We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


25. Our Dirty Little Secret

it was 6:30 already and Mati was out with Wes for break so I was teamed with Liam. we weren't really talking for some reason and I really wanted to break the tension between us. soon, he placed his hand on mines while we both were reaching for the same Cd. I moved my hand but Liam moved his too. I just breathed then grabbed the Cd. I was so frustrated with him that I decided to give up and go already. I slammed all the Cds I was holding onto the shelf then faced Liam. 'I hope youre happy for making me feel like crap.' I stormed off. 'Roneth! wait!' Liam yelled from behind. I didn't even bother to stop just for him. I told Jes I was leaving and immediately took my phone out.


'yeah babe?'

'come pick me up please.'

'so were having movie night?!'

'of course! now hurry.'

I hung up while was standing outside. I heard foot steps from behind growing louder and closer. I turned to see who it was. it was a disappointed Liam walking toward me. I gave him a look but just stood where I was, watching him walk up to me. 'what are you talking about?' I rolled my eyes then gave him a look. 'are you really gonna play stupid, Liam? first you asked to work with Mati then you barely even spoke to me today. whats your problem?' Liam just looked down and shrugged. 'I miss the old you, Roneth.. honestly, you kind of changed. you never acted like you do now. you weren't as rude or cruel. you never gave revenge or even acted so mean and when it came to love, you weren't this... stupid.' i took my hand out to slap Liam but i stopped myself. tears of anger slowly slid down my cheeks. 'why cant you understand im happy with Harry? why do you have to make it seem like its so bad? so what if i fell in love with him? i haven't regretted anything so far! maybe youre the stupid one for not understanding how happy i truly am with Harry! i love him!' just on time, i heard a beep from behind to see Louis already there. 'i gotta go.' i spat then got into the car. Lou looked at me. 'hey what hap-' 'just go. ill tell you when we get to your flat.' i spat. i was too angry to speak. i wiped the tears off my face as Louis drove.

we finally arrived at his flat. we went in as i walked straight into the living room. i sighed then took my phone out. 5 missed calls from Harry. i called him back.

'where the hell are you? ive been trying to call you.'

'sorry i was working. im at Louis's for movie night. ill be home around 9.'

'9?! you insane?! 8. ill pick you up.'







'fine. see you, love you.'

'love you too babe.'

i hung up then sighed. i was shocked Harry approved to this. i was glad at least i didnt have to argue with him again.  i saw Lou walk in with just sweats. 'uhm, care to even put a shirt on?' he smirked. 'HAH! don't mind this sexy body.' he winked. i rolled my eyes and snickered. 'oh whatever! lemme borrow some clothes pleaseee.' i begged. Lou rolled his eyes and ran upstairs. he came back down with a tshirt and sweats. he threw the clothes at me. 'well thanks. Harry approved.' Lou looked at me. 'really? huh, to think the lad would fight again.' i chuckled. 'so whats in plan?' Lou then walked by a wide shelf full of dvds. my eyes grew big and i dropped mouth. 'wow, Lou. you have a wide variety of dvds.' he laughed. 'well what can you say?! i cant help but sit around when i feel abit lonely.' i smiled at him then got up. i walked toward the shelf, examining what he has. i stopped and eyed one dvd. i grabbed it out of the shelf and handed it to him. 'i love The Notebook!' i cooed. Lou chuckled. 'well go get changed while i set it up!' he cheered. i headed into the bathroom. i slipped on the tshirt and sweats. i tied my hair in a messy bun then walked out. i smelled popcorn on the way to the living room. i walked in to see Louis sitting on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn next to him. i jumped onto the couch next to him with the popcorn in the middle of us. Lou played the movie and we began eating the popcorn.

it was the middle of the movie and was growing bored. i glanced at Louis to see him with an emotionless face at the screen. ive never seen him this calm before. i threw a piece of popcorn at his face, making him turn his face to look at me. 'did you just.' he sassed. i chuckled. 'ooh yes.' i cooed. he shot up then grabbed a handful of popcorn. 'POPCORN FIGHT!' he started throwing popcorn as i threw some back. soon, all the popcorn was on the floor, but that didnt stop us from having fun. Louis tackled me to the ground, sitting on my stomach. he started tickling me, making roll all over and laugh out so hard. 'STOP! LOUIS!' i cried. 'SAY MERCY!' he yelled. i was nearly dying of laughter. 'FI-NE! MER-CY!' he finally stopped tickling me, making me finally catch my breath. he chuckled as i tried to calm down. he smiled at me as i smiled back. his eyes grew seductive, making me bite my lip. he moved his head down, meeting my lips with his. he laid on top, sliding his hands under my shirt. i ran my hands all over his back, kissing him back. soon, he jerked his head back, nearly inches away off my face. he got up, sticking a hand out. i took it and stood up too. Lou looked at the ground then spoke. 'sorry, i uh, uhm, took it too far.' i looked at him then shrugged. ' i know you didnt mean to, besides you didnt start any of this.' he looked up at me. 'it doesnt matter who started it, i - ' 'Lou, promise me you wont let Harry know. this is our secret, okay?' Lou nodded then looked behind us. 'well then! we have to clean this mess up young lady! now thats something you started!' i chuckled. 'well im sorry for being bored!' i whined. we laughed then began cleaning the living room.

i felt guilty after. i felt like i underestimated Harry for thinking he would cheat on me first, but i thought wrong. once we finished cleaning the living room, there was a knock at the door. 'COME IN!' Lou yelled. footsteps echoed down the hall. i was standing up, fixing my messy bun. as i lifted my head up, i looked at the tall, leaned figure standing there. my heart sank as tears slowly slid down my face. i ran to him. 'Zayn!' i cried. i buried my head into his shoulder, making him slowly stroke my head. 'hi gorgeous..'

AWH! what is Zayn doing at Louis's?! will Louis be able to keep his mouth quiet?! will Harry ever forgive Roneth if he found out!? what will Jade do now!? comment!! :) .x

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