "Thats too difficult to answer." He replied. I suddenly stopped and thought for a second. "What do you mean?" I asked abit angry. His deep voice let out a small laugh. "Theres so much to say, i cant just put it in words." He says. I loosened abit then continued on to his curls. "Do you love me, Roneth?" He asks like a little kid.

I smile. "Yes. I love you with all my heart, Harry." I say as i felt butterflies in my stomach. I havent felt like this in forever. Somehow i just couldn't believe this all. Harry and i haven't spoken to each other like this. So soft and gentle. I wish we were just this easy. No games, tricks, lies, secrets. Just us, loving one another without aggression. Harry pecks my forehead as he finally opens his eyes to look lazily into mine. His dark green eyes were digging inside of me like he did the first time he met me. Chills ran up and down my spine as i was reminded of myself what Harry is capable of.

"This is not what friends do." I joked. He smirks while shaking his head. "Aww, youre still in that babe? Cant we just give it up and pretend it never happened?" He complains. "Well, if you could prove to me that you're the same Harry i fell in love with then its off so for now, its undetermined." I explain. He smiles. "I'll try my best to give my all again." I couldn't resist anymore. I let our lips touch after wanting him so much. He lightly kisses me but departs our lips. "Why'd you stop?" I breathed. He points to my phone of top of the drawer.

I groaned then got up to see who was calling. Stupid phone interrupting my time for s-.. I looked to see it was Wes. It was strange of him to call since he rarely does.


"Hey Ron so i know youre pissed at Liam but he just wanted to let us know about you. We were all concerned about you at the shop."

"But it was my personal life. I could have told it myself at least in my eyes. But he had to say it all without even asking which parts to say or not."

"Okay okay. Just to let you know, they all left and are heading back to your house. Im sorry about this whole situation with us and Liam."

"Its not your fault, Wes so you dont have to apologize. Tell Jes and Em sorry about leaving and that I'll visit them soon again."

"Oh okay. By the way, my girlfriend said hi."

"Whos your girlfriend?!"

"Emily! Alright i gotta go Jesy is having this like tantrum attack over here. Adios!"

I laughed then hung up. I looked at Harry who was still laying on bed like a little puppy. "What did Liam do?" He asks. "Tell the world about what happened between us." I replied blankly. He gets up and walks closer to me. "Its okay babe. Let him tell them because there's one thing he doesnt have." I look at him confused. "Which is..?" "You." He smirks. I peck my lips on his. "See. This is the man i fell in love with 7 months ago." "We gotta head downstairs by the way. Maze and Mati are still coming back." I continued. He nods then dismissed me to head out first.

I walked downstairs with him behind me, clinged to my waist. Mati was next to Liam and Maze next to Niall. Louis and Zayn weren't on the couch. "Im so sorry Runeth i didn mean-.." "Its okay Liam. Just let it go. Mistakes happen." I interrupted him. He lightly frowns. "But i feel guilty for what I've done to you.." He says sadly. I shake my head. "Dont." I say. "Well we gotta head back home since we gotta catch a train. We'll see you guys again soon! Love you all!" Maze announces. We all hug and say our goodbyes then walk them out.

"Well that was quite a weird reunion." Niall announces. "And a screwed up one too." I say. "So what about your plan, Runeth?" Liam asks. I smile at Harry. "We dont need it anymore." We kiss then hug tightly.


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