We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


17. Our Home, Our Fights

When we finally got to Harry's, he took my bags inside while i followed him from behind. i walked aimlessly throughout the house, examining my new home. i walked upstairs into Harry's room. i remembered coming in here for the first time. i was scared, and nervous. now this room is my home. i remembered how the night Harry saved me from nearly almost getting raped then led me here. i looked out the window, getting a nice view of the sky. it was beautiful and i fell in love with this view. the sun was shining, making me feel warm and fuzzy. i smiled at the flashback i was currently having...


'Come on gorgeous!! ill race ya!' Zayn yelled. 'im gonna win!' i yelled back, cheerfully. we both ran across the beach, toward mum and dad. Zayn of course beat me to it but i tackled him by the time i reached him. we were playfully wrestling in the sand as we were rolling all over. 'hadnt you both had enough fighting? come eat now!' mum said was she waved her hand for us to the blanket. i loved having these beach picnics. its what really brought us together as a family. after we ate, Zayn and i again ran around the beach, chasing and running. before we left, mum asked for a photo of us together. we all lined up behind the shore as dad set the camera on timer. he quickly walked toward to get in the shot...

-Flashback ended-

i looked down on my hands at the photo we took that day. a tear slowly slid down my face as i smiled at the memories of that day. later i felt arms slither around my waist again. 'you enjoying our home, babe?' Harry whispered in my ear. 'yeah. i love this view.' i replied. 'huh, thats different. ive never took a glance out this window.' he said. i turned to face him as i wrapped my arms around his neck. 'well, so far i love our home.' i told, smiling. he smiled back and kiss my lips. he slowly moved his hands on my back, slowly moving it all around. i ran my hands through hair as the kiss became more passionate. Harry slowly slid his hands down to my thighs. 'jump' he whispered through our kisses. i did as i was told as he grabbed my thighs to hold me up. he carried me on the bed as he crawled on top of me. he slowly slid his kisses down to my neck, then to my weak spot. i let a small moan as if this never got old to me. i felt his lips shape into a smile on my neck after i moaned. he then sat up to rip his shirt off, leaving to look at his abs and tattoos. i gave a surprised look as he bit his lip. he then pulled me up to also sit. he then slid my shirt off, letting him take a view of my shirtless body. i blushed, then he lifted my chin up to kiss even more then he slid the kisses down my neck, chest, stomach, then finally to my pants. he slid my pants off then slid his off as well. i was becoming a bit nervous as everything was slowly happening; i felt like we were moving too fast.Harry then tugged at the side of my panties, looking at me with a smirk on his face. i gave him a nervous look with goose bumps running through my whole body. he then slowly slid the smirk off his face. 'you scared, babe?' he asked. 'yeah...' i replied, embarrassed. he then smirked at me. 'youre still a virgin arent you?' he asked. i looked away, feeling my cheeks get warm. 'yeah..' i quietly replied. 'its okay babe, ill take care of you.' he said. i then sat up, feeling unprepared for all of this. 'Harry.. i- im sorry, i just, i feel dont ready yet.' i told, embarrassed. he just let out a small chuckle. he then pecked my forehead. 'its okay babe. if it means waiting, ill wait until you feel ready.' he said. i smiled at him then kissed him. 'thank you..' i whispered. 'no, thank you babe.' he replied. 'for what?' i asked. 'for letting me into your world.' he said. i smiled widely.

i got up to grab one of Harry's tshirts from his cabinet. i slipped one on then went downstairs. i heard a knock on the door. i went to open it, looking at a girl with black hair with streeks of highlights and a punkish outfit. 'oh, hi im here for Harry.' she said. 'oh, ill go get him. come in.' i said, moving out of the way. she walked in, straight to the living room. i grew a little mad inside because who knows who this girl is. i ran upstairs into the room, seeing Harry with only boxers on. 'Harry, someone's here to see you.' i told. 'who?' he asked. 'a girl. just go down please before i snap.' i spat. he slowly walked up to me then kissed me. 'babe, dont worry. you know im not fooling around anymore. now get some shorts or something on please.' he said. he walked out of the room as i grabbed a pair of jeaned shorts from one of my bags. i then tied my hair in a messy bun then walked out the room. as i got to the stairs, i heard the two already talking, and so far, i was steaming up. 'so whats gonna happen now?' the girl said. 'well, i shes not gonna find out. how does friday sound?' Harry replied. 'so were still fuck buddies?' the girl said, and thats where i grew anger. i ran back into the room, slamming the door. i furiously and constantly punched the walls, leaving my knuckles to bruise every hit. i didnt stop until i heard Harry come to the room, with the girl from behind. 'RONETH STOP!' Harry yelled, running toward me. 'i pushed him away from me then walked up to the girl and slapped her. 'YOU EVER, AND I MEAN EVER TRY TO EVER FUCK WHATS MINE, THAT WALL WILL BE YOUR FACE. LEAVE' i yelled at the girl's face. she just gave me a dirty look. 'huh, looks like you got a keeper, Harry. ill, see you around.' she said. 'NO, YOU WONT EVER SEE HIM AGAIN NOW GO BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT A WINDOW.' i vigorously told. 'fy fucking i, i had him first and call me Jade by the way.' she said, squeezing my cheeks. i slapped her again, triggering her to throw a punch a dodged. i threw a punch straight to her cheek, causing her to fall back. Harry then grabbed me away and held me. 'youre gonna keep talking, bitch?' i spat at her. 'im coming back, mark my fucking words.' she spat, storming out of the room, and out the house. i sighed of relief but still full of fury.......

Oh no!! who is Jade!? why is she suddenly coming for Harry!? will Harry still 'play around' with her?! will any of the other boys try to steal Roneth away from Harry?! comment please! thanks! :) .x

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